Goggles Generations of children have read re read and loved Ezra Jack Keats s award winning classic stories about Peter and his neighborhood friends Now for the first time Peter s Chair A Letter to Amy

  • Title: Goggles!
  • Author: Ezra Jack Keats
  • ISBN: 9780140564402
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Generations of children have read, re read, and loved Ezra Jack Keats s award winning, classic stories about Peter and his neighborhood friends Now, for the first time, Peter s Chair, A Letter to Amy, and Goggles are available in paperback exclusively from Puffin A well loved character, a familiar childhood situation, and an urban setting are the components of this winnGenerations of children have read, re read, and loved Ezra Jack Keats s award winning, classic stories about Peter and his neighborhood friends Now, for the first time, Peter s Chair, A Letter to Amy, and Goggles are available in paperback exclusively from Puffin A well loved character, a familiar childhood situation, and an urban setting are the components of this winning picture book, one of Keats s best BooklistEzra Jack Keats 1916 1983 was the beloved author and or illustrator of over eighty five books for children.

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      FROM WEBSITE Long before multicultural characters and themes were fashionable, Ezra Jack Keats crossed social boundaries by being the first American picture book maker to give the black child a central place in children s literature.In the books that Keats wrote and illustrated, he used his special artistic techniques to portray his subjects in a unique manner One of these was his blending of gouache with collage Gouache is an opaque watercolor mixed with a gum that produces an oil like glaze.The characters in Keats books come from the community around him Many of his stories illustrate family life, the simple pleasures and complex problems, that a child often encounters in his daily routine To create his books, Keats drew upon his own childhood experiences, from having to flee from bullies to taking a ribbing from his pals for liking girls But these are also the experiences of almost all children growing up in neighborhoods and communities in many parts of the world This commonality explains the continuing popularity of Keats books and characters By the time of Keats death following a heart attack in 1983, Keats had illustrated over eighty five books for children, and written and illustrated twenty four children s classics.


    1. Happy 99th birthday, Ezra Jack Keats To celebrate I will review his 1970 award winning book Goggles This story is a tale about Peter and his friend Archie finding some cool looking motorcycle goggles and then, of course, running into some over aggressive preteens It will take some bravery, ingenuity, and a really clever dog to make it out in one piece This is the 5th book in Keats Peter saga and by now he had already started branching out to other characters beside Peter, yet still wrote, eight [...]

    2. This is a tale about bullies and ingenuity, courage and determination Having found a pair of goggles, Peter is not going to let some mean, bigger boys take them away without a fight We ve enjoyed the stories in the series of books featuring Peter by Ezra Jack Keats They have a raw, sincere quality to them and bring me back to an older time.

    3. Summary Goggles, is about two young boys, Peter and Archie who manage to cleverly outwit a group of bullies from taking their googles Evaluation This was a fun book The illustrations made you feel as though you were on an adventure, running and hiding alongside Peter and Archie The topic of bullying is prevalent throughout the text This provides an excellent launch point for a discussion Teaching Idea I would use this book to talk about bullying In the book, the bullies tried to take away Peter [...]

    4. Goggles is a Caldecott Honor Book by Ezra Jack Keats and it is about how Peter and Archie manage to outwit a gang of bullies who tried to steal their goggles Goggles is a great book about how to deal with bullies, but it does have a scene of violence that might worry small children Ezra Jack Keats does an excellent job with the story as he makes it exciting and intense at the same time Ezra Jack Keats relates a child s fear of getting bullied in this book as the two main characters face some bul [...]

    5. Caldecott Honor picture book Two young boys and their dog out in the big city looking for junk They get to fight off and run from bigger boys and trick them Pretty good writing and quite good enough art But not something I d be particularly interested in reading over and over It does capture a world that doesn t seem to exist any.

    6. Wow, that neighborhood When I was a child and read this book for the first time I didn t notice the things I do now The adventure, the colors, the story were exciting and fun back then Now I m just saddened by the poverty and how terrifying life can sometimes be in the world of gangs and violence The treasure is just an old broken pair of goggles The bullies look like refugees from Fat Albert s gang yes, that reference dates me The solution is clever but I find myself worrying about what the nex [...]

    7. Caldecott Honor 1969The end pages of this story are done with pastels in what looks like a child s hand Keats uses orange as background color, but tones it down to give it a somber feel All of the illustrations have a dark feel to them, but there is also a light area or section to counter balance It makes the reader think that something bad or scary is going to happen, but not to worry beacuse its going to be ok I love the use of perspective In one illustration we see the boys hands as he is lo [...]

    8. Peter and his friend Archie find some old motorcycle goggles, but then have to outwit some bullies who try to steal the goggles So far no other Ezra Jack Keats book is as magical for me as The Snowy Day Of course reading these books for the first time as an adult just isn t the same as rereading a beloved book from your childhood The illustrations here are textured and interesting in a very good way This definitely deserves its Caldecott honor.

    9. Caldecott Honor 1970 I had this book as a child and really liked it I remember it was one of my favorites I liked the imagery and how it conveyed such colorful scenes of dismal reality In the end, they outwit the big boys and Things look real fine now They sure do Yes They sure do

    10. This is a very good story about a boy, his dog, and his friend and their adventure of getting his motorcycle goggles back from the older boys The iris rations in this book are phenomenal and full of life and color In this book there are mixture of arts used Some different types of paint, news paper pieces, and some pencile This is a fun easy read for younger students.

