The Gryphon: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered

The Gryphon In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin Sabine Is Rediscovered Isabella The parcel did contain something unusual cards and letters the massed correspondence between Sabine and a man called Griffin Moss It s odd stuff I m trying to decide if I ve encountered an

  • Title: The Gryphon: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered
  • Author: Nick Bantock
  • ISBN: 9780811831628
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Isabella The parcel did contain something unusual65 cards and letters, the massed correspondence between Sabine and a man called Griffin Moss It s odd stuff I m trying to decide if I ve encountered an elaborate fiction, or a series of events that, if true, cast doubt over any concept of reality I ve ever held MatthewThe correspondence of Griffin Moss and Sabine StroIsabella The parcel did contain something unusual65 cards and letters, the massed correspondence between Sabine and a man called Griffin Moss It s odd stuff I m trying to decide if I ve encountered an elaborate fiction, or a series of events that, if true, cast doubt over any concept of reality I ve ever held MatthewThe correspondence of Griffin Moss and Sabine Strohem, at turns enigmatic, sumptuous, and romantic, reveals dangerous undercurrents and strange forces at work in the universe These powers have only grown stronger with the couple s disappearance Nothing is heard from them for quite some time, until Sabine asks Matthew Sedon, a young archaeologist working in Egypt, for help As Matthew is reluctantly drawn into the intrigue, he finds encouragement from his strong willed girlfriend, Isabella de Reims Miles away in Paris, Isabella struggles with haunting glimpses of mythic landscapes and surreal creatures that come to her in waking dreams Slowly Matthew and Isabella realize that to unlock this secret world is to open the door to their deepest yearnings Author and artist Nick Bantock tells a story like no other As you pull handwritten letters from stamped envelopes, the enchanting world of The Gryphon literally unfolds in your hands as it takes root in your imagination.

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      Nick was schooled in England and has a BA in Fine Art painting He has authored 25 books, 11 of which have appeared on the best seller lists, including 3 books on the New York Times top ten at one time Griffin and Sabine stayed on that list for over two years His works have been translated into 13 languages and over 5 million have been sold worldwide Once named by the classic SF magazine Weird Tales as one of the best 85 storytellers of the century He has written articles and stories for numerous international newspapers and magazine s His Wasnick blogs are much followed on Facebook and Twitter His paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages and prints have been exhibited in shows in UK, France and North America In 2010 Nick s major retrospective exhibition opened at the MOA in Denver His works are in private collections throughout the world Nick has a lifetime BAFTA British Oscar for CD Rom Ceremony of Innocence , created with Peter Gabriel s Real World Ceremony soundtrack by Isabella Rossolini and Ben Kingsley He has two ipad apps, Sage and The Venetian and is working on a third Three of his books have been optioned for film and his stage play based on the Griffin and Sabine double trilogy premiered in Vancouver 2006.Produced artwork for over 300 book covers including works by Roth and Updike , illustrated Viking Penguin s new translation of Chaucer s Canterbury Tales He s designed theater posters for the London plays of Tom Stoppard and Alec Guinness For 20 years he s spoken and read to audiences throughout North America, Europe and Australia Given keynote and motivational speeches to corporations and teachers state conferences He s given dramatic readings on the radio and the stage and has been interviewed way too many times for TV, radio and print He s worked in a betting shop in the East End of London, trained as a psychotherapist, designed and had built a house that combined an Indonesian temple and a Russian orthodox church with an English cricket pavilion and a New Orleans bordello Between 2007 and 2010 was one of the twelve committee members responsible for selecting Canada s postage stamps.Among the things he can t do Can t swim, never ridden a horse, his spelling is dreadful and his singing voice is flat as a pancake.Source Nick Bantock profile


    1. There are many ways to perceive books and review them But there aren t many books that are anything like the Griffin Sabine trilogy I don t believe one can apply the same critiques to this mystical, magical realm of literature For this is not only one story Rather, these are stories within stories And if one were to think of it, so is life Stories within stories with no real sense of an end There is a reason for that also an ending is merely our perception of where things stand However, if one w [...]

