This is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn

This is All The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn From the winner of the Michael L Printz Award and the Carnegie Medal a work of astonishing intimacy and depth Using a pillow book as her form nineteen year old Cordelia Kenn sets out to write out he

  • Title: This is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn
  • Author: Aidan Chambers
  • ISBN: 9780810970601
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the winner of the Michael L Printz Award and the Carnegie Medal, a work of astonishing intimacy and depth Using a pillow book as her form, nineteen year old Cordelia Kenn sets out to write out her life for her unborn daughter What emerges is a portrait of an extraordinary girl, who writes frankly of love, sex, poetry, nature, faith, and of herself in the world HerFrom the winner of the Michael L Printz Award and the Carnegie Medal, a work of astonishing intimacy and depth Using a pillow book as her form, nineteen year old Cordelia Kenn sets out to write out her life for her unborn daughter What emerges is a portrait of an extraordinary girl, who writes frankly of love, sex, poetry, nature, faith, and of herself in the world Her thoughts range widely on Shakespeare and breasts, periods and piano playing, friendship and trees, consciousness and sleep, and much besides As she writes of William Blacklin, the boy she chooses as her first lover, or Julie, the teacher who encourages her spiritual life, Cordelia maddens, fascinates, and ultimately seduces the reader This is a character never to be forgotten from a writer at the height of his powers.

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      450 Aidan Chambers
    This is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn

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    1. Aidan Chambers

      Born near Chester le Street, County Durham in 1934, Chambers was an only child, and a poor scholar considered slow by his teachers, he did not learn to read fluently until the age of nine After two years in the Royal Navy as part of his National Service, Chambers trained as a teacher and taught for three years at Westcliff High School in Southend on Sea before joining an Anglican monastery in Stroud, Gloucestershire in 1960 He later used his experience as a monk in his novel Now I Know.His first plays, including Johnny Salter 1966 , The Car and The Chicken Run 1968 , were published while he was a teacher in Stroud.Chambers left the monastery in 1967 and a year later became a freelance writer His works include the Dance sequence of six novels Breaktime, Dance on My Grave, Now I Know, The Toll Bridge, Postcards from No Man s Land and This Is All The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn He and his wife, Nancy, founded Thimble Press and the magazine Signal to promote literature for children and young adults They were awarded the Eleanor Farjeon Award for outstanding services to children s books in 1982 From 2003 to 2006 he was President of the School Library Association.


    1. I cannot believe I actually read this book Okay, I kind of skimmed the first few hundred pages But I was so sucked into Cordelia s story that I read the remaining six hundred Mostly after midnight and in increments of 150 200 pages Damn two week check outs It s not a book I d have thought I d like The writing style is kind of lyrical at times, and I have limited patience for writing like that There s also the a b page phenomenon, which was odd I preferred the b pages As other reviews said, the v [...]

    2. I first picked up this book when a male friend recommended it to me I ve encountered bits and pieces of it through him and when I first went to pick up the book, its size astonished me When I began to read it, my astonishment only grew a book with a female narrator, practically spilling herself into these books boxes that she kept At sixteen, I instantly liked it, and fell in love with Cordelia This book immediately became a big source of inspiration for me I loved the way she could jump from on [...]

    3. I have nothing really deep or meaningful to say about this, except that this is one of the books that shaped my personality.I first read this secretly when I was 12, and although I shouldn t have it is pretty adult I am so glad I did it a total of three times.This was my introduction to lesbianism I kind of couldn t visualize same sex relationships unless there were two guys in it Weird brain , masturbation o.O I m allowed to do that , the long, drawn out, dramatic, romantic, awkward, young love [...]

    4. I was loving this book the first section about her developing relationship with the boy she s decided to lose her virginity to was great all the anxiety and excitement and fear of it rang really true to me BUT then there s THAT PART that everyone mentions, where there are suddenly two parallel storylines, A and B, for than a hundred pages, like page 191 A, page 192 B, 193 A, 194 B, etcc so you have to decide whether to go back and forth or read all of A and THEN all of B AAAAAARGH I thought I s [...]

