Yes We Have No: Adventures in the Other England

Yes We Have No Adventures in the Other England The kaleidoscopic England that Cohn travels is made up of techno freaks and soccer obsessives faith healers and fetishists graffiti artists Rastas and Elvis impersonators

  • Title: Yes We Have No: Adventures in the Other England
  • Author: Nik Cohn
  • ISBN: 9780394568706
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The kaleidoscopic England that Cohn travels is made up of techno freaks and soccer obsessives, faith healers and fetishists, graffiti artists, Rastas, and Elvis impersonators.

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      Cohn is considered by some critics to be a father of rock criticism, thanks to his time on The Observer s early rock column entitled The Brief and his first major book Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom, first published in 1969 Cohn has since published articles, novels and music books regularly.


    1. Nik Cohn is one of those shadowy figures of British literature rock n roll King Mod one time and when is a mod ever stop being a Mod he is basically a journalist who wrote novels, history of rock n roll, as well as travel Yes We Have No is a travel book on the U.K I have to imagine that this book is the essential read on contemporary England or at least in 1999 He interviews every type of citizen that was possible at the time and the interesting thing is you get very little information on him, y [...]

    2. Nik Cohn travels around Britain in its post Cool Britannia guise and seeks out its ordinary people, which includes its one time and wannabe criminal class, a people permanently in search of a buzz and also permanently disgruntled Lots of rants and homespun philosophy from them, then, often taken at face value by the author and sometimes, it must be said, making sense Nik Cohn makes no attempts at being objective, which is fine by me he s not pretending it s journalism and adopts a narrative full [...]

    3. kind of liked this at first but in the end it was chore than fun he s probably a good writer but i just didn t care about any of the characters he meets and totally lost interest in where he was going towards the end ended up not reading the last 50 pages life s too short.

    4. I think Shaw said that America and England are two countries separated by a common language In this case I hate to say it , he s right Nik Cohn s a great writer, but there s just too much about these tales that I didn t understand.

    5. Oh man, why do I feel like I m totally betraying this author The thing is I like this author a lot, there is just something missing in the fluidity of this book.

    6. Disappointing travelogue of a tour around alternative England, including travellers camps, National Front members, witches and an Indian boxer Promised much than it delivered.

    7. Cohn is always hard hitting, and though this is a 1999 copyright, I can t imagine life any easier now on the U K denizens he follows here.

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