Dear and Glorious Physician

Dear and Glorious Physician Today St Luke is known as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament but two thousand years ago he was Lucanus a Greek a man who loved knew the emptiness of bereavement and later travele

  • Title: Dear and Glorious Physician
  • Author: Taylor Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780553227888
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Today St Luke is known as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament, but two thousand years ago he was Lucanus, a Greek, a man who loved, knew the emptiness of bereavement, and later traveled through the hills and wastes of Judea asking, What manner of man was my Lord And it is of this Lucanus that Taylor Caldwell tells here in one of the most stirring storieToday St Luke is known as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament, but two thousand years ago he was Lucanus, a Greek, a man who loved, knew the emptiness of bereavement, and later traveled through the hills and wastes of Judea asking, What manner of man was my Lord And it is of this Lucanus that Taylor Caldwell tells here in one of the most stirring stories ever lived or written.

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    Dear and Glorious Physician

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      Also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner Taylor Caldwell was born in Manchester, England In 1907 she emigrated to the United States with her parents and younger brother Her father died shortly after the move, and the family struggled At the age of eight she started to write stories, and in fact wrote her first novel, The Romance of Atlantis, at the age of twelve although it remained unpublished until 1975 Her father did not approve such activity for women, and sent her to work in a bindery She continued to write prolifically, however, despite ill health In 1947, according to TIME magazine, she discarded and burned the manuscripts of 140 unpublished novels In 1918 1919, she served in the United States Navy Reserve In 1919 she married William F Combs In 1920, they had a daughter, Mary known as Peggy From 1923 to 1924 she was a court reporter in New York State Department of Labor in Buffalo, New York In 1924, she went to work for the United States Department of Justice, as a member of the Board of Special Inquiry an immigration tribunal in Buffalo In 1931 she graduated from SUNY Buffalo, and also was divorced from William Combs.Caldwell then married her second husband, Marcus Reback, a fellow Justice employee She had a second child with Reback, a daughter Judith, in 1932 They were married for 40 years, until his death in 1971.In 1934, she began to work on the novel Dynasty of Death, which she and Reback completed in collaboration It was published in 1938 and became a best seller Taylor Caldwell was presumed to be a man, and there was some public stir when the author was revealed to be a woman Over the next 43 years, she published 42 novels, many of them best sellers For instance, This Side of Innocence was the biggest fiction seller of 1946 Her works sold an estimated 30 million copies She became wealthy, traveling to Europe and elsewhere, though she still lived near Buffalo.Her books were big sellers right up to the end of her career During her career as a writer, she received several awards.She was an outspoken conservative and for a time wrote for the John Birch Society s monthly journal American Opinion and even associated with the anti Semitic Liberty Lobby Her memoir, On Growing Up Tough, appeared in 1971, consisting of many edited down articles from American Opinion.Around 1970, she became interested in reincarnation She had become friends with well known occultist author Jess Stearn, who suggested that the vivid detail in her many historical novels was actually subconscious recollection of previous lives Supposedly, she agreed to be hypnotized and undergo past life regression to disprove reincarnation According to Stearn s book, The Search of a Soul Taylor Caldwell s Psychic Lives, Caldwell instead began to recall her own past lives eleven in all, including one on the lost continent of Lemuria.In 1972, she married William Everett Stancell, a retired real estate developer, but divorced him in 1973 In 1978, she married William Robert Prestie, an eccentric Canadian 17 years her junior This led to difficulties with her children She had a long dispute with her daughter Judith over the estate of Judith s father Marcus in 1979 Judith committed suicide.Also in 1979, Caldwell suffered a stroke, which left her unable to speak, though she could still write She had been deaf since about 1965 Her daughter Peggy accused Prestie of abusing and exploiting Caldwell, and there was a legal battle over her substantial assets.She died of heart failure in Greenwich, Conn


    1. This was one of my late grandmother s books, and I am eternally grateful to my parents for not throwing it out or selling it when we moved Grandpa out of that house What a find Dear and Glorious Physician chronicles the life of St Luke the Physician, starting when he is a ten year old child, a Greek slave in the Roman province of Syria Despite his ostensibly lowly rank, Lucanus as he is then called grows up in a happy, stable environment with both of his biological parents His master is a kind i [...]

    2. I read this first in the summer of 1966 my Mom had gotten it out of the library my best friends were on vacation so I started reading it out of boredom This is NOT a kids book BTW The story stuck in my sub conscience when I joined The International Order of St Luke I remembered it decided to re read it This is a historical novel about St Luke or Lucanus as he was called in life St Luke like St Paul never saw Jesus He was a Greek physician who as a convert decided to write the history of the Lord [...]

    3. The plotting in this novel is leisurely by postmodern standards, and Taylor Caldwell s prose sometimes veers toward purple, with each Antiochan, Alexandrian, and Roman sunset seemingly beautiful than the one before it, and scented gardens hosting conversations between principal characters Despite those flaws, Dear and Glorious Physician is like Quo Vadis a novel for the ages, full of lush description, virtuous friendship, and dark nights of the soul Its confident portrayal of first century life [...]