    5. Fascinating, raw, uncensored thoughts of a teenage girl, as written by an adult man Suprisingly, he gets a lot of things right I enjoyed this book simply because the character development was fabulous, and the story telling was honest and sincere The book s format was also intriguing, not at all chronological, it jumps all over the place but is still cohesive A book about falling in love and discovering oneself I will read it again and again.

    6. I was thinking about this again as I m readingThe Pillow Book that serves partly as its inspiration I liked the way it used a variety of writings to tell the story not just the protagonist Cordelia s diary, but her essays, musings and mopes the latter being poetry of debatable quality It was a lovely book Cordelia could be annoying, and sometimes seemed too sort of well adjusted liberal in her attitudes towards sex and her body to be real, but it s hard to tell if that was unrealistic, or just p [...]

    7. I remember really liking this book when I read it back in 08 I think The story was wonderful, the voice defined and distinguished from the rest However, I can t remember a whole lot of it, so I will possibly be doing a re read at one point or another.

    8. I have marked this as spoilerish in content, but wish to reiterate here that this review contains MAJOR spoilers If I could, I would give this book 3.5 stars however, since that isn t an option, I will give it 4 I try very hard not to grade a book down when the ending doesn t go my way Some of the best books I have read have had disappointing ambiguous depressing endings, but ones generally in keeping with the tenor of the narrative But I do not enjoy cheap narrative tricks i.e contrived twists [...]

    9. This is one of the thickest books I ve ever conquered in such short time But Aidan Chambers makes it such an easy read I fell in love with his main characters, as I suppose was the intention It reads as a diary, from a girl who is astoundingly committed to maintaining it I envy her for her determination The ending is abrupt and unfair, but then again so is life Point made.I must admit it is almost insulting how much Aidan Chambers understands about young females We think we re so mysterious and [...]

    10. Loooooooooooonggggggg Confusing part in the middle where you have to read all the left pages in order and then go back to read all the right pages in order Sad sad sad ending The thing that really screwed up this book for me was the fact that it was really hard to read because the binding on the hardback wouldn t break so it was hard to hold with just one hand.

    11. the most beautifully written and perfect book boys read it to understand girls girls it to understand yourself

    12. I hesitated between three and four stars for this book On the one hand, it had some excellent qualities sheer length 800 pages without becoming dull, for the most part well developed characters, a non linear structure that is intriguing and ends up mostly making sense, and the fact that a middle aged man successfully and convincingly pulled off a first person narrative in the character of a teenage girl On the other hand, while not as creepily all consuming as Twilight, this novel s love story i [...]

    13. This is my all time favourite book Ever.It is my bible, and even now I ve grown and matured and do not feel the same as Cordelia all the time, this book will always be with me, because it s so alike me Cordelia is a clear, strong woman and her life and thoughts are very pure.I fell this book has taught me a lot about myself, by prompting me to discover WHY I think what I think, and what it is that matters to me.And a little heads up the ending is gorgeous Keep tissues lined up, because it makes [...]

    14. Although This Is All is not really a plot driven novel, I still found myself unable to put it down I kept wanting to go on to find out what Cordelia would talk about next As the narrator discusses how her soon to be born child came to be, readers will be drawn in by Cordelia s honesty and openness in discussing her life, her choices, and how both have led her to where she is at the beginning of the novel I don t know that this book has universal appeal, but if you tend to enjoy novels that take [...]

    15. I loved the story as a whole, but wow I really hated the part in the middle where it split in an A and B part.

    16. I can t believe I finally finished this book I have never had this much problem with finishing a book before And I ve got to say, This Is All is one of the most unique books I have ever read The book is strange I have never had so many mixed feeling reading a book before My feelings have been ranging between love, hate, admiration, fascination, disgust, anger, confusion, enchantment and frustration I wanted to throw the book across the room frequently It took me around TWO YEARS to finish the bo [...]

    17. This is by far my absolute favorite Realistic Fiction book.I ve read it twice now, and I can t decide which time I liked better.The first time was an interesting experience, of course, because I was able to be surprised by the plot and meet the characters However, reading it a second time was like wrapping myself in a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa Not only did I get to return to the wonderfully developed characters, but different aspects of the story stuck out to me anew that might ve got [...]

