Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers Cute athletic Ken hears ghosts after a soccer collision takes out his best friend When an anonymous note invites him to a seance he want to confide in the convincing medium and find a M lottery tick

  • Title: Finders Keepers
  • Author: Marilyn Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780330510059
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cute athletic Ken hears ghosts after a soccer collision takes out his best friend When an anonymous note invites him to a seance, he want to confide in the convincing medium and find a 2M lottery ticket before the winning family gets evicted Only his gifted classmates can save the day.

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    Finders Keepers

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      I was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia I also spent a year 5th grade in Montgomery, Alabama, and a year in Ann Arbor, Michigan 8th grade As a child, I always wanted to be a writer, but I had lots of other ambitions too I wanted to be a teacher, a librarian, a movie star, the president of the United States, and a ballerina I didn t achieve all my goals I never became a movie star, the president of the U.S or a ballerina But I ve been a teacher and a librarian and most of all, a writer I ve been writing for as long as I can remember Growing up, I always kept a diary I wrote poems, stories, plays, songs and lots of letters Writing wasn t easy for me, but it felt natural and right.I ve always read a lot, too I was an English major at Emory University I love Shakespeare , and I also received a master s degree in library science at Emory I earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and I taught children s and teen literature at St John s University in New York for over 20 years Now, I m a full time writer, living in Paris, France the most beautiful city in the world.


    1. This was a YA paranormal story about a boy who could talk to ghosts.Ken was an okay character, although I did think he should be a little careful about telling people what he could do, especially when he didn t know the person well The storyline in this was about Ken attending a s ance and meeting a boy whose father had died in a car accident The boy s father had purchased a winning lottery ticket before he died, and the boy and his family were unable to find it, so Ken wanted to help them.The [...]

    2. Don t let the 2 star rating fool you.It was a good book, considering it is not really my type of books.The reason I actually read it is because my friend told me made me do so.It s not 2 star material becuase I did not dislike the book, yet I can t bring myself to give it any.

    3. Finders Keepers Gifted 4 may be unsure the 2M lottery ticket bought and hidden by Stevie s late dad that the poor little 11 year old asks medium Cassandra to help find before the rent is due at the end of the month Ghost listener Ken responds to an anonymous hand scribbled invite stuffed personally into just his locker not suspicious, no to the same s ance and finds the evening credible But accompanying classmate Amanda feels sorry for dowdy Margaret mourning her mother, and slips her mind into [...]

    4. Following the Gifted series , in Book 4 we meet Ken a star Soccer Player and an all round jock Like Amanda , he is one of the popular kids and he too is hiding a special ability Ken discovered after an accident occured , that he could speak to the dead He may not be able to see them but he definitely can hear them loud and clear and it is his job to pass messages onto their living ones so that the dead can rest their weary souls Finders Keepers tells the tale of Ken , who finds an invitation to [...]

    5. I actually would give this a 3.5, but in math we round up so I shall do that here too To be honest, I wasn t a major fan of all the books in this series I never got too into it, but each book has been getting better This story is about Ken, who is my second favorite character He is really relatable and a decent guy His predicament sucks though best friend dead, can now speak to ghosts in his head It was really interesting to learn about how he became the way he was Though his part was cool, I h [...]

    6. So this book definetely got me back into the series, but it also made me officially hate a character During the first three books, I could deal with Amanda, she helped Tracey, she had her short love that made her a little bit sympathetic, and in the third, she wasokay, but I officially hate her in the fourth I ve never hated a main character this much, besides Zoey from HON I really tried to like her, since she was technically the first main character, but when you keep secrets that could mean t [...]

    7. Finders Keepers by Marilyn Kaye is a sequel to the Gifted series In this book, a character named Ken Preston starts to hear people who are dead talk, which is entirely stuck inside Ken s head, and this all started when Ken Preston injured his head I find this truly amazing that you can listen to dead people talk inside your head, but I find it a lot creepy That is very unusual in reality whenever people injure their heads Throughout this book, I felt like this character, Amanda had liked Ken Pre [...]

    8. Ken can hear dead people and they always talk to him at the most inappropriate times Amanda is a body snatcher and only recently was in Ken s Each is special and each are in the Special Class at school for kids like them who have special abilities The entire class of 9 has been warned that there are people who would like to use them for their abilities and so far they have overcome a lot by working together When Ken gets a message in his locker about a SEANCE he and Amanda decide to go check it [...]

    9. The Gifted group is back once In the fourth book of the series we get to see through Ken s eyes Ken has the abiblity to talk to dead people He keeps thinking that his gift is nothing special, nothing that the bad guys who attacked many of his gifted classmates would want So, when the opportunity to help a poor boy in a seanse arrives he gets to see that maybe his gift can do some good after all This book was really good Ken s story was finally brought to ligth His accident and his painful and t [...]

