City of Ships

City of Ships The acclaimed Stravaganza series delivers a thrilling story packed with action drama and pirates The new instalment in the critically acclaimed Stravaganza series transports readers to a world much l

  • Title: City of Ships
  • Author: Mary Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780747592532
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The acclaimed Stravaganza series delivers a thrilling story packed with action, drama and pirates The new instalment in the critically acclaimed Stravaganza series transports readers to a world much like our own but where magic and piracy come to life in the Italian town of Classe The new Stravagante is Isabel, a visitor from our world who befriends Flavia, a successfulThe acclaimed Stravaganza series delivers a thrilling story packed with action, drama and pirates The new instalment in the critically acclaimed Stravaganza series transports readers to a world much like our own but where magic and piracy come to life in the Italian town of Classe The new Stravagante is Isabel, a visitor from our world who befriends Flavia, a successful female merchant of spices, silks, and tapestries But Flavia soon finds herself an outcast and a pirate, while Isabel learns that Classe is under threat of attack by the fierce Gate people What can she do to help save the city Fans of fantasy and historical fiction alike who have flocked to the Stravaganza series will welcome this action packed adventure, which can be read alone or as a companion to the previous novels.

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      Mary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and reviewer, born in 1945 She is a true enthusiast of Italy and spends a lot of her time there, which shows in her Stravaganza novels a series currently in publication In total, she has written over 80 books, including the aforementioned Stravaganza series and the bestselling picture book, Amazing Grace Mary is also the editor of a review magazine Armadillo for kids.Watch the book trailer for David, Mary Hoffman s most recent novel


    1. After finding a velvet pouch in her school, Isabel travels to sixteenth century Italy, only she soon fond out it s not really Italy, but Talia, a country in another world She is not the only one that had traveled from present London to Talia, the other Stravaganti, as they are called find her and explain that she is to play a certain role in her visits to Talia, but no one knows yet what it is With an upcoming war at their doorstep, the people of Talia gather their warships and Isabel will find [...]

    2. Na wat meer tegenvallende eerdere delen, was dit boek weer heerlijk Het was fijn om terug te zijn in Talia en dit verhaal was door nieuwe ontdekkingen op het gebied van Stravageren ook een stuk leuker om weer te lezen Een volledige recensie volgt binnenkort op thebookdiaries.

    3. I loved the first few books of this series, but every time a new book comes out, I FORGET EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED BEFORE So I spend about two thirds of the book completely confused, trying to figure out what happened before.The token Muslim named character DOING HARAM THINGS really annoyed me I know authors try to include ethnic characters for the sake of inclusiveness and representativeness, but it s indiscriminate and without an understanding of or sensitivity to the group they re plucking th [...]

    4. I first devoured the first four books in the Stravanganza series a time space travelling epic featuring British youths stravagating to an alternate version of Italy known as Talia many years ago The first three books were very good, mixing romance and political intrigue to surprisingly good effect The fourth book was a disappointment, however, which probably explains why I didn t pick up Book 5 until I spotted it in the library the other day.It s a shame that this fifth installment isn t quite a [...]

    5. Isabel is an English teenage girl who lacks confidence No matter how well she does at school, sports or social life, she always feels she is behind her twin brother, Charlie However, she is the one chosen to travel to sixteenth century Talia, a country similar to Italy, but in another world, where she has a mission to accomplish She learns that she is a Stravagante and that her task is to help the brotherhood, but she does not know how.The pattern of this fifth book is the same again, only with [...]

    6. Like the others, the fifth book takes several chapters to acquaint the new character to the world of Talia, as well as introducing said character to the Stravaganti in our world, and like the others, there comes a time when the other Stravaganti have to cover for the new Stravagante while they stay in Talia overnight.Unlike the others, Isabel has a twin to deal with, which throws in some later complications that do a lot to further the story s interest, but get wrapped up and glossed over way to [...]

