The Zimmermann Telegram

The Zimmermann Telegram The Proud Tower the Pulitzer Prize winning The Guns of August and The Zimmermann Telegram comprise Barbara W Tuchman s classic histories of the First World War era In January the war in Europe

  • Title: The Zimmermann Telegram
  • Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
  • ISBN: 9780345324252
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Proud Tower, the Pulitzer Prize winning The Guns of August, and The Zimmermann Telegram comprise Barbara W Tuchman s classic histories of the First World War era In January 1917, the war in Europe was, at best, a tragic standoff Britain knew that all was lost unless the United States joined the war, but President Wilson was unshakable in his neutrality At just tThe Proud Tower, the Pulitzer Prize winning The Guns of August, and The Zimmermann Telegram comprise Barbara W Tuchman s classic histories of the First World War era In January 1917, the war in Europe was, at best, a tragic standoff Britain knew that all was lost unless the United States joined the war, but President Wilson was unshakable in his neutrality At just this moment, a crack team of British decoders in a quiet office known as Room 40 intercepted a document that would change history The Zimmermann telegram was a top secret message to the president of Mexico, inviting him to join Germany and Japan in an invasion of the United States How Britain managed to inform the American government without revealing that the German codes had been broken makes for an incredible story of espionage and intrigue as only Barbara W Tuchman could tell it Praise for The Zimmermann Telegram A true, lucid thriller a tremendous tale of hushed and unhushed uproars in the linked fields of war and diplomacy Tuchman makes the most of it with a creative writer s sense of drama and a scholar s obeisance to the evidence The New York Times The tale has most of the ingredients of an Eric Ambler spy thriller Saturday Review

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      Barbara Wertheim Tuchman was an American self trained historian and author and double Pulitzer Prize winner She became best known for The Guns of August 1962 , a history of the prelude and first month of World War I.As an author, Tuchman focused on producing popular history Her clear, dramatic storytelling covered topics as diverse as the 14th century and World War I, and sold millions of copies.


    1. There is something very strange about the First World War I mean, surely there must be something I previously knew about it that must be true.The 64,000 question is what event brought the United States into the First World War Before reading this book I would have said that it was the sinking of the Lusitania that brought the US into the war but in fact, that happened two years prior to the US entry Woodrow Wilson, following this sinking, said he was too proud to fight over something like that I [...]

    2. I listened to this book because I have kind of an interest in cryptography and its historical impact The Zimmerman Telegram is ostensibly about the famous telegram that was the final straw that brought America into the first World War, and how the British decoded it and then made use of it But that turns out to be only a relatively minor part of the story Really, most of the book is about the geopolitics of the early 20th century and the personalities of leading American, British, and German off [...]

    3. I recently criticized a book on this site for trying to tell a history by jumping around, and said that it takes a very good writer to make that work Barbara Tuchman has that skill She tells a very complicated story with a very diverse cast, and keeps everything straight and lucid.Now, that might be enough for four stars, but Tuchman does all this by making the whole thing sensible as well You understand why people took the actions they did You understand why people make the assumptions they mad [...]

    4. I thought that lots of information stuff I didn t know, would translate into an interesting read While I learned a lot, the flow was never compelling to me like other good books that bring you there I was never engaged Typically, a narrator can bring the story to life, but this reader did not do that for me I think both the author and the narrator failed me on this one Interesting topic but this version was just OK for me.

    5. I am fascinated by the fact that history often happens because of seemingly small, uneventful, accidental or coincidental events Tuchman, one of my favorite historian authors, tells the story of the happenstance that got the United States into World War I despite President Wilson s firm stance of neutrality The British, having cracked the German code, had intercepted a telegram filled with the promise of an alliance between Mexico and Japan against America How could the Brits let the Americans k [...]

