The Goodbye Summer

The Goodbye Summer The Goodbye Summer is an unforgettable novel about daring to love braving a loss and setting yourself free by Patricia Gaffney the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Saving Gr

  • Title: The Goodbye Summer
  • Author: Patricia Gaffney
  • ISBN: 9780061031458
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Goodbye Summer is an unforgettable novel about daring to love, braving a loss, and setting yourself free, by Patricia Gaffney, the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller, The Saving Graces Poignantly exploring one woman s inner growth and self discovery over the course of a season of profound change, The Goodbye Summer is women s fiction at its finest hearThe Goodbye Summer is an unforgettable novel about daring to love, braving a loss, and setting yourself free, by Patricia Gaffney, the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller, The Saving Graces Poignantly exploring one woman s inner growth and self discovery over the course of a season of profound change, The Goodbye Summer is women s fiction at its finest heartbreaking, healing, emotional, and real As Nora Roberts so aptly puts it, Patricia Gaffney reminds us what it s like to be a woman.

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      Patricia Gaffney was born in Tampa, Florida, and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C She earned a bachelor s degree in English and philosophy from Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, and also studied literature at Royal Holloway College of the University of London, at George Washington University, and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.After college, Gaffney taught 12th grade English for a year before becoming a freelance court reporter, a job she pursued in North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C for the next fifteen years.Her first book, a historical romance, was published by Dorchester in 1989 Between then and 1997, she wrote 11 romance novels Dorchester Penguin USA , for which she was nominated for or won many awards Many of these previously out of print classics are available again today as digitally reissued classics, including the author s most recently re released and much beloved novels in The Wyckerley Trilogy.In 1999, she went in a new direction with her hardcover fiction debut, The Saving Graces HarperCollins A contemporary story about four women friends, the novel explored issues of love, friendship, trust, and commitment among women The Saving Graces enjoyed bestseller status on the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and other lists.Circle of Three 2000 , Flight Lessons 2002 , and The Goodbye Summer 2004 followed, all national bestsellers Gaffney s most recent novel was Mad Dash 2007 , a humorous but insightful look at a 20 year marriage, told from the viewpoints of both longsuffering spouses More recently, Pat s been indulging her purely creative side in a brand new format for her novellas With friends including J D Robb, she has contributed stories to three anthologies, all New York Times bestsellers In The Dog Days of Laurie Summer The Lost, 2009 , a woman in a troubled marriage dies and comes back as the family dog The Dancing Ghost The Other Side, 2010 brings together a pretty spinster and a shady ghost buster in 1895 New England And in Dear One The Unquiet, 2011 , a fake phone psychic or IS she meets her match in a stuffy Capitol Hill lobbyist who couldn t possibly be that sexy voiced cowboy from Medicine Bend who keeps calling the psychic line.Patricia Gaffney lives in southern Pennsylvania with her husband.


    1. A light, feel good book that s sweet, at times sad, funny, and hopeful The characters are interesting, and I couldn t wait to see what happened to them Perfect for summer reading.

    2. I started out really liking this book then by the end I liked everybody but Caddy She didn t want Migill because she was in too much pain she says it the last night again then desides to go and find him and has the nerve to get mad because he went to champain with another girl She didn t learn anything just that he would be there whenever she wanted him to be and he would go away whenever she wanted him to go away.

    3. The Goodbye Summer by Patricia Gaffney is a bittersweet almost romance lasting over winter, so I do not understand the title Caddy, thirty two, has been raised by her eccentric artistic grandmother, who asks to recuperate from a broken leg in the former town magnate s mansion turned rest home She befriends residents, especially loving elegant newcomer Thea, brain injured engineer her age Magill, and a curmdugeon The young man falls for Caddy, the oldest for Thea Spoilers Odd behavior escalates i [...]

    4. At 32, Caddie is facing my worst fear She s left to live on her own for the first time aside from a brief stint during college , with no one to care for her and no one for her to take care of What do you do with yourself, alone, in a big, old house If you are Caddie, you visit the old folks boarding house where her grandmother is staying while she recovers from a broken leg and you give the occasional piano lesson to children who don t want to take piano lessons You experience a few life lessons [...]

    5. ok first i was really into this book As a matter of fact it made me cry THats how good it was, how attached to it I was Only one other book so far has made me cry I ll say it, I did not like the main character Caddie persona She kinda pissed me off, being afraid of life and all But the ending KILLED it I mean come on how do they not end up together, or maybe they do and its all how u take it.i dont know.

