Beastly Tales from Here and There

Beastly Tales from Here and There Ten witty and enchanting animal fables in verse which like a modern Aesop s Fables can be enjoyed by young and old alike

  • Title: Beastly Tales from Here and There
  • Author: Vikram Seth
  • ISBN: 9780753807743
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten witty and enchanting animal fables in verse which, like a modern Aesop s Fables, can be enjoyed by young and old alike

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    1. Vikram Seth

      Vikram Seth is an Indian poet, novelist, travel writer, librettist, children s writer, biographer and memoirist During the course of his doctorate studies at Stanford, he did his field work in China and translated Hindi and Chinese poetry into English He returned to Delhi via Xinjiang and Tibet which led to a travel narrative From Heaven Lake Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet 1983 which won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award.The Golden Gate A Novel in Verse 1986 was his first novel describing the experiences of a group of friends who live in California A Suitable Boy 1993 , an epic of Indian life set in the 1950s, got him the WH Smith Literary Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize His poetry includes The Humble Administrator s Garden 1985 and All You Who Sleep Tonight 1990 His Beastly Tales from Here and There 1992 is children s book consisting of ten stories in verse about animals.In 2005, he published Two Lives, a family memoir written at the suggestion of his mother, which focuses on the lives of his great uncle Shanti Behari Seth and German Jewish great aunt Henny Caro who met in Berlin in the early 1930s while Shanti was a student there and with whom Seth stayed extensively on going to England at age 17 for school As with From Heaven Lake, Two Lives contains much autobiography.An unusually forthcoming writer whose published material is replete with un or thinly disguised details as to the personal lives of himself and his intimates related in a highly engaging narrative voice, Seth has said that he is somewhat perplexed that his readers often in consequence presume to an unwelcome degree of personal familiarity with him.


    1. DISCLAIMER By the time she finished the book, the reviewer was so deeply influenced by the rhymes in this little book of tales that she couldn t keep the wannabe poet inside her from casting forth the following lines.In world of beasts and that of men,There have been a few occasions whenSuch good books have been createdWhich can be read and appreciatedBy both the old and the youngAnd which leave a musical note on one s tongueWhose rhythmic pattern tends to stayWith the Reader day after dayYes, s [...]

    2. Alright, I know what I m gonna do here will probably in no way justify the brilliance of Beastly Tales , but I m gonna try nevertheless coz I m one arrogant show off to review this book in verse, using a rhyme scheme similar to the one used by Seth in this book It s not just about what I felt about this book but also about how I chanced upon it well, yeah that s about it.My friends, as you may seeI did not read much poetryBut one fine evening at the VictoriaNot the falls, but the Memoria When I [...]

    3. Fun with fables I ve never been much into verse, if you exclude that brilliant satire by Alaxander Pope, The Rape Of The Lock or Milton s Paradise Lost Barring these classic works, I haven t really bothered with verse, especially when it comes to modern writers Which is why, this quite simply escaped me and in any case, I m yet to really sink my teeth into any of Vikram Seth s works.But a very heavy recommendation by a friend, who insisted that there was possibly no better writer of verse in Ind [...]

    4. Review A Lot of Pages tinyurl qghyqm5Reading these beautiful stories in verse, I can t help but fall in love with poetry again, and with those fables as well It brings magic with it No matter what the mood, I feel these tales in verse will leave you with a smile No I don t think they ll leave you that easily either They took me down memory lane.

    5. Young old alike as well as poetry lovers or haters should enjoy these reworks of fables The rhythm cadence makes them perfect for reading out loud I particularly enjoyed the last two verses of The Hare the Tortoise ry apt in todays celebrity mad, media obsessed world o

    6. A review I write in the books own rhyme Age old animal fables and tales Weaved and coated in a poetic language to engage,and attempted to woo and re sale Holds stories that may be read once or twice,With each of them giving the reader a mild little surprise.

    7. Fabulous, indeed All the tales contain wit, wisdom and whimsy in roughly equal measure, with the final one a particular highlight and parable for our times, to be ignored at our peril.

    8. Having read A Suitable Boy previously, I was already aware of Seth s prowess as a writer and it was nice to see an author successful in other forms of writing than just traditional prose since I d also picked up his The Golden Gate and this seemed a convenient prelude to the aforementioned novel Beastly Tales From Here and There is a compendium of poetic fables exclusively written in rhyming couplets and each about two or three beasts whose lives are intertwined in various ways The poetry is lig [...]