    2. So this is the 1st book of the second trilogy I really enjoyed it, I can t believe I actually own a copy autographed by the creative genius himself.I have to say that I like the mystery, but I m not really into symbols or mythology so that part of the book is kind of lost on me I think that would be better left to another one of our favourite fictional characters Robert Langdon ha ha My only complaint is that I really can t figure out if Sabine is evil or these people are all crazy or something [...]

    3. While the artwork continues to be great and the format enchanting, these last three make me impatient for the end They got weirder and not in a way I enjoyed Also, I found it frustrating that all of these love letters are filled with what appears to be lust and little Okay, that was maybe too harsh, but I did want talk about the meat of why they loved each other instead of the anticipation or remembrance of sex or being physically together.

    4. I was delighted to rediscover the world of Griffin and Sabine I either didn t realize or forgot that there was a second trilogy, as I d never read it I remember reading the first trilogy back in the early 2000s, not long after starting at the library There s just something really cool about reading a book made of postcards, and actual letters that you remove from little envelopes You also have to carefully examine the art, as that s part of the story, and it s very intriguing The details of the [...]

    5. We come back to Griffin and Sabine guiding another couple of lovers down a path that doesn t seem to quite mesh with reality as we known it.These impeccably detailed books are works of art.

    6. Note This review covers all three books in the series The Gryphon, Alexandria and The Morning Star The Morning Star Trilogy is the second trilogy of books regarding Griffin and Sabine But this time, Griffin and Sabine are in the background, guiding another pair of lovers together in an effort to stop Frolatti from some horrible plot In the forefront of this story are Matthew Sedon, a young archaeologist in Alexandria with a connection to Sabine she helped deliver him and Isabella de Reims, a stu [...]

    7. I can only imagine the subtitle to this fourth book in the Griffin Sabine trilogy should read, In Which Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes This just feels like an unnecessary addition than the previous two, as those were at least kind of wrapping up the mystery of what was going on between the correspondents This one takes its lead from the quizzical final postcard of The Golden Mean, and spins it into a new correspondence Now, it s chiefly between Matthew Sedon in Egypt and his fairly new lover I [...]

    8. This review covers all three books in the second Griffin and Sabine trilogy.I received the first trilogy as a gift, and I enjoyed it When I was told there were three books, I rushed to get them But, although they had the same physical beauty and fun of the first set, the story sort of bogged down I thought the magic spark and spooky intrigue pretty much vanished I was just confused and that is annoying the author deliberately being obscure or am I just stupid Either way, I didn t see the point [...]

    9. After reading this triology this review is based on the 3 books The Gryphon, Alexandria and The Morning Star Ive come to appreciate the simplicity of the original triology Griffin Sabine I admit that I got annoyed that new characters were introduced and I was interested in finding out what happened with Griffin Sabine But, as I got into the books, I was able to see GS come out alongside with Matthew and Isabella Mr Bantock is a huge fan of Greek Egytpian mythology and metaphysical concepts He a [...]

    10. I have no idea how to review this I mean, the 3rd book kinda had an end, even though it was an end where you would have to use your imagination to guess what who Sabine and Griffin were, and where they were.Now, I ve read this and really have no idea what to think I mean, now we read about dark angels, shadow seeing and what not I hope the last two books give some kind of explanation Even though I m not really counting on it

    11. It s a good thing there are three books to help reveal the mystery that started with Griffin Sabine, since I was not satisfied with the end of the first trilogy The Gryphon incorporates a new couple into the cryptic and increasingly dangerous fold of the original correspondents in a visually stunning and emotionally engaging way.

    12. Griffin and Sabine have disappeared and suddenly Sabine appears and asks for help from and archeologist in Egypt This book is filled with danger and strange forces Matthew and Isabella must unlock the secret world they have become a part of.

    13. I discovered this at a friend s house and immediately devoured it I haven t had the chance to finish the rest of the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, but I still heartily read this addition to the series as a whole and can t wait to hear from these characters and their enigmatic story.