    4. This is probably the best book I have ever read It is incredibly humbling to read My favorite part is reading of Luke s childhood His innocent devotion to God convicts and exhorts us to do the same This book changed the way I viewed God and the way I relate to him Taylor Caldwell can just flat out write Her sentences are packed with imagery Each word is measured for maximum power Intelligent Why yes she is This fact smacks you in the face I had to look up much of the Greek mythological reference [...]

    5. This was a great way to understand the time Christ lived in the Bible being the best of course, Then Jesus the Christ by James Talmage through characters that crossed his path, Christ is not the main character in this novel but is the main point of this novel It is a wonderful journey I did feel a gained a bit of insight into that time, a greater appreciation of what was involved with those early saints and humble followers of Christ and what they went through with so many different cultures com [...]

    6. He le do pocos libros capaces no solo de entretener o de ilustrar sino tambi n de alimentar el esp ritu M dico de Cuerpos y Almas de Taylor Caldwell es uno de ellos Tal vez el primero con la fuerza y el impacto suficiente para emocionar hasta las l grimas en cada cap tulo Para mi, eso es suficiente a efecto de considerarlo no nicamente como una gran lectura sino tambi n como una obra maestra, un nuevo y personal gran favorito Una historia de consuelo que me acompa ar a lo largo del resto de mis [...]

    7. Taylor Caldwell is an author I have been aware of for a good long while but have never read Thanks to a recommendation by BYU football coach, Bronco Mendenhall by way of his mother, I chose to break that particular drought in my literary experience by reading this story about Luke of New Testament fame My future reading of the twenty four chapters of St Luke will never be the same again Three quarters of this book deals with Luke aka Lucanus s conversion The remaining quarter of the novel focuse [...]

    8. A somewhat old fashioned although beautifully written book This novel tells the story of St Luke, called herein Lucanus, from childhood, adoption by a kindly Roman patrician as the latter s son, medical studies in Alexandria, to his wanderings to serve the poor He comes to a belief in Christ as Messiah after railing against God for years because of the deaths of loved ones and the cruelty of men against others He has the marvelous idea to write down what he hears about Christ The prose is really [...]

    9. This book is rated as Taylor Caldwell s greatest novel She covers the basic facts of the life of St Lukern a Greek Lucanus and trained in medicine to become a famous physician who travelled all over healing the sick with the background of the Roman Empire Later in the book he becomes deeply interested in Christianity and although he had never met Jesus, he moves around those who knew him including his Mother and Pontius Pilate to find out all he can, eventually embracing Christianity and writing [...]

    10. I probably would have liked it better if I had read it when it was first published I was in high school at the time With than 50 years of education and experience since then, I guess my standards have changed Here are some of the things that disappointed me about the book.First, overwritten My thesaurus also mentions florid, ornate and embellished Some parts just put me to sleep And my dreams when I dozed off were interesting than the corresponding part of the book.Second, anachronisms The ref [...]

    11. Dear and Glorious Physician Now correctly reviewed under its own title I read this book and several others by the author a long, long time ago Putting aside the disciple aspect of Luke which wasn t a factor , I read it because a he was a physician and b it s set in the early Roman Empire.Since I ve always been into science and did lots of Western i.e Greco Roman Ancient History and took Latin for six years as a teenager, this book hit on all three.From what I remember, I liked the book for its o [...]

    12. En el prefacio la autora cuenta que ha escrito la novela con amor, y se siente ese amor al leer el libro Hoy en d a son pocas las novelas que he podido encontrar que traten a los personajes b blicos con ese amor y respeto que se merecen Definitivamente no tomo la novela como algo real, puesto que es muy poco de lo que se conoce acerca de la vida de San Lucas, pero como historia es una aventura espiritual que llena much simo el coraz n La b squeda de la Verdad, en un mundo lleno de dioses falsos [...]

    13. Have read several times, but it has been several decades since the last time I enjoyed it before, so expect I will still like it I still liked it, but had several disapointments I know of the history of the time now There were a lot of historical inaccuracies Women only had meaning in reationship to the men around them Men aren t featured much better A good woman will only love one man her entire life A good man may love a second woman if the first one dies Taylor Caldwell started the book in h [...]

    14. This is a Historical novel about the life of St Luke, writer of one of the four gospels in the Bible and also the Acts of the Apostles Based on Luke s background as a Physician, the author starts the narrative in Luke s early days and leads us to the time just after Jesus death Even though his origins are not clear, he is supposed to have been born a slave and raised in his stepfather s house Through all of his life, he is supposed to fight an internal battle against social injustice and God s w [...]

    15. This book was a wonderful look at a man that not much is known about It was quite obvious that Ms Caldwell researched her subject well This is the story of Luke, or Lucanus from the New Testament In the story, Luke despises a God who would allow his children to suffer from physical pain, ailments,etc He sets out to heal as many people as he can And then he was introduced to a lowly man from Gallilee who could heal with a mere thought to the oppressed The story details the fascinating transformat [...]

