How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend

How to Take the Ex Out of Ex Boyfriend Sixteen year old Giovanna Petrizzo finds it hard enough to fit in Three years since her family moved to Texas she s still the newcomer compared to everyone around her It doesn t help matters when her

  • Title: How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend
  • Author: Janette Rallison
  • ISBN: 9780399246173
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sixteen year old Giovanna Petrizzo finds it hard enough to fit in Three years since her family moved to Texas, she s still the newcomer compared to everyone around her It doesn t help matters when her twin brother, Dante, takes on the mayor s son by running for class president The least she could expect, though, would be for her boyfriend, Jesse, to support their cause.Sixteen year old Giovanna Petrizzo finds it hard enough to fit in Three years since her family moved to Texas, she s still the newcomer compared to everyone around her It doesn t help matters when her twin brother, Dante, takes on the mayor s son by running for class president The least she could expect, though, would be for her boyfriend, Jesse, to support their cause But Jesse s apparent defection triggers Giovanna s rash emotional side, and before she knows it, she s turned Jesse from the boy of her dreams to the ex boyfriend she dreams of winning back In her trademark style, Janette Rallison delivers a laugh out loud romantic comedy that only leaves readers wanting .

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      Check out my awesome book trailers My Unfair Godmother youtube watch v 4AlRg0My Fair Godmother youtube watch v up1jF8Just One Wish youtube watch v oP1NceMy Double Lifeyoutube watch v hzuswpJanette Rallison has five children who keep her well supplied with plot ideas, sometimes even making cameo appearances in her novels She likes to write romantic comedy because there is enough angst in real life, but theres a drastic shortage on both humor and romance Playing the Field was named Society of School Librarians International Best Book Award Honor Book, and both Alls Fair In Love, War, and High School and Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Free Throws were included on YALSAs Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults list Fame Glory, and Other Things on My To Do List, was just chosen for IRAs YA Choices list for 2007


    1. I bet you Cinderella didn t get along with Prince Charming s friends Oh sure, the knights and barons probably put up with her on account that she was pretty and had such dainty feet and all, but you know every duchess and countess in the kingdom hated her guts That s how women are when someone encroaches on their turf I hate people who think they re better than everybody else because they re rich.I am not stereotyping here okay.I said I hate people who think they re better because they re rich n [...]

    2. Love it Love it Love it Even though Janette Rallison isn t nearly as well known say, like Meg Cabot I m starting to believe that I prefer her books over Cabot There s just something so satisfying about finishing one of Rallison s books that I just want to go online and write a good review for it So Here I am Giovanna thinks she has the best boyfriend ever Sure, he might hang out with a few jerks as friends, but that s okay Until Giovanna s twin brother, Dante, decides to run against the mayor s [...]

    3. I ve had this book on my bookshelf since 2007 2008 and decided it was time to finally pick it up How to Take the Ex Out of Ex Boyfriend was a light, quick, drama filled read that had me laughing at times.

    4. I couldn t decide on something to read last night and finally decided to revisit this favorite of mine I love the opening line I bet you Cinderella didn t get along with Prince Charming s friends Because, when you think about it, that s probably true Anyway, I ve read this a few times now and I enjoyed it just as much this time around Giovanna was a fun character she broke up with her perfect boyfriend Jesse when he chose his friends over her and her twin brother She probably should have trusted [...]

    5. 4.5 Just because I felt the ending seemed a bit hurried I loved this light, fun, read by Janette Rallison I read it in one night because I couldn t put it down It had me laughing and smiling thoughout the entire book A great, clean, YA read.

    6. I laughed out loud reading this book Rallison has a great connection to what it feels like to be a teenager I felt like she kept the story real and it was not filled with beverly hills 90210 type drama.

    7. This book had a great storyline I also enjoyed the characters It also seemed like a story that could happen in real life view spoiler Gi was dating Jesse until her brother Dante decided that he wanted to run for student body president That then ended their relationship because Jesse said that he was going to support the other candidate Gi helped her brother get on the ballot Meanwhile, her friend was setting her up on blind dates Finally, she found out that her brother decided that he did not wa [...]