    6. As it was sent from Washington to Mexico Complete decryption and translation4 A Distant Mirror The Calamitous 14th Century 3 The Proud Tower A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890 1914 CR The Zimmermann Telegram

    7. In itself, the Zimmerman telegram was only a pebble on the long road of history But a pebble can kill a Goliath, and this one killed the American illusion that we could go about our business happily separate from other nations In world affairs, it was a German minister s minor plot In the lives of the American people, it was the end of innocence Barbara Tuchman, The Zimmerman TelegramThis short book describes an incredible scheme that I knew nothing about In 1917, after two and half years of bru [...]

    8. This is the history of the political and diplomatic events that caused the United States to enter World War I Most of us have a vague recollection from our school text books that the sinking of the Lusitania had something to do with the war But the Lusitania was torpedoed on May 7, 1915 two years prior to America entering the war in 1917 Further, the Lusitania was a British ship, not American Remember the Lusitania came into existence as a rallying cry after the USA had declared war.The directio [...]

    9. A masterpiece, one of the most entertaining, unbelievable, and beautifully written historic narratives I have ever read.

    10. The decoding of the Zimmerman Telegram is one of the final straws to break Woodrow Wilson s policy of pacifism and isolationism This book explores the United States position in relation to European events in WWI and the German efforts to prevent the US from joining the Allies To this end Germany engaged in sabotage and notable attempts in funding Mexico and or the Revolutionaries to hairy the United States border A busy America at home can only be good for Germany as she is stuck in a quagmire o [...]

    11. Listened to this history book on audio while I was wiring a couple of network cabinets Here is the entry about the Zimmermann Telegram, which was a diplomatic message from Germany to Germany s Ambassador in Mexico during World War I January, 1917 We intend to begin on the first of February unrestricted submarine warfare We shall endeavor in spite of this to keep the United States of America neutral In the event of this not succeeding, we make Mexico a proposal of alliance on the following basis [...]

    12. Tuchman tells the riveting tale of a 1917 German telegram which may have forced Wilson s reluctant decision to take America into World War I She begins, The first message of the morning watch plopped out of the pneumatic tube into the wire basket with no premonitory rattle than usual Immediately we are drawn into British efforts to decipher a telegram sent in early 1917by the German foreign minister to the president of Mexico, proposing that the two countries make war together on the understand [...]

    13. This was a really good book, it is not the kind of literature I m used to read, so obviously it was pretty hard for me to be hooked It has a lot of information, and that made reading it slightly tedious In overall, the book was honestly tiresome, but the information it gives is actually incredibly interesting I loved how something that might seem small like the Zimmermann Telegram has SO many things behind I also enjoyed knowing what was happening during the war outside the trenches It s amazing [...]

    14. B k Barb ru W Tuchman, The Zimmermann Telegram, fjallar um samnefnt s mskeyti sem tali er vera ein meginors k ess a Bandar kjamenn kv u a taka tt fyrri heimsstyrj ldinni ri 1917.S mskeyti var sent dulk a fr Zimmermann utanr kisr herra j verja til ska sendiherrans Mex k og innih lt tilbo j verja um herna arbandalag gegn Bandar kjam nnum Mex k um yr i hj lpa a leggja undir sig su vestur hluta BNA og Texas, landsv i sem eir fyrrnefnefndu hern mu innr s sk mmu ur S mulei is ttu Mex k ar a lokka Japa [...]

    15. British ciphering skills, German craziness, the idea of Mexico invading the US to keep the Americans from entering WWI truth really is stranger than fiction what s not to like Tuchman is such a great writer More once I ve finished it.Finished the book, appropriately enough on Memorial Day This is a short book, only 200 pages, but is packed with research and the writer paints an amazing picture of Woodrow Wilson, whose pacifism bordered on the insane to me anyway There is beautiful irony in the B [...]

    16. In January 1917, British intelligence intercepted a top secret telegram from Germany to Mexico that the British felt would jar the United States from its neutrality and bring it into World War I on the side of the Allies The communication was a proposal made by Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann that Germany and Mexico should sign a military alliance Germany was concerned that the U.S would be drawn into the war because Germany was getting ready to launch unrestricted submarine warfare on Febru [...]

