Lux the Poet

Lux the Poet There is something about Lux He s a thief and a liar he is selfish and self absorbed and hopelessly vain But while he looks like Lana Turner and romances like a true Casanova Lux is actually like a b

  • Title: Lux the Poet
  • Author: Martin Millar
  • ISBN: 9781857022155
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is something about Lux He s a thief and a liar he is selfish and self absorbed and hopelessly vain But while he looks like Lana Turner and romances like a true Casanova, Lux is actually like a bumbling, oblivious Mary Tyler Moore Amid shouting mobs, police shields, and the hurled bricks of the 80s Brixton riots, Lux is searching for Pearl the love of his lThere is something about Lux He s a thief and a liar he is selfish and self absorbed and hopelessly vain But while he looks like Lana Turner and romances like a true Casanova, Lux is actually like a bumbling, oblivious Mary Tyler Moore Amid shouting mobs, police shields, and the hurled bricks of the 80s Brixton riots, Lux is searching for Pearl the love of his life Her home has been burned down by a stray petrol bomb, and she s searching for sanctuary along with her friend Nicky Nicky is traumatized after having killed her computer her best friend and is herself being followed by Happy Science PLC It is their plan to breed a superior next generation by implanting the sperm of genius men inside beautiful women She knows too much about the plan Lux is helped in his quest by Kalia, a castaway of Heaven attempting to get back in God s good graces by performing one million good deeds over countless lifetimes There s also a thrash metal band, a riot party, past lives, and KY Lots of KY.

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    Lux the Poet

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    1. Martin Millar

      Martin Millar is a critically acclaimed Scottish writer from Glasgow, now resident in London He also writes the Thraxas series of fantasy novels under the pseudonym Martin Scott.The novels he writes as Martin Millar dwell on urban decay and British sub cultures, and the impact this has on a range of characters, both realistic and supernatural There are elements of magical realism, and the feeling that the boundary between real life and the supernatural is not very thick Most of them are set in Brixton, Millar s one time place of residence Many are at least semi autobiographical, and Love and Peace with Melody Paradise and Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me both feature Millar himself as a character.As Martin Scott his Thraxas novels are a fusion of traditional high fantasy and pulp noir thrillers.In 2000, he won the World Fantasy Award for best novel for Thraxas.


    1. T he Ro b in Ho od pub sits on the tow path of the river Lee at the bottom of Springfield Park Back in the day, they didn t mind you taking your beer outside, so you could sit on the grass watching the rowers, with the marshes behind, and the tower blocks of Stratford still further beyond It was my Sunday afternoon pub.I don t know how it started Our weekends began on Friday at the Cricketers The sort of pub where everybody knew everyone else Pete and I would usually walk down together, but soon [...]

    2. What a strange book indeed Opening Lux the genderbending narcissist poet lies underneath a car with copious quantities of cocaine coursing through his body while a riot rages in the surrounding streets of Brixton Sadly, it s all downhill from here for Lux, but he always has a positive outlook and doesn t let the circumstances of his day get him down Rather than describe the plotline of this book, which is nearly impossible, here are some random plot elements in no particular order A gay couple k [...]

    3. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK someone stole it from me though which makes me SO MAD, but hopefully they like the book too and hopefully I can get another copy IT S AMAZING total cyberpunk poetic, the ENTIRE story takes place both during one riot in Brixton and those really did happen and during thousands of lifetimes of people and fallen angels that were framed for crimes they didn t even commit and another girl is being hunted down by the computer police for killing her best frie [...]

    4. This book is great If it were the only thing Martin Millar had ever written I would make everyone I know read it Compared to his other work, it s only ok You can see this book lack the smart polish of Lonely Werewolf Girl or even the Thraxas series.I love all of the characters I feel that this book moves through moods very well, but I found the two scenes of violence surprising and shocking.

    5. Read cover to cover on a 5 hour flight from New York Immensely entertaining, and the last 5 pages made me cry in public.Essentially the same book as Good Fairies of New York, but that doesn t really count against it A swirling phantasmagoria of 80s Brixton, Lux wanders through a race riot in a haze of lust, drugs, and vanity Gay computer hackers, Scottish punks, a thrash metal band, an exile from Heaven, and a corporate eugenics program all bounce their way through the story like pachinko balls [...]

    6. I read this so long ago I barely remember it, but I DO remember it as fast, furious, funny, and perhaps a teeny bit filthy I remember enjoying it, and giving it as a gift to a friend it was that much of a thrill ride Google , ultimately came to my help tonight, in trying to recall the title Very punk, very Brit, very late seventies early eighties Crisis to crisis, cover to cover what s a little rioting among friends

    7. Lux is the ultimate narcissist his poetry is amazing, the girl of his dreams likes him back, his friends value and appreciate him, and he s very successful financially in his own head The juxtaposition between Lux s view on life and his surroundings and, well, the real world, is guaranteed to have the intelligent responder in stitches But don t laugh too hard because you might mess up your liberty spikes set with KY Jelly of course.

    8. Who knew you could love a guy like Lux when you know you should dislike him Despite his many flaws, I still loved him Go figure that angst would be a delight to read Yes it is heartbreaking and I m not sure if I m sick or not This story was art It was storytelling Lux the character his story was like watching a train wreck I couldn t look away I couldn t put the book down I had to watch I had to see what would happened next And its ending was poetic I absolutely love Martin Millar s stories But [...]

