Testimony of Two Men

Testimony of Two Men Someday the town of Hambledon might forget the lies they told about their brilliant young doctor But they could never forgive the truths he told about them From this compelling story of a doctor at wa

  • Title: Testimony of Two Men
  • Author: Taylor Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780449205723
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someday the town of Hambledon might forget the lies they told about their brilliant young doctor But they could never forgive the truths he told about them.From this compelling story of a doctor at war with the world he has been taught to heal, Taylor Caldwell has fashioned a novel of an unforgettable, angry idealist a novel in which the drama of new medical frontiersSomeday the town of Hambledon might forget the lies they told about their brilliant young doctor But they could never forgive the truths he told about them.From this compelling story of a doctor at war with the world he has been taught to heal, Taylor Caldwell has fashioned a novel of an unforgettable, angry idealist a novel in which the drama of new medical frontiers becomes part of a sweeping chronicle of love, death, desire, and redemption.

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    Testimony of Two Men

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      Also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner Taylor Caldwell was born in Manchester, England In 1907 she emigrated to the United States with her parents and younger brother Her father died shortly after the move, and the family struggled At the age of eight she started to write stories, and in fact wrote her first novel, The Romance of Atlantis, at the age of twelve although it remained unpublished until 1975 Her father did not approve such activity for women, and sent her to work in a bindery She continued to write prolifically, however, despite ill health In 1947, according to TIME magazine, she discarded and burned the manuscripts of 140 unpublished novels In 1918 1919, she served in the United States Navy Reserve In 1919 she married William F Combs In 1920, they had a daughter, Mary known as Peggy From 1923 to 1924 she was a court reporter in New York State Department of Labor in Buffalo, New York In 1924, she went to work for the United States Department of Justice, as a member of the Board of Special Inquiry an immigration tribunal in Buffalo In 1931 she graduated from SUNY Buffalo, and also was divorced from William Combs.Caldwell then married her second husband, Marcus Reback, a fellow Justice employee She had a second child with Reback, a daughter Judith, in 1932 They were married for 40 years, until his death in 1971.In 1934, she began to work on the novel Dynasty of Death, which she and Reback completed in collaboration It was published in 1938 and became a best seller Taylor Caldwell was presumed to be a man, and there was some public stir when the author was revealed to be a woman Over the next 43 years, she published 42 novels, many of them best sellers For instance, This Side of Innocence was the biggest fiction seller of 1946 Her works sold an estimated 30 million copies She became wealthy, traveling to Europe and elsewhere, though she still lived near Buffalo.Her books were big sellers right up to the end of her career During her career as a writer, she received several awards.She was an outspoken conservative and for a time wrote for the John Birch Society s monthly journal American Opinion and even associated with the anti Semitic Liberty Lobby Her memoir, On Growing Up Tough, appeared in 1971, consisting of many edited down articles from American Opinion.Around 1970, she became interested in reincarnation She had become friends with well known occultist author Jess Stearn, who suggested that the vivid detail in her many historical novels was actually subconscious recollection of previous lives Supposedly, she agreed to be hypnotized and undergo past life regression to disprove reincarnation According to Stearn s book, The Search of a Soul Taylor Caldwell s Psychic Lives, Caldwell instead began to recall her own past lives eleven in all, including one on the lost continent of Lemuria.In 1972, she married William Everett Stancell, a retired real estate developer, but divorced him in 1973 In 1978, she married William Robert Prestie, an eccentric Canadian 17 years her junior This led to difficulties with her children She had a long dispute with her daughter Judith over the estate of Judith s father Marcus in 1979 Judith committed suicide.Also in 1979, Caldwell suffered a stroke, which left her unable to speak, though she could still write She had been deaf since about 1965 Her daughter Peggy accused Prestie of abusing and exploiting Caldwell, and there was a legal battle over her substantial assets.She died of heart failure in Greenwich, Conn


    1. This is one of my all time favorites Read this so many years ago and re read it every so often Set in the early 1900 s, it tells the story of Jonathan Ferrier, the once respected doctor of a small Pennsylvania town His reputation is now in shreds due to the death of his young and very beautiful wife Mavis as the result of a botched abortion, for which Jonathan was arrested and tried Acquitted of the crime, he is haunted by the past and in the process of selling his practice to a new doctor as th [...]

