I, Lucifer

I Lucifer The Prince of Darkness has been given one last shot at redemption provided he can live out a reasonably blameless life on earth Highly sceptical naturally the Old Dealmaker negotiates a trial perio

  • Title: I, Lucifer
  • Author: Glen Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780802140142
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Prince of Darkness has been given one last shot at redemption, provided he can live out a reasonably blameless life on earth Highly sceptical, naturally, the Old Dealmaker negotiates a trial period a summer holiday in a human body, with all the delights of the flesh.The body, however, turns out to be that of Declan Gunn, a depressed writer living in Clerkenwell, intThe Prince of Darkness has been given one last shot at redemption, provided he can live out a reasonably blameless life on earth Highly sceptical, naturally, the Old Dealmaker negotiates a trial period a summer holiday in a human body, with all the delights of the flesh.The body, however, turns out to be that of Declan Gunn, a depressed writer living in Clerkenwell, interrupted in his bath mid suicide Ever the opportunist, and with his main scheme bubbling in the background, Luce takes the chance to tap out a few thoughts to straighten the biblical record, to celebrate his favourite achievements, to let us know just what it s like being him.Neither living nor explaining turns out to be as easy as it looks Beset by distractions, miscalculations and all the natural shocks that flesh is heir to, the Father of Lies slowly begins to learn what it s like being us.

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      Aka Saul Black.Glen Duncan is a British author born in 1965 in Bolton, Lancashire, England to an Anglo Indian family He studied philosophy and literature at the universities of Lancaster and Exeter In 1990 Duncan moved to London, where he worked as a bookseller for four years, writing in his spare time In 1994 he visited India with his father part roots odyssey, part research for a later work, The Bloodstone Papers before continuing on to the United States, where he spent several months travelling the country by Amtrak train, writing much of what would become his first novel, Hope, published to critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic in 1997 Duncan lives in London Recently, his 2002 novel I, Lucifer has had the film rights purchased, with actors such as Ewan Mcgregor, Jason Brescia, Jude Law, Vin Diesel, and Daniel Craig all being considered for roles in the forthcoming movie from


    1. Once upon aTime, you ll be pleased to know and since one must start somewhere was created in creation.What was there before creation is meaningless Time is a property of creation What there was was the Old Chap peering in a state of perpetual nowness up His own almighty sphincter trying to find out who the devil He was His big problem was there was no way to distinguish Himself from the Void If you re Everything you might as well be Nothing So He created us, and with a whiz and a bang quite a sm [...]

    2. 3 of 5 stars to I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan, a fiction novel with some elements of fantasy buried about Sometimes I don t know how books fall into my lap, sometimes I do With this one, it flew in the wind, also known as a former book club, and slapped me in the face I still feel the sting every so often While I didn t dislike it, the book felt a bit like a satire of a satire and frankly, I m just not that clever enough to always get it.I really enjoy books where Satan makes an appearance I know ho [...]

    3. From a descriptive writing perspective, this book is almost flawless Glen Duncan has the ability to engage all the senses of the reader in a way I ve never seen bettered Were I to review this book purely on the power of its evocative descriptions, it d earn five stars without a doubt I could overlook the peppering of grammatical misdemeanours comma spliced sentences commas where they don t belong missing commas where they do belong several instances of using her where the correct pronoun is she [...]

    4. Many authors have played with biblical mythology, using angels, daemons, God and Satan as characters in their stories For my money I, Lucifer is among the best of these stories, and is certainly the funniest I ve read.Duncan approaches a theme that has been done to death off the top of my head I can recall three novels dealing with angels daemons hell lucifer Chuck Palaniuk s Damned, Elizabeth Knox s The Vintner s Luck, Pratchett and Gaiman s Good Omens and takes it in a different direction Luci [...]

    5. Very funny, very intelligent and very original The tag line for this book when did books start having tag lines, anyway is Finally, the other side of the story and that is exactly what we get Lucifer is offered a chance to return to live in Heaven, by God, if he can live on Earth, as a mortal, and not cause trouble, for one month The body he is given as his instrument of redemption belongs to a writer, and that inspires Lucifer to use the time to tell his version of Creation, Adam and Eve and or [...]

    6. Ili su moja o ekivanja bila preeeeeeevelika ili je Dankan ovde estoko oma ioOdmah da napi em nisam itao nijedan od njegovih romana iz sveta vukodlaka iako mi lagano hvataju pra inu na polici jer ne mogu da stignu na red od nekih drugih knjiga i iskreno se nadam da doti ni romani nisu ovakviDankan i ja se ve na prvih dvadesetak strana nismo na li Iako su mi mnogi nahvalili ovaj roman i pro itao sam dosta pozitivnih kritika, jednostavno ne mogu da na em dovoljno razloga kako bi ovaj roman dobio vi [...]

