Murder at the University

Murder at the University Looking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective MEET DI HILLARY GREENE A POLICE WOMAN WITH A THIRST FOR JUSTICE AND A CAREER ON THE ROCKS A pretty French student is found dead i

  • Title: Murder at the University
  • Author: Faith Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Looking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective MEET DI HILLARY GREENE, A POLICE WOMAN WITH A THIRST FOR JUSTICE AND A CAREER ON THE ROCKS A pretty French student is found dead in her room at an exclusive Oxford college Everyone thinks it is another tragic case of accidental drug overdose But Detective Hillary Greene has a nose for the truth She qLooking for a brilliant murder mystery with a feisty female detective MEET DI HILLARY GREENE, A POLICE WOMAN WITH A THIRST FOR JUSTICE AND A CAREER ON THE ROCKS A pretty French student is found dead in her room at an exclusive Oxford college Everyone thinks it is another tragic case of accidental drug overdose But Detective Hillary Greene has a nose for the truth She quickly discovers that the student was involved in some very unusual activities With a shocking cause of death found, the case becomes a high profile murder investigation Adding to the pressure, Hillary s nemesis is transferred to work with her at the station Can Hillary keep her cool and get justice for the unfortunate student This is a crime mystery full of well observed characters, which will have you gripped from start to finish MURDER AT THE UNIVERSITY is the second in a series of page turning crime thrillers set in Oxfordshire Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter, or Ruth Rendell.

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      Faith Martin is an English author who was born in Oxford She currently is living on a narrow boat She is best known for her popular detective series, starring DI Hillary Greene.


    1. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A REVISED EDITION OF A BOOK FIRST PUBLISHED AS ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW DI Hillary Greene is called to the scene of what was described to her as a drug overdose The victim is a young, pretty French student who was found in her room by a friend.The university isn t all that happy that one of their promising students will be forever linked to the use of drugs But what Greene finds is going to be even harder for the school to bear.When the autopsy reveals the real cause of dea [...]

    2. inkedbookdragonI am reviewing Murder at the University by Faith Martin I received a free copy of it from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Any quotes that follow are from the text and not my own words.I love a great mystery I always have enjoyed trying to figure out a book as I read it This one was a good read but I found myself leaning towards the solution about middle of the way through I was highly disappointed when I did not experience the A ha moment that I long for when reading my [...]

    3. This is the second book in the DI Hillary Greene series, having not read the first book in the series I would personally say it can be read easily as a stand alone though I am intrigued with Hillary s past to do with her husband especially.With is being set in Oxford I had visions of it being like the Inspector Morse crime series Having only ever watched the series though and not read the books I couldn t really compare the two but it certainly feels like we get to see a side of Oxford that we d [...]

    4. This is book 2 in the Hillary Greene series which is being republished by Joffe Books.The story begins with the death of a beautiful French student DI Hillary Greene is given the lead on this case which becomes complex as they delve deeper into the girl s history It is a very intriguing story and the reader keeps turning the pages as we join Hillary and her team in their struggle to find the clues hidden among the false leads.We learn about Hillary as life throws and bad news at her to add t [...]

    5. 4 and 1 2 starsThis book is a revised edition of the novel previously published as On the Straight and Narrow DI Hillary Greene is having a particularly bad freezing Monday morning When she arrives at the station DI Mel Mallow has a case for her A student at St Anselm, a college of Oxford University has been found dead Her name was Eva Gerainte and she was nineteen years old and from France Found with a new needle track in her arm, the police wonder if it was suicide or an accidental overdose DI [...]

    6. DI Hillary Greene is recovering from an investigation that landed her bent cop husband in jail and put a cloud on her career If he was bad, perhaps it s rubbed off on her and where is all that ill gotten money he amassed from the illegal importation of endangered animal parts anyway She doesn t know, she wishes she did, she could use the money, but no one in the Thames Valley Police Force really believes her The only thing that saves her is, she s a he s a brilliant detective and a case closer H [...]