    2. I have been a voracious reader since childhood and I read this after viewing the miniseries of this book on TV I don t really remember the miniseries all that well but I did end up reading the book after viewing the TV program while I Was a youngster in the 70s This particular miniseries was never made into a DVD as far as I know However, over the years I must have reread this book 100s of times This is my 1 favorite book for all time The story of the complex protagonist Jonathan Ferrier was com [...]

    3. Loved this book I have my old copy which is yellowed, pages are dog eared, notes in the margin How it changed my life as a young girl It s the book where I thought, I might write a novel.

    4. Very nice to see this book so highly regarded here It was the first novel by Taylor Caldwell that I read, back in 1972, I believe I ve re read it twice since then It s a powerful story with the author s traditional emotional and scenic detail, a fascinating story peopled with fascinating characters and relationships Regrettably it s out of print at this time, along with almost all of Caldwell s other works With the current interest in historical novels, I d like to see some of her books made ava [...]

    5. Prod Desc Someday the town of Hambledon might forget the lies they told about their brilliant young doctor But they could never forgive the truths he told about them From this compelling story of a doctor at war with the world he has been taught to heal, Taylor Caldwell has fashioned a novel of an unforgettable, angry idealist a novel in which the drama of new medical frontiers becomes part of a sweeping chronicle of love, death, desire, and redemption.I was introduced to the wonderful writing o [...]

    6. I m giving it a 3 I think that I read it for the first time about 40 years ago, and it was one of my favourite books for many years Re reading it as an adult was a different story it s still a good if long story, but I can see faults than I used to It certainly has a point of view, with very long preaching sections to emphasize it It s difficult to find characters that aren t remarkably self righteous about everything I still do love the medical storyline it was not an easy switch for the medic [...]

    7. I might have to say about this novel later For now I ll say it s a great story about a larger than life physician trying to survive being moral when he isn t being outrageously cynical in an immoral world Jonathan Ferrier is like all the positive characters in The Fountainhead rolled into a ball and kicked across the county.

    8. Gripping reading I found the characters fascinating and the insight into the nature of people really exciting.Didn t enjoy parts of the book once or twice not often , it was a little slow also I felt some of the violence and sex described was unnecessarily crude or graphic.

    9. It s been 45 years since I first read Testimony of Two Men, so I wasn t sure if it would live up to the memories Just as good the 2nd time around While I certainly remembered the gist of the story, there were so many details that I had forgotten over the years that it held me captive, once again This author does have a tendency to get overly long in her descriptions, but it s easy to skim where those descriptions are not important to the plot This does not detract from the story, in the long run [...]

    10. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this from the first page to the last This is Peyton Place and Tennessee Williams plays and a little bit of Pride and Prejudice all rolled into one, depicting the small town life at the turn of the 20th century, with its prejudices and all that pent up tension The hero of the book, Jonathan Ferrier, is simply magnificent, and the evolution of medicine around that time was fascinating to read.

    11. Fascinating look at human natureI ll rarely read a book than once, yet I ve read this three times over a 40 year period It is a fascinating story that dives into turn of the century medicine.

    12. Long and wordy, but very well written tale of a brash 1900 doctor, scorned by the town for a murder he did not commit, and his relationships Seemed like an interesting old fashioned classic to me.

    13. I had forgotten about Taylor Caldwell I remember reading some of her books and somehow missed this one I liked it.

    14. This book was a bit of an odd mix for me It s hard not to be impressed by the scope of it 600 fairly engrossing pages there s nothing to argue with in the writer s overall technique she spins a good story and knows her time period and I was sympathetic to the basic premise of the novel But I had several quibbles with the style of it.I appreciate that the author set out to write a book about the history of medicine and how those who pioneered the treatments we take for granted today were often fi [...]