    6. I was hoping to read a Lovely Book after a few too many gruesome crime fictions, something not too gripping that would distract me from study, and needed to get through some of my Book Club pile, so thought it would fit the bill Sadly, it s not a LB, just rather dull Caddie is 32 and still living in Maryland with the eccentric artist grandmother who raised her when her mother ran off to join a band, then was killed in a car crash when Caddie was 9 She teaches music and is dissatisfied with herse [...]

    7. How much can one summer change a person s life For thirty two year old Caddie Winger, one summer can make the whole world look different A piano teacher who gives lessons to the neighborhood children, Caddie still lives with her grandmother and is extremely happy with her present life Caddie s mother died when she was nine, and she was raised by her grandmother Now, their roles are reversed, and it s Caddie who cares for her Nana When her grandmother breaks her leg and insists on going into a co [...]

    8. I had a hard time rating this book My feelings about the book keep changing At times it was slow, boring and then it would get interesting and I wanted to know what was going to happen Is a slow pace book and the characters for the most part are not very likeable Depressing at times but also realistic about old age Caddie is single and living with the grandmother who raised her Her mother left her at an early age to go off with a band and then was killed in a car wreck She never knew who her fat [...]

    9. This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while I think I got it from my mom years ago, and never really looked at it until now I figured it was finally time to get it off my shelf I haven t read anything by Patricia Gaffney before, and this sounded interesting, so I gave it a try This was an interesting read It didn t suck me in and I don t think it was an amazing book, but I liked it It kept me interested in reading and I wanted to figure out what happened to the characters Caddie lives wit [...]

    10. At the start of this book, I almost put it down because it was so clownish, especially the development of the characters at the elder care home I kept plowing along because a friend had recommended the book I found some worthwhile moments What turned out to be best about this book is its look at aging I liked the remembrance writings by the residents of the elder care home The idea that they felt the same inside as they had when they were in their twenties that they didn t necessarily have anyth [...]

    11. honestly how many books have people written where the main character learns almost nothing in my head i see the next chapter after the last one she wrote and its the same damn thing over and over caddie doesn t know how good she s got it but she spends the whole time feeling sorry for herself you d think after the people like magill who she meets she would get off her ass and do something with her life maybe make a friend her own age or get a job that requires leaving the house her grandmothers [...]

    12. This is not the kind of book I usually enjoy, but the characters were so sympathetic and well drawn that they really pulled me into the story By the end, I was ready for the main character to grow up and stop whining, and the ending was definitely trite, but I still enjoyed it.

    13. I was in the mood for reading something light, which was how this book started but soon turned into a chore.i hate not finishing a book but i just couldn t do it i tried and tried but less than half way through it became so predictable it was almost painful.

    14. Patricia Gaffney is good, but I have to space her books out amongst lighter fare, because they are the kind that make me cry.

    15. Caddie Winger, a music teacher, endures a string of losses the summer she turns 33 It comes as no surprise, since most of her friends are nearly half a century older than she is Caddie has always lived with her determinedly wacky grandmother, Nana, who moves into Wake House after she breaks a leg while working on one of her embarrassing lawn sculptures Soon, Caddie is spending all her time at the small convalescent home and growing especially close to Thea, a firecracker who convinces Caddie to [...]

    16. Wege der Liebe ist schon das zweite Buch, das ich nun von Patricia Gaffney gelesen habe, und ich bin positiv berrascht, wie gut mir das zweite auch gefallen hat Es ist eine sehr sch ne Lekt re, bei der allen voran die Protagonistin Caddie so sympathisch, herzensgut und liebenswert ist, dass man eigentlich von Anfang an mit ihr befreundet ist und ber die 500 Seiten hinweg mitleidet und fiebert Umso entt uschender war f r mich dann das Ende, das ich als sehr fragw rdig empfand, und bei dem ich nic [...]

    17. Caddie is in her early 30 s, she lives at home with her Nana, and she makes a living giving music lessons Nana falls and breaks her leg and goes into a rest home to recuperate Caddie meets Christopher and falls swiftly in love, but Christopher isn t in love with her Caddie develops relationships with the residents of the rest home, forming quick, loving bonds with several of them Magill is a young man, about her age, and he is recovering from a sky diving accident When Caddie discovers she is pr [...]