    14. The mystery from the first trilogy, that began with Griffin and Sabine, continues Some time has passed, and two new characters have been brought in on the correspondence Just not sure if this is going anywhere

    15. Unintentionally read this one out of order But it s still fantastic, and The Golden Mean is on its way to me I will tackle the final two books in the series in 2017.

    16. These books do not fit in a category They are wonderful and I m so happy to continue reading the saga of Griffin and Sabine.

    17. I did not like the art in this one as well as the original trilogy, but the story was much easier to follow and I liked that very much.

    18. Today s post is on The Gryphon by Nick Bantock It is the first in the Morning Star series The cover is green with a beautiful golden postcard in the center It is 58 pages long and is published by Chronicle Books The intended reader is someone who has read the first trilogy, likes reading other people s mail, and magic There is no langauge, no sex, and no voilence in this book There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the dust jacket Isabella The parcel did contain something unusual65 cards and letters, the m [...]

    19. In this second Griffin and Sabine trilogy, Griffin and Sabine have escaped to another dimension together or something and are now corresponding back into the regular world to illicit help from a young couple who are corresponding with each other to maintain their long distance relationship.I haven t been too excited about the GS books since the first two This one is much the same same, although I do like the art a bit in this installment than in 3, The Golden Mean And this new tale raises inter [...]

    20. The same review is posted for all 3 books in the 2nd Griffin Sabine trilogy the Morning Star trilogy In this series, we meet Isabella and Matthew, whose lives seem to echo Griffin Sabine s in some ways and who seem to be drawn into this sort of supernatural struggle with Griffin Sabine and the sinister villain who is doing whatever he can to change the course of their lives I don t know why, I just didn t like these as much I didn t like Isabella and Matthew s story as much as Griffin and Sabine [...]

    21. This is the first one of his I read, not realizing it was out of order, but was still entertaining enough and a unique enough story all on its own that I got pulled in and enthralled by the artwork and the writing Is it bad that I want a book that provides in depth discussion than what is provided This series starts a second set of letters postcards between Matthew and Isabella, people that met briefly and has a passionate few weeks together, but then became separated because of work and school [...]

    22. The books in this series are like candy bars They re short and pleasurable and delicious, but are never meant for a meal This is why I would never read than one in a row off the bat That being said,The Gryphonis one of the better ones because it pulls shines it spotlight on a few characters, namely archeologist Matthew Sedon and student Isabella De Reims The original epistolary lovers have zeroed in on the long distance relationship which bears an uncanny resemblance to their own Readers try t [...]

    23. This is the first book in the 2nd Griffin and Sabine trilogy We meet Matthew, to whom Sabine wrote a postcard to in the last book The Golden Mean We also meet his love, Isabelle They are in a long distance relationship, with Matthew being an archeologist Matthew receives Griffin and Sabine s correspondence and the two newcomers work on discovering if these two are real or if this is a hoax When Isabella begins receiving correspondence from Griffin things become intense and the mystery evolves W [...]

    24. This starts the second trilogy Based on the intriguing concept presented in the original trilogy, this tries too much to reach back into the beautiful,magical thing, and re use the concepts It does not work nearly as well as I had hoped.Visually, this is just as stunning and wonderful as the original trilogy The format is the same, but the characters are developed However, the magic is gone I don t know how else to describe it, except that it feels something like the Sherlock Holmes mysteries a [...]

    25. Maybe it s because I have not read any of the books that precede this one, but I found The Gryphon dull and unintriguing I liked the idea a book of postcards and envelopes with letters and pictures inside is completely magical It s like a pop up book for adults But I didn t feel the emotion between the characters two of whom are supposed to be madly in love with one another , didn t feel the fear I imagine I was supposed to feel at the end, and didn t care to find out what happens in the next bo [...]

    26. So here is a spoiler for the previous book, The Golden Mean The last letter in that book is the first letter in this one and I thought the series ended with The Golden Mean While I found the story to be romantic, I also harbored some suspicion of Sabine and at the end, part of me thought that Griffin had been consumed and that Matthew was Sabine s new target This book picks up and shows that not to be the case probably This start of a second trilogy introduces new characters in Matthew and Isabe [...]

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