    15. This is my favorite book of all time I first read it in 1978 right after the mini series with David Birney, and found the book to be much better At the time I was a young nurse and was fascinated by the ignorance of the men who did so much harm to their patients with their refusal to accept asepsis and one man s if rather extreme fight with both his own nature and his intolerance for weaknesses in his fellowman.Jonathan Ferrier is my favorite fictional character and I promise myself if I ever ha [...]

    16. Excellent book, portraying not only the difficulty the medical profession had within its own ranks to recognize germs and the prevention of infection, but also the intricacies of human motive and behaviour in general She is a master story weaver.Taylor Caldwell, an excellent author, held positions in the US Department of Justice as well Her books cover historical figures and well as fictional characters stories which portray a historical period But what I love is that she had understanding the s [...]

    17. I first learned about sepsis and antiseptic from this book I was amazed that the world thought there was no such thing as dying from little things you couldn t see called germs Was a real eye opener in my 20 s about medical history, and how hard some doctors had to fight to make other doctors wash their hands before delivering babies Unheard of Nevertheless great story After this, I can t get enough of medical history, medical history novels and the like Was thoroughly entranced in this novel Ev [...]

    18. My favorite Taylor Caldwell book The main character sacrifices himself for a town that wrongfully hates him He struggles with the problems of injustice and pain He becomes cold as his service to the town is continually met with mistrust and rejection, yet he serves and eventually learns to love again and find hope So well written Caldwell is able to sharply focus the individual s struggle in a sea of cruel humanity and bring out the beauty of selfless sacrifice in the name of humanity She brings [...]

    19. The e book version I downloaded from Kindle was TERRIBLY edited It had obviously been scanned, but unedited Many times you d read hps instead of lips Punctuation added or missing There were probably as many such errors as pages.The book was interesting, but ultimately a let down The main character somewhat resembled Howard Roark from The Fountainhead, but learns the necessity to compromise something Roark would never do I thought of Ibsen s David Stockmann, also, but again his principles were ab [...]

    20. This is an epic novel that has a little of everything philosophy, medical history,love, sex, and a murder mystery Yes, it is long, but it s the kind of book you can get immersed in I looked forward to picking it up every night before bed The characters are flawed, even the protagonist and it is the struggle of these characters to do or not do the right thing that moves the story along That story is unpredictable, exciting, and at times alarming A great read for fun

    21. I first read this book probably over 30 years ago, and have read it at least once or twice and would probably read it again I could hardly get enough of Taylor Caldwell s books back then, and still treasure the ones I got from my Mom This was made into a TV mini series, one of the first of its kind, and it was intriguing a family saga that unfolds over the years, with death and deceit an integral part I want to go read it again

    22. The story was intriguing and the writing breathtaking at times There were many passages where I thought I d surely give the novel five stars just based on the beauty of the words alone But ultimately, my emotional connection to the characters waned in the end and I just didn t feel as compelled or invested enough to award that final star Still a read I don t regret The thoughtful commentary on human behavior and judgement both inward and outward was reason enough.

    23. I read a number of Caldwell s books back in the 1970 s and thoroughly enjoyed them At the time I found it interesting her mention of the International Bankers very wealthy people who control governments and politics Several of her novels center around this theme This is probably the book, though, that I remember and enjoyed the most.

    24. As is often the case with me, I reached for the book after loving the mini series shown in the late 70s on Operation Primetime at least in NYC Caldwell s sweeping novel is an expose of medical practices at the turn of the century, typical dysfunctional families, betrayals, love lost, love found A great guilty pleasure of a read.

    25. Wow Was there ever a town full of meaner, narrow minded people than the one in which this one is set This was a good read that is, I enjoyed the story, but the characters were difficult to sympathize with as they were either priggish, comically evil, or a mix of the two I don t think I ll read anything else by Taylor Caldwell.

    26. The story was fascinating, but the execution was painful I wanted the readers digest version and got the war and peace one It took our author a lot of flowery words to tell the story and paint her characters, she would be wise to take lessons from Steinbeck, less is , leave something up to the imagination of the reader.

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