    7. Jesus Christ, this is the worst book I ve read in a long time This portrayal of Lucifer, while attempting to be witty and acerbic, comes across as a severe case of arrogant fallacy of youth A.D.D suffering rebellious adolescent, scribbling into their hastily written diary Want a well written and interesting portrayal of the devil Read Neil Gaiman s Sandman series, Mike Carey s Lucifer series based on Gaiman s Lucifer or Mikhail Bulgakov s The Master and Margarita, all of whom have charming, inte [...]

    8. I, Lucifer seems at first like your typical redemption of the Devil story God has decided to draw the curtains on the world, and gives Lucifer one last offer live as a human, in a human body, for one month, and if he can do so without committing sin and doing harm, he s back in heaven Thankfully, this is where the typical story and this story part ways Lucifer takes the offer, but only to get the identity Once he s in the body of suicidal author Declan Gunn, he throws the prospect of a good clea [...]

    9. The premise of the book is interesting, of course the Devil, fallen angel Lucifer himself, gets a chance to live on Earth as a human for one month And it would have been good, I believe, if the first person narrative didn t dwindle into long rants and digressions of infinite tedium Lucifer talks in circles and tries to play with words in a means to be clever, but just comes off as boring instead.The only relevant and cohesive parts of the book were those in which Satan tells the famous bible sto [...]

    10. Okay, truth be told I hated this book and would have put it down after the first 10 pages if it wasn t my book club s selection A very difficult read Disturbing well, you know, Lucifer just isn t a very nic guy Some really interesting takes on the Garden of Eden and the fall though And it was interesting to read of his appreciation and our lack of everyday things like smells and colors Still I wouldn t recommend it to anyone I know

    11. Some of the sentences in this book were enticing and constructed so deliciously And other parts of this book seemed to drag on and on The story was interesting and well written, but it seemed like there was no real end game in sight and then it seemed to just end, so maybe there was no real end game in sight All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the parts that I enjoyed, trudged through the slow and boring bits, and was left feeling a little lost and confused overall Good book Not my favorite, but my [...]

    12. All hail seitan Oh, wait, that line is for my review of a vegetarian cookbook.I, Lucifer is a little bit of a treatise on how we d do exactly the same things Satan has done if we were in his position And it was pretty damn convincing The idea of spending eternity with nothing to do except praise God is utterly unappealing You d be catatonic after and hour Heaven s a swiz because to get in you have to leave yourself outside You can t blame me because now do please be honest with yourself for once [...]

    13. It took me several years to finish this book.No exaggeration in that Several years.I picked it up, I started it, got about one quarter of the way done with it and put it down again only to repeat that process two times.Why I am not sure.The premise was not a new one, but the telling seemed compelling.It opens with Lucifer our protagonist telling you, the reader, of some of the earthly delights things that he must have had a hand in along with various twists on his name.I hear in my head a new n [...]

    14. So I borrowed this book from my roommate s boyfriend, but I m going to buy a copy I want to read it again and again In the beginning, everything is very clear cut The devil gets to be a human for a month sign me up He s debaucherous and witty and gets into all kinds of biblical discussions about the history of creation and the Fall the book tricks you into thinking it will all be fun and shenanigans But it gets very mind bending towards the end Lucifer contemplates a lot of possible outcomes eve [...]

    15. Please allow me to introduce myself I m a man of wealth and taste I ve been around for a long, long year Stole many a man s soul and faith Sympathy for the Devil, the Rolling StonesA positively wicked romp through what the titular character calls the concussive world of matter The book chronicles Lucifer s brief reincarnation and experiences in fleshy form Like Roald Dahl s My Uncle Oswald, I, Lucifer is explicit without being raunchy, vivid without being too overt, and tastefully navigates the [...]

    16. I give this three stars because it took so long for me to actually enjoy it Also, I had to try three different times to give this book a chance The beginning is slow, the middle is funny, and the end just drags ass.

    17. 4.5 out of 5 stars.Honestly I wasn t ready for such heavy content I was under the assumption at first that the book was going to be a light funny reading, probably accompanied with some of the usual clich s of the Devil But boy, was I wrong Duncan drew a completely different image of the Lucifer everybody knows Forget about the old school devil with the giant fork and scaly red skin, and think of him like a merge between Chandler Bing and Jack Nicholson, and you got yourself a narration of the [...]

    18. It makes me sad to see so many low ratings for this book, but also I get it because it s definitely not for everyone This is my 2nd favorite Lucifer book, the first being Mike Carey s Lucifer series, and they are probably the only two Lucifer books I ve found that don t either A paint this pure evil caricature of Lucifer or B decide he s just some poor misunderstood precious baby I find both of those options incredibly boring, why not just write a nuanced well rounded character instead This book [...]

