The Serpent Gift

The Serpent Gift Has Dina inherited another dangerous ability this time from the father she s never met A watching face in a market crowd a mist shrouded figure on the moor a haunting presence seen only when he want

  • Title: The Serpent Gift
  • Author: Lene Kaaberbøl
  • ISBN: 9780805077704
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Has Dina inherited another dangerous ability this time from the father she s never met A watching face in a market crowd, a mist shrouded figure on the moor, a haunting presence seen only when he wants to be seen Sezuan, possessor of the Serpent Gift for lie and illusion, is a chilling and ambiguous figure at the best of times He is also Dina s father And when he comesHas Dina inherited another dangerous ability this time from the father she s never met A watching face in a market crowd, a mist shrouded figure on the moor, a haunting presence seen only when he wants to be seen Sezuan, possessor of the Serpent Gift for lie and illusion, is a chilling and ambiguous figure at the best of times He is also Dina s father And when he comes to claim the daughter he has never seen, the Shamer and her family are catapulted into reckless flight and danger With nowhere else to turn, Dina must learn to see through her father s deceit and use her own powers to her advantage.

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    The Serpent Gift

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    1. Lene Kaaberbøl

      Jeg kom til verden p Rigshospitalet i K benhavn d 24.3.1960 Overl gen var i kjole og hvidt han var blevet afbrudt midt i en gallamiddag men min s ster siger, at det er da ikke noget, hendes f dselsl ge var i islandsk nationaldragt Nogen vil mene at det s ledes allerede fra starten var klart at jeg var et ganske s rligt barn Andre vil sikkert p st at min mor bare var god til at skabe pludselige gyn kologiske kriser.Jeg blev alts f dt i K benhavn, men det m nok betragtes som en fejl, for min for ldre er jyske, min opv kst foregik i Jylland mestendels i Malling ved rhus , og jeg betragter mig i dag som eksil jyde p Frederiksberg, p det mine jyske venner omtaler som Dj vle en Sj lland.Jeg har skrevet altid, eller i hvert fald lige siden jeg n ede ud over Ole s en so stadiet Som hestetosset teenager skrev jeg b gerne om Tina og hestene de to f rste udkom da jeg var femten, den fjerde og sidste da jeg var sytten Som 18 rig opdagede jeg Tolkien og Ringenes herre, og derefter Ursula K LeGuins trilogi om Jordhavet, og lige siden har mit bog hjerte banket for eventyr og drageblod og verdener, der ligger mindst tre skridt til h jre for regnbuen eller M lkevejen, og under alle omst ndigheder et p nt stykke fra den asfalterede danske virkelighed.I dag, cirka 30 b ger senere, er jeg stadig lige s h bl st vild med at skrive som jeg altid har v ret Og selv om jeg har v ret en lille smuttur i krimi land og skrevet en kriminalroman for voksne l s mere p ninaborg hvis du har lyst s er jeg bestemt stadig b rnebogsforfatter og har stadig hang til magiske momenter Personal Name Lene Kaaberb l Born 1960, in Copenhagen, Denmark Education rhus University, degree English, drama Hobbies and other interests Playing pentanque Addresses Office Phabel Plott ApS, Laksegade 12, St, DK 1063 Copenhagen K, Denmark Career Novelist Formerly worked as a high school teacher, copy writer, publishing company editor, cleaning assistant, and riding teacher Phabel Plott ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, owner and writer Honors Awards Best Disney Novel Writer of the Year award, Disney Worldwide Artist Convention, 2001, for five W.I.T.C.H series novels.


    1. I enjoyed The Shamer s Daughter , but was greatly disappointed by it s sequel, The Shamer s Signet for it s uninteresting plot, the introduction of Davin as narrator, who I found quite annoying, and the fact Nico, the male lead of the first book, was completely ignored This third in the series is a vast improvement over the second, and exceeds the first in terms of both plot, characterisation and writing The character of Davin really matures through this book, and I found many of the story ideas [...]

