The Rebels

The Rebels The Rebels Kent Family Chronicles Volume

  • Title: The Rebels
  • Author: John Jakes
  • ISBN: 9780451211729
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Rebels Kent Family Chronicles Volume 2

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      John Jakes, the author of than a dozen novels, is regarded as one of today s most distinguished writers of historical fiction His work includes the highly acclaimed Kent Family Chronicles series and the North and South Trilogy Jakes s commitment to historical accuracy and evocative storytelling earned him the title of the godfather of historical novelists from the Los Angeles Times and led to a streak of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestsellers Jakes has received several awards for his work and is a member of the Authors Guild and the PEN American Center He and his wife, Rachel, live on the west coast of Florida.Also writes under pseudonyms Jay Scotland, Alan Payne, Rachel Ann Payne, John Lee Gray Has ghost written as William Ard.


    1. It s really tough to put this series down It s fast paced, a bit of a historical soap opera, with a fantastic look at America s history for another couple of years of the Revolutionary War In this book, we re introduced to another major character get great glimpse into the lifestyle of Virginia We re still keeping up with Philip Kent, Boston, the Army.The sacrifices the men in the Colonial Army made were incredible Poorly led supplied, far away from their homes families, these men stuck through [...]

    2. This is the second book of the Kent Family Chronicles, the sequel of The Bastard.I wasn t so enthusiastic with the plot of the second book of this series since Phillip has some childish behavior regarding missing his wife while he is fighting in the battlefields.In spite of this, I m still a big fan of the Marquis of Lafayette.I must point out that the best books on the American Revolutionary War are Jeff Sharaa s 2 book series Rise to Rebellion and The Glorious Cause which are much better than [...]

    3. These comments address The Kent Family Chronicles, the entire series of eight books, in audiobook format All books are narrated by Marc Vietor The entire series is approximately 125 hours of listening Shortest book is 15.5 hours, longest over 26 hours Vietor does a good job with narration, although the uniqueness of male voices is problematic Most significant, you ll have little difficulty determining who says what to who Tempo and pacing fine, albeit the narration is a bit slow for my taste, bu [...]

    4. Maybe even better than the first in the series Took a me a while to read due to travel and life getting in the way, but I enjoyed it.

    5. Philip Kent, nee Phillipe Charboneau, would much rather be at home, caring for his pregnant wife Anne But after he was forced to kill his murderous half brother in self defense, Philip has gone all in for the cause of the rebels against British rule Thus it is that on June 17, 1775, Philip finds himself on Breed s Hill near Boston, waiting for the order to fire on the advancing Redcoats Too soon, Philip will discover that the price of liberty is steep indeed.Far to the south in Virginia, young w [...]

    6. Picking up where The Bastard ended, Philip has joined the Continental Army and is fighting alongside George Washington and the Marquis Lafayette Anne remains just outside of Boston with her father A new character, Judson, is introduced a Virginian plantation owner s second son he is struggling to find his place in the world while constantly arguing against his Tory father Will Phillip survive the Revolutionary War How will it affect his life with Anne Will Judson find his place in the world This [...]

    7. This story takes place immediately before and during the American Revolution Lots of gory details, but that s war It was a bit slow to read, but I think it gives a good feel of what life was like at the time Imagine riding horseback alone from Virginia into Pennsylvania and then on foot the last 40 miles or so to Pittsburgh An encounter with wolves struck me as unlikely since wolves, at least today, go out of their way to avoid humans The Kentucky rifle, like the one under Paul s bed, was the la [...]

    8. More Revolutionary War action, with all all I can recall from school of the major historical figures represented.The mix of historical fact in fictional format, of course and romance is maybe a bit off less romance would be better But overall, the book moves quickly and is engaging enough to stick with it That said, the end was a bit rushed on the personal life of the main character.Moving on to Kent Family 3

    9. I ran across the complete 8 volume set of John Jakes American Bicentennial Series The Kent Family Chronicles at a used book sale I have read the first 2 volumes so far The Bastard kept me reading, I didn t get much else done The Rebels took a little longer to hook me but once it did I don t know why I didn t read these when they came out except that I like reading a series of books all at once rather than waiting for the later ones to come out These are great historical fiction

    10. I really enjoyed reading The Rebels which outlines Phillip Kent s years in the army during the American Revolutionary War, the birth of his son Abraham, the tragic loss of his wife and ends with the Americans winning the war.

    11. Didn t enjoy this one as much as the first one volume in the series but still an entertaining read One complaint that I have is the violence focused on two female characters, which was alienating to the female reader if you ask me.

    12. Great stuff Second book of the trilogy Looking forward to The Seekers Have I reached 20 words yet Great read.

    13. Better than The Bastard The history is fascinating and the author does a good job putting the characters on the ground during the American Revolution.

    14. I read the book, The Rebels by John Jakes The story begins on June 17, 1775, at the Battle of Bunker Hill, in which Philip Kent participates One major event, the marriage of Philip and Anne Ware, took place in the interim In September of that year Anne gave birth to her first child, whom they named Abraham after her father Philip then participated in Henry Knox mission to transport cannons from Fort Ticonderoga Meanwhile, Judson Fletcher, a drunkard and a womanizer still pursued Peggy Ashford Mc [...]

    15. Part II of the Kent Family Chronicles Philip fights in the war, has a son named Abraham, and makes enemies Meanwhile, we re introduced to Judson Fletcher, a Southerner who has a drinking problem and a crush on his best friend s wife He is also appalled at his father s treatment of his slaves Very progressive of him for 1777.Eventually Kent and Fletcher s stories converge, but I can t say how spoilers An entertaining read, with two strong female characters view spoiler Alas, both are raped, becau [...]