    8. Short Review also appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7How to Take the Ex Out of Ex Boyfriend by Janette Rallison was an incredibly light and fluffy read which is exactly what I needed Was it the best book I ve ever read No, but it was a lot of fun I will admit that I went into this book kind of knowing what to expect, but I was still surprised by how it didn t focus on what I thought it would The title is a loose indicator of what this book is about and I enjoyed the easy going and predictable n [...]

    9. I really liked this book in the end, but I spent a lot of time being seriously irritated on Giovanna s behalf I could relate to why she was so angry and I didn t really feel like she was being overly emotional just supportive of her brother and expecting her boyfriend to do what he d told her he d do Most of the time I just thought Jesse should have handled things differently with a bit explanation repentance and less well that s just the way it s going to be so live with it and don t question [...]

    10. I liked the concept of this story In the beginning I was really drawn to Giovanna and Dante I also thought that Jesse was completely swoon worthy and that stuck through most of the book I did find myself lapsing a few times though, like I got annoyed with some of the things that Giovanna would say or do and Jesse was nearly too perfectly perfect really BUT, overall it was a very cute read.Rallison has a way with words that make you want to curl up with a book all evening long, which is exactly w [...]

    11. Giovanna is surprised when her twin brother, Dante decides to run for class president, but she is even shocked when her boyfriend, Jesse who is also a friend of Dante says he is going to support the opposing side In a fit of conflicting emotions, Giovanna dumps Jesse because she feels it is the only right thing to do, with him turning on her and Dante But later she realizes that that might have been a little rash and wants to win him back, but she also wants to help her brother win class presid [...]

    12. This was an easy breezy read Not great, but fun and fluffy I did surprise myself by finishing it in one sitting It was all a little ridiculous, of course And Jesse the ex boyfriend Giovanna eventually decides she wants to un ex was not nearly as nice as I thought he should be He was a bit of a jerk, actually I mean, blacklisting Giovanna from getting another date Constantly smirking in her presence Using Blond Bimbo 2 to make her jealous or at least never dispelling Giovanna s jealousy by insist [...]

    13. I m ambivalent towards this book which is not what I want from my bubble gum reads something easy and sweet to entertain for a few minutes or hours and then spit it out, in the case of gum, and forget about it in the case of books The writing was pretty good for a bubble gum read, it was laugh out loud funny in many parts and had the love interest component too.The main problem with the book was it sent up too many red therapy flags that I couldn t ignore Codependence or low differentiation was [...]

    14. I try to avoid YA contemporary Mostly because it s usually full of swearing and sex talk Not to mention no one has any superpowers.Instead the characters are pregnant strugglingwithsexualorientation depressed orphaned abused homicidal suicidal Since this book has none of the above, I think it needs it s own genre REAL LIFE BUT BETTERAnd by better, I mean hilarious and nobody dies or contracts a terminal illness I read this aloud to my wife, and every few pages I had difficulty controlling my lau [...]

    15. I read this book because I have met the author through my writer s organization and I have never read one of her young adult books I thought this was adorable I chuckled all the way through it I read this during a stressful week and it was just the light hearted escape I needed And every bit of it was CLEAN I hear all her books are clean and funny If I had a teenage, or pre teen daughter, I would encourage something by Janette Rallison over the Twilight series any day of the week I think adults [...]

    16. LOVED THIS BOOK It was just such a cute story, and I can see myself really falling in love with this author It was a quick read and I had the HARDEST time putting it down I just had to know how it all turned out.I loved the main guy Jesse He was just so cool and nice and the whole time you are thinking the main girl is CRAZY for ever letting him go The characters in the book were fun and real I loved it and thought it was nothing but a FUN story that made you smile when you were done.

    17. This was a cute, fun, clean YA book I always feel for the characters in the books written by Rallisoney always get in the craziest situations Usually they make me laugh, but I still feel for them LOL Our main heroine in this one is no different She has good intentions but it sure gets her in trouble Fun read

    18. Janette Rallison has a really amazing ability to write situations that I m embarrassed to read I kept laughing, then cringing, then putting the book down for a few minutes But I made it through It s classic Janette Rallison silly, romantic, embarrassing, and overall, super satisfying.