    2. Blame the blurb writer Really First off, it s the third book in a series, and that s not written anywhere on the book, so innocent one story lambs like myself are thrown into already formed worlds and known characters and future books Listen, I have no time to search the earth for sequels and prequels If you want a long term relationship, tell me on the cover, so that I can walk away.Second, the blurb itself In front of us, less than three oars lengths from the boat, rose a scaly grey head It ke [...]

    3. This book is excellent It does have a few flaws, hence the 4 5 rating, but overall it was very good.I highly recommend it for readers who like fantasy I liked the running for your life aspect of it The book is very entertaining, though it can get really slow in certain spots Make it through those spots, and you are in for a ride The storyline is good, although there is room for improvement The ending is a little rushed, compared to the rest of the story, so I do warn you of that As for the age g [...]

    4. This is such a beautiful book And yes, I know this is meant for the younger reader, but seriously, this is something to enjoy up until late teens It s so powerful The daughter father relationship, just breaks my heart I even cried at the end The story just captures you form the the first page and carries you throughout the entire book, and leaves you wanting Lucky for me there is one book in the series

    5. I had read this as a child and I couldn t even remember the name of the book,much the plot If I hadn t seen the cover randomly,I would have never found it I do remember though my excitement and enthousiasm about it,so i ll rate it 5 stars until I get to re read it.

    6. For en bok For en serie Og for en utmerket m te l re nynorsk p Jeg gleder meg til jeg en gang f r barn og kan lese denne for dem og jeg liker ikke egentlig barn.

    7. Lene Kaaberbol gets better with each book This one builds on the foundation of the other two which were fun, thoughtful fantasy adventures to create a haunting story that will stay with me.

    8. P rlasot visu b rn bas hitus, gal gi nav br nums, ka es ar savus varo us oti agr vecum s ku moc t gan fiziski, gan gar gi D is ir perfekts angstbadass apvienojums Tagad j gaida, kad pien ks nopirkt ceturt da a, lai beidzot varu uzzin t s gas beigas.

    9. A good continuation of the Shamer series that takes a new turn to introduce a new type of magic, the so called serpent gift and introduces one of the best characters of the series while developing some who ve been missed latelyPlot Synopsis no spoilers, just overview The plot once again mainly follows Dina, the Shamer s Daughter, and her brother Davin, switching between their perspectives Dina s family has been in hiding since the first book, but have settled into the Highland area of this world [...]

    10. I think this is my favourite in the series so far the way Dina develops and changes and why this comes to pass brings a whole new dimension And the description of totalitarian Sagisloc and their scary brainwashing practices was a very nice touch to the world building.

    11. Oh how I cried with this book Sezuan seemed like a terrible character and his methods are questionable but oh how I cried for him and for what he did I loved this book because it helped us see another part of Dina s history.

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    13. This book was amazing I thoroughly enjoyed the first two, and this one was no different view spoiler I love how Dina comes to love her dad She hates him at first, mostly because of her Mama s influence, but she comes to call him Papa I loved his character and how even to his dying breathe he stayed true to himself, even if that meant the last word s Dina heard him say was a lie When Dina realized that she does, in fact, have the serpent s gift, I couldn t help but feel happy for her While it wil [...]

    14. The Shamer s family s lives are uprooted yet again, when someone from Melussina s past just won t seem to leave them alone Forced to leave their new home in the highlands, they travel south, as far away from whatever seems to be following them But accidents, attacks and bad luck follows them everywhere, is it a coincidence or is someone behind it Just as they reach a large wealthy city, it seems they can finally have a couple of days to rest, but the town and its people are not how they seem, an [...]

    15. In this third book, Dina and her family are trying, once again, to regain the safety and security they once had Without her gift, Dina believes she will finally have the life she always dreamed of, but when a mysterious and sinister looking stranger appears, claiming to be Dina s father, the family is divided When the truth is revealed, Dina must make a choice either stand against injustice with her family, or join the side of evil.This book was my favorite out of the quartet because it gave som [...]

    16. This book provided a really cool connection to Dina s father s side of the family and why exactly she was born It also provided lots of insight into Dina s character and her values It was the kind of book where you have to figure out for yourself what to think of her father Dina s mother insists he isn t to be trusted but the father, Sezuan, provides reasons why he isn t dangerous When Beastie is killed, my opinion is that Dina s mother immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion I actually belie [...]