    11. Ezra Jack Keats Goggles beautifully illustrates the tale of two boys and their dog who outsmart the neighborhood bullies Though not indicated, the illustrations appear to be created with mixed media i.e painted with tempura, collaged with old magazines, decorated with crayon All of the colors are bright, highlighting the surreal style Keats goes as far as echoing this in the end papers In addition, the lines are softened and blurred due to the media The double paged spread reflect the originalit [...]

    12. Summary Peter has found a pair of old, beat up motorcycle goggles that he thinks are awesome He and his best friend Archie are on their way to Archie s front porch with their goggles when they run into a group of boys that wants those goggles, too However, Peter and Archie s dog is too smart for the bullies Evaluation I liked this book solely because the bad guys didn t win I liked how Archie and Peter ended up with the goggles in the end because of their superhero dog Teaching Idea I will use t [...]

    13. One day, Peter discovers a wonderful pair of motorcycle goggles and shows them to his friend Archie Just then, several big boys come and knock Peter to the ground.The goggles fall near Peter s dog Willie, who snatches them and runs away It isn t long before Willie meets up with Peter and Archie and delivers the goggles, safe and sound.This book uses fast paced and descriptive language as well as expressive colorful illustrations to engage young readers Friendships, loyalty, and bullying are some [...]

    14. 1970 Caldecott Honor Book I love this book This is a book about bullying Archie and Peter and Peter s dog Willie find some motorcycle goggles, some older kids assault them then chase the boys trying to steal the goggles Even though this a heavy topic, there s still a lightness to the story Archie and Peter are determined and work together to outmaneuver the bullies Great book Great illustrations Materials used gouache with collageTypeface used Bembo

    15. This is another of the author s urban life tales Two young friends Peter and Archie find a pair of motorcycle goggles When some older boys threaten to take the goggles from them, Peter and Archie have to escape What happens next, with the help of Peter s dog, Willie, is satisfying to the reader The illustrations take the reader there.Ezra Jack Keats stories often end abruptly In this case, it works very well.

    16. Caldecott Honor book Peter Series 5 Again, set in Peter s neighborhood in Brooklyn, I was particularly struck that I have never read a children s picture book that addresses fighting or violence that occurs in many children s neighborhoods And addressed in a way that is again, playful Masterful Kids must delight in seeing familiar scenes and experiences depicted in books.

    17. This is a Caldecott Honor book 1970, I think I didn t like it.It s about a boy who finds a pair of goggles and then gets chased by some older kids who want to take them from him He and his friend run from the bigs kids and rely on his dog to help get away.The illustrations are done in dark tones, and the story seems random.

    18. A tale of two boys who find a pair of goggles in their hideout in the streets of a city They take them with them and then are harassed by a group of older boys who want the goggles too Archie and Peter stave them off with the help of their dog Willie, with quick and resourceful thinking The story is told third person, from the perspective of the boys No adults are present.

    19. Archie and Peter find a pair of goggles while playing, and decide to sit in front of their house and play with them, but some neighborhood bullies want to take them for themselves the chase, run and evade to get home safe begins.

    20. This book is mainly about the bully chasing after two friends for their goggles The story is funny in that they tricked the bully and their dog ended up saving the goggles But I m left wondering what happens with the bully.

    21. Goggles is about two little boys who find a pair of goggles that the older boys seem to like as well One of the older boys pushes Peter down and the goggles fall to the ground Before either of the boys could pick them up, Willie, the dog snatches them and runs away The older boys chase after the dog but the two younger boys go through there secret tunnel to find Willie They finally find him and grab the goggles and run home When they get back to Peters front porch they put the goggles on and say [...]

    22. This is a hard one for me to talk about The artwork is stunning, like this might be the pinnacle of Keats s illustrative powers But the story is very bland.

    23. Goggles by Ezra Zack Keats is a story about two boys who find a pair of motorcycle goggles, which end up taking them on an adventure Peter and Archie find the yellow goggles while exploring their secret hideout Peter puts the goggles on and the boys agree that their new accessory is so cool Peter and Archie are walking down the street when suddenly they run into a group of bullies who want the goggles Peter stands up to the bullies and is knocked to the ground along with the glasses Willie, who [...]

    24. Great story about a pair of boys hanging out in their neighbourhood who find a pair of goggles that everyone wants Great description and illustrations It is easy to see why Jack Ezra won so many awards.

    25. 1970 Caldecott Honor Book October is National Bullying Prevention Month Keats adds a dramatic crisis to Peter, A Snowy Day, and Archie s discovery of Goggles See lesson plan at ezra jack keats lessonI am a fan of the whole series of Peter and his neighborhood friends This is a review from the hardback edition, 1998, published by Viking and Puffin Books There is a personal satisfaction to sit with a hardback Ezra Jack Keats book Peter has found a rare treasure, a pair of old, beat up motorcycle g [...]

    26. Genre Realistic FictionAwards Caldecott MedalSummary This is about a boy named Peter who finds a pair of motorcycle goggles outside in his neighborhood When the boy was out walking around with his friend Archie and his dog Willie, a group of older kids tried demanding them to hand the goggles over to them Peter and Archie were not going to let them have them willingly, so the older boys pushed peter down causing the goggles to fly Willie, the dog, took off with the goggles while Archie and Peter [...]

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