    18. Well and if you read my reviews very often, you know that it s not a good sign if I begin with Well This wasn t quite one of those about which, when I finish, I think, There re several hours I won t get back, but it was first cousin to those This book which I must hasten to say came to me from my replacement via my daughter, rather than via any money expended from MY pocketbook, thank goodness is a predictable women s tear jerker, reasonably well written and with at least rather interesting char [...]

    19. I would not recommend this book I listened to it on CD, and still wonder if I missed something about Caddie s relationship with Chris In any case, I enjoyed the other characters, but not Caddie who is portrayed as pathologically sweet, good, cheerful for most of the book, then so miserable and ungrateful for a good portion of the book I don t get the connection between her and McGill there is no depth to their relationshipring At the end of the story, when the CD indicated the story was done, I [...]

    20. This was a very unusual plot for a book that I ended up enjoying the story of a mousy 30 something who is forced to move her grandmother into a psuedo nursing home while she lives alone but pretty much being a constant presence at the home However, at the heart of the story, I fell for the love story of Caddie and her unlikely suitor I ve always been a sucker for this type of romance so I ended up really liking this book The other minor stories revolving around the elderly occupants I breezed th [...]

    21. I loved The Saving Graces so I picked this up at the library the other day I think it takes awhile to get into but it s a good read The main character was raised by her grandmother, who ends up needed to go to an elder care home for a few months as she recovers from a broken leg Caddie befriends the people who live in the house and the relationships between them grow and evolve into deep love and friendship I found myself thinking about the characters throughout my day and wondering what was goi [...]

    22. One and a half stars with the possibility of two stars for the unabridged version Ugh so painful to get through this story First, I ve never seen an abridged version of a novel with such poor transitions One moment, the main character can t find love, and suddenly she s heartbroken over the end of a relationship that apparently occurred in the novel, but not in the abridged text and this relationship that was over before I knew it existed plays a pivotal role in the rest of the plot line Not one [...]

    23. This is a book I wanted so much to love, but I ended up forcing myself to finish Why I loved all of the elderly characters and their stories I wanted to see how they came together But, I found the Caddie, the protagonist, so frustrating because she never changed She recognizes her need for change throughout, but continues to remain passive and pathetic in a way that makes me want to shake her completely I found that completely frustrating.That said, the stories of the people in Wake House are ri [...]

    24. Caddie s mother died when Caddie was nine, and she was brought up by her eccentric artistic grandmother Now Caddie is 32, and looking after her increasingly frail grandmother Caddie swings from maturity to childlikeness, as circumstances lead to major changes in both their lives Gradually, Caddie comes to terms with her fears and past hurts Great holiday reading with likeable people.

    25. Unfortunately, I read this book immediately after reading a Ken Follet book It was written a little strangely, a bit choppy and the author left a lot unsaid I liked the overall story, but hated the ending It felt rushed and not complete, I liked the characters and I related to the epiphany that age is just a number and old people don t feel as old as they are I don t think I would recommend this book, but don t regret reading it either.

    26. I have loved Particia Gaffney s books for the way she is able to explore women s relatiosnhips with each other without being too sappy The Goodbye summer is yet again about relationships but on many different levels familial, personal, and professional Gaffney, however, is fairly predicatable in the development of these relationships I would say this is a good beach read because of it ease but you will be able to predict the end within the first 50 pages.

    27. Summary of the book Caddie s mother died when she was nine, and her grandmother raised her Now their roles are reversed, and it s Caddie who takes care of Nana When her grandmother breaks her leg and insists on going into a convalescent home, Caddie finds herself being pulled out of her comfy self made nest Living alone for the first time since college, she uncovers some startling truths from her past A wonderful story about youth and old age Lovely story

    28. This was a good one Slow moving at parts but a really good story Quirky characters The Wake House sounds like a great, upbeat place for seniors to live Like a college dorm for the elderly lol Great story lines, friendships, fun, kindness, surprise relationships and found family The life and times of Caddie I love a story with a happy ending Sometimes you find happiness in the least likely place.

    29. I didn t really enjoy this book, really skimmed the last half of it Caddie frustrated me because she was just waiting around for life rather than getting out there and having adventures I just couldn t work up any sympathy for her at all and grew very tired of her character I did enjoy the antics of the people at Wake House, but it didn t make up for the rest The book was just a big yawn for me.

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