    7. donnasbookblog.wordpress I am absolutely loving this series I love a good crime thriller series and this is definitely one I m going to be following The plot was great and the pace was good, it was a tad slower than some of the other books of this genre but that didn t put me off and it was in keeping with the first in the series and the writers style This book can easily be read as a stand alone but if you are going to read the series I would recommend reading Murder on the Oxford Canal first 4 [...]

    8. I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of Murder at the University, the second police procedural set in Oxford to feature DI Hillary Greene.Fresh from the internal investigation which cleared her of any collusion in her ex husband s illegal dealings Hillary is asked to look into a suspicious death at St Anselm s, a private college in Oxford where a young French student has been found dead in her bed from an apparent drugs overdose Unhappy with the look of the scene H [...]

    9. Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw and the team at Joffe Books for the free copy in exchange for an honest review At the beginning of the book, DI Hillary Greene and her team DC Tommy Lynch, DS Janine Tyler and DS Ross are sent to investigate the death of a pretty French student at Oxford University Quickly deciding this death is no accident, Hillary and her team discover the student has an unusual lifestyle, and of course the University is desperate to keep it all hushed up After several leads grow cold [...]

    10. 3.5 rounded down Hillary investigates the death of Eva, a French student, and flirts with the idea of cashing in her dead husband s ill gotten gains, currently lying in a Cayman Islands bank account.I found the confusion about St Anselm s where Eva was studying a terrible distraction for much of this book For the record, despite the title, it is not part of the university It is described as a sort of school with a principal and teachers and scholarship students Eva is there for a year to improve [...]

    11. This is book two in the brilliant DI Hilary Green series and I was really looking forward to reading it after I read and reviewed book 1 My blog post of which can be found here Even thought this is the second book in the series it can easily be read on it s own although book 1 is brilliant so I would still suggest you read that one as well Needless to say that this book did not disappoint me in any way as it was a brilliant read.The book starts off with a French Student being found dead in her b [...]

    12. This is the second book in the Detective Hilary Greene series and neatly follows on from the first, allowing readers to learn about Hilary and her team both on a personal and professional level.In this book Hilary is given the lead in the investigation into the death of Eva Gerainte, a young french student at St Anselm s, one of the colleges of Oxford university.From the first look Hilary is not convinced this is straightforward suicide She is proved right when the results of the postmortum com [...]

    13. Thank you Netgalley and Joffe Books for the eARC This book is now titled MURDER AT THE UNIVERSITY and the 2nd in the D.I Hillary Greene series.Hillary is not having a good start of her day She has just received a letter in the mail informing her she s being sued by an animal rights group Even in death her late police husband s dirty deeds are haunting her Then she slips and falls on the icy path outside her narrow boat At work she s immediately sent out to body of a young pretty French student I [...]

    14. A girl is found dead in her University lodgings This is Oxford and she is a scholar which means she has a scholarship so why does she have the trappings of a different life DI Hillary Greene is still being plagued by the past of her now dead almost ex husband and would love to start afresh She loves her work and might just risk his pension being taken off her in order to keep her hands where she likes them in the thick of things rather than pen pushing up the ranks This is the second DI Greene b [...]

    15. This book was originally written under the title On the Straight and Narrow in 2004 It is the second book in the DI Hillary Greene seriesHaving recently read two of the recent DI Hillary Greene series, I was keen to catch up on some of the earlier books I soon found that I liked the writing style and the characters in this novel The descriptions of the people and locations help to add a sense of reality The story develops at a fast pace and has some clever twists Once again the Oxfordshire loca [...]

    16. I would have rated this higher, except I kept feeling like I d missed something somewhere It seemed to me that they just jumped to conclusions and made assumptions and then acted on those, without any facts to back them up Here s a dead girl with an injection site on her arm Drugs Of course it s drugs No reason other than an injection site to assume that Nothing else about her suggested drug use She wouldn t take on someone like that Based on what How do you know You know so very little about he [...]

    17. DI Hillary Green has been called to one of the universities in Oxford the body of a young French student has been found in her room and it looks like a drugs overdose Hillary doesn t think it was accidental Further investigations lead them to discover that the student had a secret life and the drug she was injected with was very experimental While investigating the case Hillary is also dealing with the threat of losing the home she shared with her late husband she s being sued by an animal right [...]