    17. Lene Kaaberbol is one multi talented author who always paints her story in ways I ve never read before She s meticulous with her characters, imaginative with her novel s setting and always unpredictable.I didnt read the first 2 books and the rest since I rarely found them in less than rm30 each I m cheap and broke, I know, I can t afford too much physical book reading in these economics with my book reading speed But for a third book, it never really distract the readers to follow the earlier bo [...]

    18. 3.5 starsI liked it, but its just not as good as The Shamer s Daughter Neither was the 2nd one in my opinion Anyway, this one is about how Dina notices a man in the market who seems interested in her Later she learns that this man is her father Duhn duhn duhn Anyway, she learns her father has a gift, The Serpant Gift no duh right And he wants to know if Dina has it too But Dina doesn t WANT his gift But if she agrees to go with her father than he will help Nico and her brother They are in a situ [...]

    19. I liked finding out what Nico was good at because I knew anyone with his heart of gold could not be wasted It was surprising finding out to why the Shamer is a single mom besides the first assumption one could make that no man could endure her eyes I liked learning about a whole new gift in this world which leaves just enough unsaid to make any introductions credible What I didn t like was feeling weary The characters are constantly in need of sleep but unable to stop for it There is so much in [...]

    20. Davin and Mellie look like their mother, but Dina looks like no one else in the family It has never mattered, because their mother s love has always been enough for all her children When a mysteriously powerful man comes forward and claims Dina as his daughter, the Shamer s family runs.What could be so terrible about this mand Dina asks herself, if her father is wicked and fearful, how can her mother love her New villains, new trouble, and this time Dina isn t sure which side she is on Davin and [...]

    21. This may be my favorite of the series delving into background for Dina and her family while the larger plot is put mostly on stand by On one hand, this makes the book the least important, mostly filler though the filling is interesting insight into Dina s family with only minor things that will be massively important for the last book.And yet, this is the book in the series that I return to most often Even though Kaaberb l has been writing for many years, I still think you can feel development [...]

    22. Another good installment in th series, but I wish Lene Kaaber l would use of her awesome characters to their full potential.Rosa is badass, funny, kind and still complex with an interesting background that should be explored But after being featured quite a lot in the first two books, she gets very sidelined in this one.Davin is a grown weak crybaby His POV isn t interesting other than the fact that we get to see Nico through it It should ve been Nico s POV He s much interesting, and we would [...]

    23. This is the third book in the series Finally I managed to read the book after so many years of wanting to read it I have to say that it is one of the best books I have read in a long time In this book I got to learn about Dina and her gift I also got to know about Dinas father and his family I learned that her father has this gift that can make people dream, good and bad dreams, and that Dina may have this gift aswell In the beginning of the book we get to know Dinas father as this bad person [...]

    24. Wow, what a book So much happens during the book a lot of crazy, heart breaking events A lot of action, traveling from one city to another I almost feel like too much things are happening, and yet every event is necessary to make Kaaberb l s brilliant plot seem just brilliant.The good thing about the book is that you can read it even if you haven t read the first two books the story is told in such a detailed way that you still understand all the action even if you don t know the full story of [...]

    25. It s actually the third book in the series, but holds up exceedingly well when read alone I MUST hunt down the previous two as well as what I suspect is the fourth book The story is told in alternating first person point of view, which was one of the only nitpicks I had they put the character name on TOP of the chapter number, and I didn t even notice it until I was searching for a reason for the voice to have changed so much It is in all other respects an excellent story, particularly the descr [...]

    26. When Dina s father, a Blackmaster, comes to see her her mother, the Shamer, finds out and immediately flees with the family to a new village away from her former husband As the pursuit continues the whole family finds themselves enslaved by the Prince, grandfather to the warlord slain by Davin, Dina s brother Now Davin has been captured by the Prince and Nico, heir to the throne now occupied by the Prince, has also been captured Dina must use either her father or her father s power, the Serpent [...]

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