    18. This book changed my life It was so inspiring After reading it, I too have begun to keep a pillow book, and it has made me a much down to earth person It s long, and the Orange book is hard to finish since it is nothing but lists But it was fun for me, I LOVE lists My favorite book OF ALL TIME.

    19. I couldn t get into this I think I read about 50 pages and that is not saying much, because the book is something like 800 pages I disliked the Voice I thought she was too too You know, I m so sexually liberated I m so smart I m a weirdo pregnant teenager who is wise beyond my years La La La I just don t buy it.

    20. I wish I could tell you about this book, but I simply can t Just, please, read it When I read it, I learned a lot, and I got to know myself better Sometimes, it felt like it was I who had written the text And, I just love all the poetry I would almost like to say that the entire book is one long, wonderful poem.

    21. this was an amazing book I recognized myself in the main character, it was almost like I was reading a huge part of my ow life I ve laughed, cried and dreamed 782 pages and every page was worth it I was surprised that is was written by a man, happily surprised He s an artist

    22. This is my favorite book It s deep and intimate The reader follows Cordelia on various escapades as she matures and explores her world It s filled with poetry and musings as well as narrative and it s completely and totally beautiful and unforgettable.

    23. This book is so complete I read it, and I questioned how this Aidan Chambers knew so much about me I love this book beyond belief It is so important to me.

    24. If there is one book you need to read, it is this one When I first came across this, I was intrigued It seemed so frank, so honest, that I was drawn to it For example, take the back cover description Using a pillow book as her form, nineteen year old Cordelia Kenn sets out to write out her life for her unborn daughter What emerges is a portrait of an extraordinary girl, who writes frankly of love, sex, poetry, nature, faith, and of herself in the world Her thoughts range widely on Shakespeare an [...]

    25. It s a whole lot of pages, yet not enough I don t believe you properly felt and lived until you read this book I seriously can t I ve never written a review on here before but I just had to say something anything about this book because it touches me like no other book ever did or could before.

    26. I read this book when I was a Freshman in high school I can genuinely say it s one of the most intriguing, honest books that I ve read Cordelia Kenn propositions a boy that she s liked for some time, William Blacklin Now, I think this is what really got me interested in the book she is very straight forward, and that seems a rarity now a days when it comes to a female protagonist What was her proposition That William has sex with her before her sixteenth birthday, because according to studies, t [...]

    27. I honestly don t think there will ever be a book that not only captures the essence of girls, but is also the most heart wrenching and tear inducing book I will ever read This book starts off when Cordelia Kenn is only 15 808 pages later she is twenty and two months old The reader, girl or boy, learns about life, love, girls, friendship, relationships, basically everything you can imagine Though this was a work of fiction, I have never felt closer to a character One of the best parts of this bo [...]

    28. This book is truly amazing Ipicked it up in the library and thought it would be some trashy quick well, quick for the length of it read about a pregnant girl oh no, it was much than that Cordelia is a very complex character and though this could put some people off, but drew me in Part of the charm of the book being so long is that by the end you ve read so much about her that she really seems real, you can even imagine her reactions in different situations or I can at least Her voice isn t one [...]

    29. As some of you may know I love all things related to Japan the culture, the language, the history, the fashion and also the food Therefore, when I look for a book I tend to be drawn to anything with an oriental design, even if it ends up being nothing to do with Japan When I read the blurb of this book I was automatically drawn to it.I think I actually read it when I was about 16 or 17 8 years on and I would still class it as one of my favourite and most treasured books It absolutely captivated [...]

    30. When I ve read a book which I really like,a book which MATTERS, I feel it belongs to me Cordelia is NOT talking about THIS IS ALL, but that s the way we all feel while and after reading this amazing book Cordelia is organizing her journals and pillow books as a gift to her unborn daughter She wants the baby to know her mother and father as young people, how they met and fell in love, what tore them apart, and what ultimately brings them together again Cordelia is wise, passionate, observant She [...]

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