    16. I love reading books that close friends have recommended to me I know my friend better now after reading his favorite book.I really enjoyed this book the best part is the last chapter in part 1 I feel like this book went on a little too long, once Lucanus began meeting with the biblical figures to write his Gospel, I felt this part was a bit repetitive.But the atmosphere of ancient Rome was fantastic, and Lucanus s journey to faith was well worth the read.

    17. This book is a novel, but I believe a pretty historically close novel It takes place in the antient world around the peak and beginning of the fall of Rome It follows the life of St Luke and his relationship to Jesus Christ He never actually met Jesus in this life, but without knowing it, was always searching for him There is great character building that makes them truly believable The author gives a bibliography of the research he has done.

    18. Interesting interpretation of St Luke s life Not Gospel by any means, but still worth reading.I never saw the Evangelist to the Gentiles as quite so tormented as Caldwell portrays him here so this book gave me a lot to mull over But it does raise the question issue of great suffering being a prerequisite of great sanctity and deep compassion And yet, it wasn t so much what happened to him as how the Spirit within him worked on those events A very thought provoking read.

    19. Currently re reading this wonderful book on the life of St Luke She researched this for decades and you can tell by all of the minutae that is included St Luke never met Christ, but he has one of the most beautiful books in the New Testament.

    20. Unabridged audio.The novelized life of Luke the writer of the third Gospel of the New Testament While it s readable and a lasting story I d remind all that it s a novel So, enjoy I suppose but get your theology from the book the main character transcribed a couple of thousand years ago.

    21. Giving this three stars in memory of enjoying it when I was a teenager Now I just found it plodding and pedestrian.

    22. From Taylor Calwell s Author Note it is obvious that much love and research went into this tale of the life of Luke, author of the 3rd Gospel and noted physician of his time.

    23. What a beautiful book It has its flaws, but it is swallowed up in the majesty of its message The book follows the story of Lucanus, the man known as Luke in the Bible and the author of the gospel of Luke The Luke is unique among the gospels, because he was a Gentile and he wrote his account from second hand sources This book casts Luke as a physician, a man with great knowledge of diseases and cures that borders on or becomes in some cases miraculous Trained in Alexandria, he knows the importanc [...]

    24. Sin duda creo que toda persona atea o que no se afilie a ninguna religi n deber a leer M dico de cuerpos y almas para poder entender mejor los or genes de la devoci n cristiana ya que el meollo del profundo resentimiento de quienes ponen su devoci n en la ciencia hacia los religiosos y viceversa tendr soluci n hasta que cada lado empiece a entender al otro Dicho esto, a varios religiosos les convendr a leer algo m s que la Biblia.No me afilio a ninguna religi n porque considero que las instituci [...]

    25. M dico de cuerpos y de almas es una novela hist rica en la cual reconstruye la vida del evangelista hasta el momento en que conoce a San Pablo, de quien se convertir en disc pulo La infancia de Lucano junto a sus padres libertos, las intrigas pol ticas de la Roma imperial, las fiestas en la mansi n de Tiberio, el amor y la muerte se dan cita en las p ginas de la novela Lucano emprende un camino de aprendizaje que lo lleva a estudiar medicina en Alejandr a, pero pronto se da cuenta de que su misi [...]

    26. Can you be mad at someone who is dead Well, I suppose so I am mad at Taylor Caldwell because it took me so long to read this book It was the 7 bestseller of 1959 I have read a fair share of what I call Jesus books in My Big Fat Reading Project so far The tone in these books is usually a similar one of wonder and faith but after a while you see that it is all conjecture because no one writing these books was there The Gospels in the Bible are I guess the closest thing to a true account.Anyway, Je [...]

    27. This book deserves 3 stars, but I feel compelled to give it 2 just to combat all the folks who gave it 4 or 5 stars I give it 2 as far as how I liked the book, and 3 for the work, devotion, and love that went into writing this.It is just when a reader me differs in such tremendous extent from a writer s philosophy, that the reader cannot truly enjoy or appreciate the book.Good points well written, if verbose and too many descriptions of statues, the sky, the terrain, the trees But the writing wa [...]

    28. This is a novel based on the author s vision of the life of St Luke Caldwell gives us the story of Lucanus, son of a Grecian freedman, adopted son of a Roman tribune, a practicing physician who was highly educated and heavily influenced by many who believed in the Unknown God Lucanus was a man who lived a parallel life during the ministry of Jesus and who although he had rejected God for much of his adult life due to the suffering, misery and death of loved ones, came to fully believe and know t [...]

    29. Publshed in 1958, this book remains a worthwhile read It is not a book that can be defined by a simple review and the rich, beautiful symbolism is a joy to read Whilst it is indeed a story of a man finding his path in both a physical and spiritual way, there are a lot of sub plots that are engaging However, the motives of the characters are less than plausible and some times comes across as one dimensional because it is not always guaranteed that the reader will be able to understand the actions [...]

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