    19. The true genius here is in whoever wrote the description on the back of this book and, without lying, made it sound interesting Because when it comes down to it, this book was really quite awful The worst part about it is that the idea of the story had merit Lucifer is given a second chance to redeem himself by spending a month as a mortal and the writing showed so much potential, but it turned out to just suck Unless you think reading about someone drinking a lot, doing all sorts of drugs, havi [...]

    20. WOW So many chills on that last page Adored it The most compelling, witty, vivid first person narrative voice I ve read in a really long time All kinds of thought provoking.

    21. Tanr yla kafa bulan eytan n insan bedenindeki bir ayl k serg ze tini konu edinen e lenceli, k k rt c ve bir o kadar da karma k k z l kitap.Hakk nda s ylenebilecek onlarca g zel eyin yan s ra bu kitab n en g zel yan o kusursuz evirisi B ylesine karma k ve k lt r m zden uzak eler bar nd ran bir eseri, dilimize sanki T rk e yaz lm hissi uyand racak kadar ak c ve ho eviren Nur Yener in ellerine sa l k, zihni dert g rmesin Kitaba gelirsek 222 sahifelik bu g zide k z l kitab n zerine kuruldu u temel p [...]

    22. Page 6 and the book just described a majestic trajectory across the room The concept has so much promise but I don t think I can go on reading a book narrated by such a blatant asshole He dishes out homophobia nice and early on page 1 ONE and a yummy side of misogyny on page 4 and then goes on to boast about how successful he is at tempting men into SEXUALLY ABUSING CHILDREN ha ha ha so funny on page 6 Wait, I m just going to check the book again because I can t quite believe no, I m not halucin [...]

    23. Book Info Genre Literary FictionReading Level AdultRecommended for People who like to look at things from a different perspectiveTrigger Warnings This is a story told from Lucifer s point of view, so he often thinks about things that aren t at all nice, such as possibly raping a woman, or killing people, etc It s mostly just thoughts, but be aware of them Attempted suicide.My Thoughts I m still trying to make sense of this piece The book isn t much about anything but the journey, Lucifer s exper [...]

    24. 3.5 StarsThis is a well written and interesting take on Lucifer taking an offer from god at an attempt at redemption as he takes over the life of a suicide victim Without spoiling anything, Lucifer is the devil after all and nothing should be surprising What really blew me away was the way that Glen Duncan described senses Lucifer is not prepared for all that the human senses entail, and we the reader take for granted and overlook the miracles that Duncan pens as Lucifer takes it all in There ar [...]

    25. Blimey This started off quite well Lucifer, a witty queen, given a last chance by God of redemption if he can live a good life in human form for year Lucifer, of course, has different ideas But, gosh I once had someone next to me in a plane turn around in their seat, look for a convenient place to vomit, and then empty the entire contents of their stomach over me and my kindle, both of us sitting peacefully together minding our own business Reading this book was a bit like that experience except [...]

    26. I, Lucifer is kind of what Screwtape Letters would have been if C.S Lewis hadn t been so afraid of using profanity, making poop jokes, and talking about his erectile dysfunction In both, they give us a completely different picture of what temptation is really all about Subtlety I, Lucifer has complex prose which is what makes Duncan s sometimes middle school humor unique It is also responsible for making the book difficult to read despite its short length and big print Also difficult to read wer [...]

    27. This book is definitely NOT for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach That said, if you have a dark sense of humor, this is the book for you.Lucifer is the best anti hero of all time What makes this book so special besides the high quality of the writing itself is that Duncan manages to make the character both sympathetic and, well, as horrible as you would expect Lucifer to be He commits terrible acts and says terrible things while still managing to be hilarious and likeable The depth of th [...]

    28. I really expected Lucifer to be smarter, wittier and charming The premise that Lucifer is in fact Bad was a serious put down I wasn t expecting the writer to be loyal to the modern let s say Christian definition of Satan The writing style is sometimes hard to follow, and the sentences sometimes hardly make any sense But still a moderately good book It did have a few good lines It s a pity that such a beautiful idea was not presented in its best possible form.

    29. 2.5Ba larda felsefe kitab m okuyorum diye pheye d medim dersem yalan olur Anlat m Lucifer in a z ndan ger ekle iyor E lenceli k s mlar olsa da okurken s k ld m k s mlarda oldu Anlayamad m, kavrayamad m yerler de oldu tabi Bu t r okumad mdan kaynakl da olabilir Lucifer in srafil e srof deyi i komikti E er merak ediyorsan z okuyabilirsiniz ama beni pek tatmin etmedi

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