    18. Great readDear Faith I am sorry to moan but your books need to be less readableI am getting into trouble reading late at night when needing to go to sleep Nearly missing bus stops because reading, pushing lunch breaks to the last minute Worse if all forgetting to converse with my wife as I am into reading the next paragraph Most books come to a natural break at chapters, but no not you there is always a carrot to make you read the next chapter Seriously thanks for your books very enjoyable and l [...]

    19. This is the third DI Hillary Greene book I have read I got the order wrong and so far it is my favourite of the three It is a fascinating read and it was good to be kept guessing about the culprint right the way through the story though I did guess some details of the plot en route should have been a detective Despite the over arching storylines, I had no problem reading the books in the wrong order as one was not entirely reliant upon the previous ones and the spoilers were very minor.

    20. When DI Hillary Greene gets the call of a possible suicide at Oxford College, she isn t believing it Then it turns into a high profile murder investigation, and low and behold Greene s nemesis is brought in to help with the investigation Like Greene and her group can t figure things out on their own Please The book is a crime thriller, and this one is very well written and the story line flows nicely The characters interactions are worth the price of admission I enjoyed this book very much and F [...]

    21. Enjoyable British police proceduralI enjoyed this mystery although I am not entirely sure it follows all the rules of giving all the clues to the readers, or maybe I was a bit slow on the uptake with this one The main character is interesting and street smart, a woman in a man s world, and doing a damn good job of it The story is engaging and does make you want to go on to the next book in the series.

    22. Great read Bet you can t figure out Who done it Second I read in series Great read Hillary, feels things are going against her From being useful still living on her Uncles boat, she needs this case to help her cope with life Great reveal into the life of academia and prostitution, the case is going no where and then the pieces begin to fall in place At the same time a possible love interest or maybe two show up.

    23. This is the second in the re issue of this series of DI Hillary Greene A student, Eva Gerainte of St Anselm s college, has been found dead under suspicious circumstances So Greene leads her team in the investigation of leading to some surprising finds in the life of Eva, but did any of these lead to her death.An enjoyable easy to read, well written mystery I am getting to like the mix of the charactersI hope to read the next in the seriesReceived an Advanced Reader Copy

    24. An engrossing readThis is the second in the series and follows on nicely from the first, but can be read alone.The main character Helen is intelligent and very good at her job good old fashioned crime solving.She is living alone but has several male admirers some single, others not.The beauty of the book is the way crimes are solved with intuition and intelligence.Hillary is my new hero

    25. I loved this book as much as the first in the series The author is great at creating depth to her characters, by not giving away whodunit there s wonderful interaction between the characters in the novel, you find yourself immersed in the storyline I enjoyed that the female characters are strong, smart, free thinking women.I ve already downloaded book 3 I totally recommend the series and the author.

    26. Good whodunnitI liked this story It s my first foray into this author s work and it won t be my last Obviously the Oxford connection reminds you of Morse and Lewis but with a female lead and perhaps not quite as complicated DI Hillary Greene is given the case of a young French students murder to investigate with her team She gets deep into Eva s surprising life I really enjoyed it.

    27. Great seriesThis is the second book in a police procedural series with Hillary Greene as protagonist It is full of interesting characters and I especially like D I Greene Her life on a houseboat in this novel set in winter is fun and funny and the case she is pursuing is fully engaging I m waiting for the next book in the series.

    28. Really excellent seriesI truly enjoyed this book I plan on reading the rest of the series This can be read as a stand alone, I m starting from this point.The characters are well written, three dimensional none of it s predictable I m thrilled to have found a new series to keep me company this winter

    29. In my humble opinion this book is better than the first one which takes some beating.I simply love the characters, the style of writing and the fascinating plot of the storyline I cannot wait for the next installment, hope we are not kept waiting too long Grateful thanks to Joffe Books for allowing me to read this book, another winner to be sure.

    30. Death by PoisonFemale student in one of Oxford universities is found dead Detective Greene discovers people she is speaking to are lying about their relationship to the student But is any of the information gathering relevant to the murder I really enjoy these characters with their flaws and all On to book 3.

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