    9. I thought I would like this book than I did It s a comedy set in the Brixton Riots of the early 1980s, set around the adventures of a narcissistic poet called Lux In a wonderfully creative mix of storylines, a whole array of other characters run around in Brixton in the chaos of the riots, most of them exasperated at Lux for one reason or another.Most of all I liked the story of Kalia, who was expelled from heaven after being falsely accused of organising a coup against the gods, and has been c [...]

    10. I ve read two of Martin Millar s books before this one and fell immediately in love with his wit and dark humor The Good Fairies of New York was immediately put on my All Time Favorites list He is indeed so awesome that from now on he can do absolutely no wrong.Lux the Poet was all I expected it to be Fun from the first page till the last With a hilariously narcissitic dimwit for a protagonist descendants from heaven, zany scientists aiming to impregnate models with genuis sperm and punk druggy [...]

    11. So Apparently this is a repackage of the 1989 version, but the first USA edition Martin Millar wrote LONELY WOLF GIRL, which I have heard is pretty good so I was intrigued LUX THE POET, however, is like an LSD trip But weirder The plot takes place in the 1985 Brixton Race Riots, which most non Britains will not have heard of Lux is a terrible poet, but he looks like Lana Turner, so a lot of people want to fuck him He is looking for Pearl, the girl he loves, but he is high on cocaine and fairly s [...]

    12. In Lux the Poet a number of bizarre characters interact and storylines overlap as a riot breaks out in Brixton The book is a funny and surreal comic novel, and any description will sound bizarre But here goes There is Lux, a vain aspiring poet searching for his girlfriend A woman depressed about destroying her computer and on the run from a genetics company for having stolen a valuable program A fallen angel who must perform a million good deeds in her reincarnated lives to make it back into hea [...]

    13. Rereading this book 25 years after I purchased it, I didn t enjoy it quite as much as I remembered doing the first time The story is quite similar to Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation in that it s basically a romp around Brixton with our hero trying to avoid meeting people he s pissed off replace the Milk Marketing Board with the Computer Police for example, or the renegades from heaven Kali and Yasmin with the Chinese hitmen It s a little too similar and Lux is a little too one note all the wa [...]

    14. Reviewed by LaLeesha Haynes for TeensReadTooLUX THE POET, by British author Martin Millar, offers a fun, eccentric story of a poet in search of eternal fame and fortune.As Lux searches a Brixton riot for Pearl the lesbian love of his life he meets the resistance of those he has wronged while avoiding the brutality going on around him.Lux s positive attitude of eternal optimism and vanity make this book an enjoyable read However, this story would not be complete without the escapades of Lux s pas [...]

    15. Not as good as my two current Martin Millar faves, Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Good Fairies of New York, but it bears Millar s mark a chaotic, nonlinear, meandering, fantastical storyline self absorbed characters who bounce off each other, fall in love with each other, fuck each other, try to kill each other and snappy, hilarious, and surreal dialogue.Where it falls short is in having a main character Lux who is so thoroughly narcissistic and whose motivations are so thoroughly nonsensical that [...]

    16. This was one of the hardest books I ve ever rated I don t know if I really enjoyed it, but I don t think I hated it It s hard to pinpoint the plot It kind of reminded me of the movie Magnolia where you have a number of characters doing their own thing who eventually connect later on in the story I got a bit annoyed with some aspects like Lux s obsession with Pearl, but enjoyed other aspects like Lux s explanation of his obsession with Pearl I seriously don t think my review makes any sense, but [...]

    17. Entretenida novela, sin excesivo valor literario, aunque s se le podr a reconocer alg n valor contracultural fue publicada en 1988, toca muy marginalmente temas como el racismo, la pobreza, drogas, violencia, desigualdad, enamoramiento, homosexualidad, etc por as decirlo, son parte de la trama, no hay moralismo ni intenci n de extenderse en ellos Lux es un antih roe estrafalario, poeta al que no quieren escuchar, que me cay simp tico No obstante, sta es una novela coral, donde son varios los per [...]

    18. I had a hard time getting into Lux the Poet The quick cuts to so many different storylines and the general feeling of chaos were jarring at first Because I was busy and wasn t able to just sit and read the book straight through, I read the first third of the book very slowly When I finally got some time to read however, and was able to finish it all at once the story really came together for me I became accustomed to the chaos and the wit and charm stood out The end was swift and sweet not reall [...]

    19. I don t know why Millar cracks me up, but he does Trying to describe the story is hard I wouldn t recommend this book to everyone there s a fair amount of casual sex, violence and total weirdness.There s also a genetic experiment, reincarnation, hair gel, and headhunters the business kind If you like hearing bizarre dreams, then you d probably enjoy this book Or maybe I just need to go see my therapist often.

    20. Nowhere near as tremendously wonderful as the other Martin Millar books that I ve been reading, but it had a few moments of beauty The title character is cheerfully and obliviously pathetic, but entertaining and charming in his own narcissistic way I much preferred The Good Fairies of New York though.As a random note, the cover image really creeped me out.

    21. I don t know what kept me reading this book It was vile, grotesque, made little sense mostly, and kept you wondering whether the things happening were all in Lux s head or really there, or even when they were going on But I liked it Some perverse curiosity perhaps I have no idea why, but I did Maybe you will too.

    22. A myriad cast of unnecessary minor characters bogged this down a bit for me But I suppose that adds to the chaos And the chaos is indeed necessary It doesn t really help that Lux is so self absorbed that it s hard to really like him He is quite entertaining though.

    23. I read this book when I was about eighteen and had never read anything like it Not sure if I would still think it was as good, but I do think it was ahead of its time Kind of the British punk version of Skinny Legs and All.

    24. An interesting novel, written in a style I m not accustomed to However, it was funny as shit and I couldn t help but love Lux.

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