    17. It s a while since I read this but I will read it again some day The story is, I believe, little known and almost incredible.During the First World War, Germany tried to persuade Mexico to invade the USA, in order to distract the Americans and prevent them sending troops to Europe The telegram of the title was one of many intercepted by Naval Intelligence in London and passed to Washington the Americans were also intercepting messages I think Either way it signaled close ties between the intelli [...]

    18. Audiobook Concise, fact filled, and incredibly informative, this is one of the better Tuchman works I have read This won t surpass her magnum opus, The Guns of August, but this is a very good work in its own right She not only discusses the actual telegram itself, but brings in the context of the telegram, the key individuals involved and the various dealings overt and covert during this critical, if less publicized part, of World War I I certainly learned a great deal about the interplay betwee [...]

    19. I continue to love Barbara Tuchman, and this was entralling A very large percentage of the information in this book was previously unknown to me, which is exactly what I want out of my history.Unfortunately, Tuchman left me wanting me The Germans had made their decision for unrestricted U boat warfare thinking that the Americans may declare war, but that they d not be able to mobilize before the British succumbed to the embargo SoI know that didn t happen Why not How quickly did we get boots on [...]

    20. Recently PBS has been showing many World War I dramas, not the least being Downton Abbey Being aware of how little I knew about the War, I sought a copy of Tuchman s Guns of August A friend offered me The Zimmermann Telegram I could not put it down It tells the story of a telegram intercepted by the British in 1917 containing explosive information that, when communicated to President Wilson, finally drew the reluctant American forces into war The telegram is introduced in the first chapter, and [...]

    21. I enjoyed this story very much It tells the story of German attempts to keep the US out of WWI by trying to goad Mexico and Japan into keeping the US too busy to make them enter the war against Germany Wilson, President at that time, wanted to get the warring factions to sit down and discuss peace The British discovered the German activities and plans by breaking down the telegrams sent from Berlin to Washington The book deals with British plans to break the news of the German plots against Wash [...]

    22. Detailed account of the deciphering of the stupid secret telegram by which Germany proposed an alliance with Mexico and Japan against the United States, whose disclosure helped tip the scales in favor of American entry into WWI In my view, that entry was the single most disastrous decision in our history Wilson was an infeliz, an unfortunate figure and our worst President His worst trait was a detached from reality idealism that led him to take disastrous decisions out of noble motives The book [...]

    23. Another great very informative Tuchman book, she turns history into an interesting story not just facts and dates, and always reveals things I never knew before, cuts through propaganda and generally leaves you feeling like a history savant.

    24. While it dates from the late 50s, this work of WW I history is still a vibrant even thrilling read Good narration from Wanda McCaddon helps, but it is really the text You have militant, hyperlogical Germans proto Nazis, it feels seeking to foment and support a revolution separating much of the United States away to independent states of people of color by spurring Mexico and Japan Pancho Villa Yellow Peril Woodrow Wilson and public opinion Pitched and heated if small battles really a Western Hem [...]

    25. The Zimmermann Telegram by Barbara W Tuchman is a book about the starting of WW1 Before this book was written it was believed that the sinking of the Lusitania caused WW1 After this book was published people had a different idea The main idea put forth by the author was that the war was caused by the espionage and decoding behind a telegram that Germany sent to Mexico and Japan asking for their support if they were to go to war with the United States The author wrote this historical book as if i [...]

    26. If you have a passing understanding of the First World War, the fact that the revealing of the Zimmerman telegram was the event that precipitated America s entrance into the war seems puzzling That is, until you get the background and then the light bulb is screwed the last quarter turn and illuminates the room.The mid 1910s found America in an isolationist mood even as she was beginning to assert herself on the world stage Woodrow Wilson a full 80 years before Bill Clinton attempted a triangula [...]

    27. Author Barbara W Tuchman does an excellent job of bringing to light all of the detailed little events that transpired in the lead up to the decision for the United States to enter the war on the side of the Allies The Zimmerman Telegram was one of the last attempts, of many made by Germany, to tie up the United States in its wartime belligerency with events on its own side of the Atlantic, thus allowing Germany to execute their submarine plan to bring Britain to its knees in a matter of months W [...]

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