    7. Stravaganza is a tale of an alternate universe It is both time travel, and space travel Set in London, City of Ships begins with Isabel Isabel was chosen to travel to the land of Talia She is taught to take confidence in herself, to take pride in her art and imagination Isabel has a twin She was born ten minutes after her brother, and was always behind him in some way, grades, sports, or popularity In Talia, she is accepted It is a new world, and she has strange powers and different knowledge, [...]

    8. Let s just say I was really skeptical to read this book at first After a completely lakcluster and somewhat silly City of Secrets I mean oh, let us lift the lake with our minds and then dunk the Manoush with it Please , I thought Mary Hoffman s talent had been depleted.Boy, I was wrong.City of Ships is a great addition to the series The main character, Isabel, is incredibly charismatic than Matt That in itself is a plus.Also, the story seems to be much mature than that presented to us in Book [...]

    9. I think I can recommend this one with a few minor reservations it was an interesting story, a modern girl goes back to 16th Century Italy and gains confidence and friends and saves a lost battle in the process I just got lost quite a few times with all the names and places and times and didn t feel that everything matched up quite correctly, but the overall effect was interesting and entertaining A few modern day teen relationship references prevent it being suitable for a younger audience, even [...]

    10. Lacking a little in the trueness of the first three in the story Isabel supposedly did lots in Talia this time around but the descriptions were lacking and there were a lot of gaps and her character development was kinda glazed over Strangly enough I also found some spelling errors and grammatical errors in the final copy that I m surprised were missed by the publishers at Bloomingdale However I m still a fan of that world, I just hope that volume 6 will be a little true to the original style o [...]

    11. This was exciting, featuring pirates and battles The new Stravagante is a great character, and I think we might have met the next and last one I was especially pleased that the author didn t go down a cliched route with a certain relationship and misunderstandings weren t drawn out.

    12. 3.5 stars.Another re entry into one of my favourite series from my early high school days I really enjoyed Hoffman s Stravangaza series in Yr 7 and 8, although my school library only had books 1 4 and I never actually finished reading the series Because I had read the other books so long ago, it took me a little while to get my head around the mention of previous events that had taken place in Talia in the other novels, and sometimes I was a little confused as to which di Chimici character fit i [...]

    13. I have loved the entire series but I felt that this book was rushed Isabel s character felt very flat and was just used as a vehicle for the reader to see what was happening with the rest of the characters that we ve already gotten familiar with With the influx of so many old reoccuring characters, this felt like a rerun, or recap book The big moments in this book felt so glossed over, with the interesting twist that happened with Stravagation, and the big finale that the book was building up to [...]

    14. This book was far action packed than any of the others, and the others had plenty of actions Since there is to be a siege, there is a lot of planning and theories etc going around as well And Isabel herself is such an intriguing character and I related to her so well I loved this book than the others With the introduction of a new people as well, the book wraps it all together in one action packed adventure.A full review can be found here at Tris Nook trisnook 2017 07 02 city o

    15. What do I think I think that book reviews are an excellent source of distraction from tragedy.But I m not going to talk about that because that s not what this is about.This is the fifth Stravaganza book and I loved a lot of it and didn t like some of it I m still in love with the entire concept of the series of course.I liked Isabel as a protagonist for the most part, although sometimes she could be a little bit annoying shallow, even, a teensy bit I actually love all of the characters I don t [...]

    16. A re energised Stravaganza story Just when I thought Mary Hoffman had covered all original ideas for the Stravaganza series, City of Ships brought a fresh and interesting plot that I really enjoyed This time set in a coastal town featuring pirates and a pending attack, City of Ships felt of a unique story compared to the rest in the series I can t guarantee this review won t contain any plot spoilers, so if you are reading this without having read the earlier books in the series, then I definit [...]

    17. Continuing the gimmick of the previous books, City of Ships has an entirely new protagonist Isabel, an intensely shy girl who is the younger of a set of twins Naturally, through her trips to Talia she grows in self confidence no surprises, by the end she has a boyfriend.Although it does have some of the same issues as its predecessor, City of Ships is a definite improvement on City of Secrets There s a much better balance of Talian intrigue and present day school story and having most of the pro [...]