    9. Beastly Tales From Here and There is a collection of ten stories written in the form of poems All the stories are simple minded, and rhythmic The stories resemble Aesop s fables and that delights the reader Suitable for anyone from infant to senile to read and enjoy Seth maintains rhyme scheme throughout the book which eases the reading experience Some verses rhyme perfectly well that you can sing the poem Seth communicates to us using animals as a medium Unlike Aesop s tales which necessarily c [...]

    10. Adapting tales from China, Greece, the Ukraine and his homeland of India, and presenting them in rhyming verse, Vikram Seth has created a small masterpiece of fables for our time You will meet again the tortoise and the hare, and you may recognize the greedy crocodile, but there are other tales with characters not so familiar with strange names and traits, but each with a message that can be comprehended by young and old So short that it can easily be read in one quick session and so enjoyable t [...]

    11. I enjoyed Beastly Tales A bunch of fairly short, but quite amusing poems.Some are Vikram Seth s retelling of stories and fables from other places and a couple are his own original ones.All revolve around animals, with humans only in the background a bit, such as the king who unwittingly provides a home and meals for bed louses, until a mosquito joins them, or the humans in the last story who want to dam a river and upset the beasts homesVery fast to read with consistent rhyming and amusing illus [...]

    12. I found this book at the Panjabi restaurant bookshop in Leh It is an excellent collection of medium length lyrical poems which are suitable for any audience, including children Each poem is in rhymed couplets and taken from here and there Two adaptations of Folktales from India, two from Greece including the tortoise and the hare , two from Ukraine and two original tales from Vikram Seth I memorized the poem about the crocodile s wife on the way back to Delhi and home after six months of traveli [...]

    13. Beastly Tales from Here and There is the 4th book of poetry by Vikram Seth The book contains ten tales in verse, written by Seth on a day that was too hot for him to concentrate on his work There are tales from India, China, Greece, the Ukraine and the Land of Gup They are light hearted and can be enjoyed by both adults and children My personal favourite is The Goat and The Ram, which is a great choice for dinner parties, especially the lines They ate with pride, as if to balance Their total lac [...]

    14. Loved this Vikram Seth rewrote a number of folk tales from India, China, Greece and the Ukraine in rhyming couplets and ended off with two fables in the same style of his own creation It is fun language I would love to hear this read aloud The final story, The Elephant and the Tragopan, was my absolute favourite animals band together and are led by the title characters to lobby humans to save their habitat from a proposed dam.

    15. This book is about various stories from around the world about animals but written in verse They all have a moral to them and some of them are recognisable like The Hare and the Tortoise I enjoyed reading them in verse form and this would be great for reading aloud to children in KS1 KS2 A great book for Literacy and poetry based lessons.

    16. This is a beautiful collection of fables, they are stories which are versified Seth has taken a keen interest in choosing his words, however, some lines tend to be easily flown while others might have required great labour The aspect of versifying fables is appealing to those who love poetry, legends, moral stories and myths It is indeed a purposeful read.

    17. Link to the Book Review at ALOPLeo rates this book 4 stars and says that the stories told through the poetry are quite wonderful to read, and that they leave the reader with a smile.

    18. Seth is brilliant when it comes to verse.All the bloated prose when he writes fiction melds into pithy turns of exquisite phrase.They are incredibly rhythmic and sing song and a pure joy to read even without the little denouements he packs in at the end.

    19. This is the all time best book that i have read in my life just plain genius have read the stories to my sweetheart to bed Have re read it severla times the size and the content is equally cute.

    20. Revisiting folk tales in rhymed verse is a splendid thing to do And some of the things on the reborn tales are issues that are current even today Hard to believe these were written than two decades ago

    21. First two poems and the last one are Great.The rest are also good.Good not great because I didn t like the talesand still good because the way author has written is absolutely delightful

    22. 10 delightful, humorous story poems I m awed at Seth s rhyming abilities This will remain one of my favourite poetry books.

    23. I found some of the rhyming a little clumsy and I m sure one poem was very confused about the gender of a particular fox but this was certainly a fun little book for all that.

    24. This collection of poems is such that I would love to re read it to myself, and also to my children and grandchildren in future.

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