    19. Oh my god the amount of fun this was Don t mind me, I m just having a stellar weekend going through Janette Rallison s books with a bulldozer I mean, this is my third book by her in as many days, and I still canmt get enough of her engaging writing style, her eerie ability to incarnate the inside of a teenage girl s brain, and make her imperfect yet very likable Giovanna had trouble chasing her by the tail i mean, the amount of trouble this girl could get into and not even on purpose was ridicul [...]

    20. This was one disaster after another and I couldn t stop reading it It was funny and engaging and embarrassing and I was either laughing or covering my face with my hand, reading behind my fingers Besides all of that, I loved the chemistry and relationship between Giovanna and Jesse I do have one complaint, thoughwhat parent would let their teenage boys ride motorcycles and then let their teenage daughters ride on the back Lol Sorry, every time they got on their bikes, the mom in me panicked a li [...]

    21. Such a fun read I was fortunate enough to receive a copy from the author and I finally got around to reading it This story, like all of Janette Rallison s books, is fast paced with fun characters and lots of humour thrown in Written for teens but enjoyable for a wide range of audiences I highly recommend it.

    22. It was a good guilty pleasure and a very fast read There isn t much character development, but it is very easy to relate to Giovanna because everyone goes through that one phase where they go absolutely crazy over someone I wouldn t recommend it to a friend though 2.5 out of 5.

    23. Trust Janette Rallison to give you a somewhat hilarious, sweet and heart warming teenage drama book Although I don t find her jokes as funny as if I were in middle grade, I enjoyed this book nontheless

    24. Giovanna dates the popular, cute boy, Jesse Although Jesse and Giovanna are good together, she hates jesses stuck up, snotty friends When Jesse s friend Wilson decides to run for student body president, Giovanna s brother Dante runs against him.Realizing that without support from another popular person, his run against Wilson is pointless, Dante asks his sister to persuade Jesse into being his campaign manager When being the campaign manager of Dante is asked of Jesse, he says no, it wasn t take [...]

    25. Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing along with two others.Although it did enjoy the book, the characters here were less likable to me This isn t always something that s the end of the world, but the way that the author described them, I knew there was supposed to be something amazing about them, something I just missed Especially with Jesse Giovanna breaks up with her super popular boyfriend as a matter of principal he not only refuses to help her brother, who is [...]

    26. This is very much a chick book It s a light, quick read that will appeal to girls from middle school on up It s not particularly deep, and the main character is a bit aggravating sometimes, but the story is decent and most girls will find something to relate to.What would you do if you had to choose between your family and the love of your life That s the dilemma facing Giovanna Her twin brother, Dante, has unexpectedly decided to run for student council president Giovanna expects her too perfec [...]

    27. I m pretty sad about this book Like, I LOVE Janette Rallison She has been one of my writing heroes ever since My Fair Godmother But this book lacked so much I don t even remember it that well It wasn t like I hated it was just boring It lacked character development and story development, too.Giovanna, the MC, was justh Nope She s the one thing I really remember about the book she made me mad She made the worst decisions and was so dramatic and just could not see past her own nose This bothered m [...]

    28. This book review was originally posted to the CCF website Reposted at GoodReads with permission I received an advance copy Janette Rallison s book, How to Take the Ex Out of Ex boyfriend, and LOVED IT Couldn t put it down Read it all in one sitting To tell you the truth I don t normally go for romance type reads so I actually started reading it at 11 p.m with the idea that I would read a little and then put it downwell, thanks to Rallison s awesome writing it was 3 a.m before I put the book down [...]

    29. Giovanna Petrizzo claims the only thing Italian about her is her name, but she sure has the whole hothead emotional thing down as well When her twin brother, Dante, decides to run for student body president, he assumes rightfully so that he can count on her for help Giovanna, in turn, assumes that her boyfriend, Josh, will also join Dante s campaign team After all, not only is he friends with Dante, he s her boyfriend that s what boyfriends do, right Apparently Josh never got that memo, as he de [...]

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