    18. I think this might actually be my favorite of this series so far That s mostly because I identified with Isabel than I had with any of the previous characters She s quiet and insecure and feels invisible until her adventures in Talia start to give her confidence and she befriends the other Stravaganti There are also several romantic relationships in this book for me to be invested in, which is always a plus.This is the fifth book in Mary Hoffman s Stravaganza series, and while each book could [...]

    19. The fifth book in the Stravaganza series features a girl as the lead protagonist let me just say it is very nice of Mary Hoffman to split the books right down the middle so we get 3 girls and 3 boys as the main characters Goody goody Yeah, I immediately got the hint about Laura and that she will be the next stravagante, it is quite obvious Anyhow I quite liked Isabel but I found her tranformation to be a bit unrealistic I mean she just goes from being invisible to getting a tattoo and a hot shot [...]

    20. First off I d like to say, for the fifth book in a series, this was great The story has been carried on fairly well and the characters didn t get boring I thought on those scores Mary Hoffman did a great job, but on others, maybe no so well.One of my biggest problems is that each of the books is alike to the other They all start exactly the same way They re all just a bit too similar to make it fresh and new each time It kind of bugged me that I new exactly what would happen.Another thing that a [...]

    21. Het vijfde boek in de Stravaganza serie Deze keer speelt het zich af in Classe, een mix van Ravenna en Classe De stravangante die dit keer gekozen wordt, Isabel, heeft overeenkomsten met Georgia Een lastige thuissituatie Althans dat is wat ik eerst dacht, maar Charlie Isabels tweelingbroer is bezorgd om zijn zus Wat uiteindelijk voor grote complicaties zorgt De nadruk in dit boek ligt wat meer in Engeland De toevallige vriendschap tussen de stravagantes blijft niet onopgevallen, de groep wordt n [...]

    22. The fifth book from the Stravaganza series I ve had a lot of complaints about this book series but every time it feels good to read about Talia almost like a stravaganti who travels back after a long while In the beginning I had trouble concentrating It felt like Mary hadn t written this book and not just because of the writing For example, Sky says to Isabel that his mentor was also female and an artist, but that isn t true So, that was kind of uhm odd But after a few dozen pages I didn t want [...]

    23. Recommended for gr 6 10 This series really needs to be read in order It was extremely difficult to keep the characters and cities straight without having the background of the first four books Plus there were two Filippos Why was that necessary The overall premise is interesting young people from present day England find talismans and wake up transported stravagated to a world that resembles 16th century Italy Apparently each of them is there to perform a task that only they can do in order to s [...]

    24. The only thing I was annoyed with in this book was the fact that they promised a wedding between Arianna and Luciano in the last book and it still hasn t happened at the end of this book, although there was another wedding I love this series, but I m not sure how much the author can drag it out, apparently for at least one book That being said, I loved the story This book was about Isabel, a twin who is ignored by her twin brother and most of the rest of people in general She always feels seco [...]

    25. Upping my rating to five stars because I have no idea why I didn t rate this five stars to begin with This concludes my 2016 re read of this series, my fourth time reading these books, and I think it s fair to say I loved it just as much this time around as I did the first This one is one of my favourites my one complaint is that the principles of Stravagation get so much haphazard and random as the series goes on It s as if Hoffman is losing control and is just throwing in weird rules for the [...]

    26. Isabel has always lived in the shadow of her twin brother Charlie, and has never felt as if she s done anything important in her life All that changes when she finds a red velvet bags that transports her to the world of Talia which is much like historical Italy She soon becomes friends with the other Stravaganti, and discovers her destiny.Familiar characters and storylines from the previous books appear in this entry, and once again it s hard to tell characters apart I enjoyed catching up with t [...]

    27. 5th book in the Stravaganza series was so much better than the previous two We meet Isabel, the new Stravagante who has a very low self esteem again , this time because her twin brother is the better half of the twin Or at least, she feels that way Her make believe twin she invented was a bit useless in the story, but overall I was very happy that this book wasn t all about saving Lucien Luciano but was a Stravagante story on its own Not only did I really like the girl power in the book from Isa [...]

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