    16. This is the second in Kent Family Chronicles series This book picks up the story with Philip Kent and his young family in the midst of the Revolutionary War Our hero fights at Bunker Hill while his young wife, Anne Ware cares for their baby boy, Abraham Philip gets involved in numerous battles, missions and plans in the cause of freedom from Britain The author also continues the story of Judson Fletcher, the son of a southern tobacco plantation owner on Sermon Hill in northern Virginia Judson st [...]

    17. The Rebels is the second volume in John Jakes bicentennial series Philip Kent has left his European roots behind and is fighting for his new nation The book travels through the colonial struggle that would go down in history and the American Revolution The perfect balance of fact and fiction gives the reader a front row seat for the birth of a nation Love and a sense of new found liberty inspire the characters to do the improbable while attempting the impossible John Jakes introduces another cha [...]

    18. The second in a series of 8, The Rebels captures for all time the splendor, spirit and fury of the Revolution, as seen through the eyes of young Philip Kent, The miracle of a rag tag renegade army beating back the forces of Englande birth of Philip s heir on the eve of America s birthe rebel enclave in the hour of their most daring Declarationd the proud hearted love of a beautiful woman for her husband and the nations brave new cause.Another deep, rich, heart wrenching historical novel from Joh [...]

    19. Added 5 11 12 6 1 12 Today I wrote the following at my group I hope to finish the Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes a series of historical novels Right now I m reading The Rebels, which is 2 in the collection I find the books compelling, entertaining, and educational as well This is history brought to life, the story of a family which started with a young boy in Europe he soon changes his name to Philip Kent who emigrates to America before the Revolutionary War The various books trace the fam [...]

    20. The Rebels is the 2nd book in the Kent Family Chronicles series by John Jakes This book follows the lives of Philip Kent and Judson Fletcher during the Revolutionary War and how both men deal with the lives they were given.Philip is a soldier who is spurred on by his wife, Anne, to be the best he can be in less than perfect circumstances Judson is a disappointment to his father, a landowner with slaves, and is in the clutches of drink and women His final attempt to redeem himself with his friend [...]

    21. The Rebels is the second of the Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes I really didn t think The Rebels could be better then The Bastard but it is Jakes weaves a tale following Phillip Kent and his family through the Revolutionary War His wife Anne has a baby while he is away and has struggles without Phillip being around.We are also introduced to a new character Judson Fletcher He is a rebellious son from Virginia who has his dalliances in booze and women Throughout the book I wondered what Judso [...]

    22. Having read the first novel I picked this one upter all i wanted to see how the American Revelution came out.Here we ll follow Philip through the war meeting his old buddy the Marquis de Lafayette and participating in Brandywine and other battles.Unfortunatly we did not leave the soap opera vein back in The Bastard and we must deal with the Kent familly s heartach and lose.n in this book Again, it held my interest but was involved in the matters of the heart story line than I usually care for O [...]

    23. The Rebels was somewhat of a letdown after reading the first book in the series What made the first book poignant was the parallels between the story of a bastard son trying to claim a connection with his father, a British aristocrat, and the fledgling British colonies being bastardized by the King While the second book was interesting, although melodramatic, the introduction of a second storyline about Judson Fletcher, a wayward son of a southern tobacco grower did not connect with this reader [...]

    24. This is the second volume in John Jakes bicentennial series Philip Kent has left his European roots behind and is fighting for his new nation The book travels through the colonial struggle that would go down in history and the American Revolution The perfect balance of fact and fiction gives the reader a front row seat for the birth of a nation Love and a sense of new found liberty inspire the characters to do the improbable while attempting the impossible Another memorable book about the birth [...]

    25. 2 in the John Jakes series Follows the exploits of Phillip Kent an ex citizen of France who has sailed to America in search of a new life He s left behind the world of the aristocracy and its class barriers But all is not well in the English colonies New taxes and restrictive laws are causing unrest among the colonists King George is not the benevolent leader that they look to for guidance His treasury is empty due to the 7 Years War and he expects the colonies to refill it for protecting their [...]

    26. SPOILERS AHEAD.Overall I really enjoyed this book It was a great second novel in the Kent family chronicles, and really interesting how Jakes pulled three at first completely different families and plot lines together Fletchers, McLeans, and Kents Though, I will really miss Annie how awful of her to have been killed off that way , I m looking forward to see how things pan out with Philip and Peggy it s also amazing how Jakes still manages to keep Phillipe Charboneau alive through Marquis de Lafa [...]

    27. Rebellious Judson Fletcher who drinks and dallies with women too much shares the stage with hero, Phillip Kent, in this 2nd in a series of 8 Kent Family Chronicles The book is set during the Revolutionary War Although John Jakes continues to give us accurate historical detail and a good story to keep us interested, the salacious scenes and violence in this book were over the top We understand Judson s impact on the Kent family at the end of the book This will undoubtedly be important in the sequ [...]

    28. Prosegue senza intoppi la saga americana di John Jakes incentrata in questi primi libri sulla vita di Philip Kent che dalla natia Francia, attraverso le peripezie vissute in terra d Albione, giunge in America al tempo degli attriti tra le colonie americane e la madrepatria inglese la sua partecipazione ai fatti d arme che portarono all indipendenza americana viene narrata con puntiglio e attenzione miscelando abilmente fatti storici a episodi privati in un romanzo che si fa leggere rapidamente e [...]

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