    10. The fourth entry into Marilyn Kaye s Gifted series shares a view into Ken Preston s life If you ve missed any of the previous books, they do work as stand alone novels However, I ve been reading them from the start and can t imagine not wanting to get to know all of the students powers.Ken Preston is one of the Gifted His ability to converse with the dead drives him crazy, but, at the same time, also intrigues him because he has the power to help those who have passed on resolve their unfinished [...]

    11. This book was a good addition to the series building on the events of the previous book we are getting to know the members of the gifted class one by one The main character in this book is Ken, a guy who used to be popular but has become isolated since the death of his best friend and his gift which appeared shortly after Ken has been almost a silent character before this book much like the others but with this series it seems that once a character has had a book based on them that they become a [...]

    12. Bu kitapta l lerle konu an Ken zerineydi Yetene inin nas l ba lad anlat l yordu z ld m ocu a Ve yine bu kitaptada Ken in yetene ini k t ye kullanmaya al yorlard Piyangoyu kazan p lm bi adam n biletini ar yan o lu ve Ken e tuzak kurup paray ele ge irmeye al yorlard ama sonunda Amanda n n beden h rs zl sayesinde d manlar n n kimler oldu u ortaya kt D Ben en ok Carter n yetene ini merak ediyordum Hi anlat lm yor hatta yetene i olmad ndan bile pheleniyorlar nk ocuk hi konu muyor ve ge mi i hat rlam [...]

    13. I found that there were too many gifted characters in this book to keep up with There are only a few that I can actually tell you from memory what their special talents are I realize, however, that this is the 4th book in the series, so perhaps if I had read the first 3, I would have a better grasp on the characters.As far as the storyline goes, it was all right But again, I didn t get the significance of Serena and the references to things that had happened to the group in the past went over my [...]

    14. Ken has only had his gift for a short time Ever since his recent head injury, he has been contacted by the dead He wants to find out about this talent and see if there are people like him A mysterious note lures him to a seance where he finds a kindred soul and a child in need At least that is what he thinks.I enjoy this series I like the characters and the way the group is coming together In this book we get some hints about the people who are trying to use the gifted class Thhis story was p [...]

    15. Ken can talk to the dead Ever since he got hurt in a soccer accident where his friend died, he s been able to talk to dead people It started with his friend but once he moved on other spirits came to ken for help He didn t want to help them he gets a note saying that if he wants to meet people with his type of gift he had to go to a certain place and he does go and Amanda goes with him ken meets a boy who says his dad has died and he had a winning lottery ticket that he had hidden in a special [...]

    16. Ken is desperate to control the voices in his headcluding his now departed best friend His best friend asks way too much from Ken and gets into a uncomfortable position with his dead friend s girl friend Did I mention she s shallow and a downright beyatch Ken s part of the gifted class who all have special powers The girl he may like but she likes him are both shallow and don t give each other a true chance of getting to know each other When there s a bump on the road, so to speak, Ken isn t the [...]

    17. Following the accident that ultimately led to the end of his soccer career, Ken learned that he was able to communicate with the dead Along Ken s journey we learn that talking to dead people is not always fun or the best way to make friends It also doesn t help that his best friend is one of those people that communicates with him.Ken ultimately learns that not everyone is worthy of his trust It really hit home that not everyone has the best intentions when it comes to the gifted students, and e [...]

    18. After the death of Ken Prestons best friend, he began to hear dead people His best friend included These people would generally seek his help with something or just want to talk Ken hates his gift and sees it as a burden As he opens is locker one day he finds a note inside that says, Ken, are you one of us It then invited him to a seance that night Ken intrigued went and after his third time in attendance he discovers he has been mislead and used The mystery unfolds as the story progresses Great [...]

    19. Finder s Keepers is the fourth book in the Gifted series This time it is about Ken, whose gift is speaking to the dead He finds a flyer in his locker for a seance and attends with his fellow Gifted classmate Tracy It is there he finds a young boy trying to find a lottery ticket to help his family s financial problems Meanwhile, Amanda finds herself trapped in the body of a young woman helping Serena, a former student teacher trying to use the Gifted class s talents to get money This book is clic [...]

    20. I do like this whole series And I do like that the author shows how sweet hearted the main character is I just really hated Amanda at the end Yeah, they were being rather mean to her But is she really so childish as to keep such dire information from them Apparently so Over the past three books, she s been slowly seeming to change It looks like she hasn t changed at all, which kind of makes me mad.

    21. The book is an amazing story about a boy who cant talk and thats how he figures out his gift and 2 charters are to busy on wanting to lose their gift to be normal people that they dont know how good their gifts could be good for the world this book is a really good one if u like things like gifts of telekinesis or bodysnatching also talking to the dead then this book is good for you.i dont read that much but ik enough to know this book is fantastic mind blowing and excitement on every chapter.

    22. YAWN I was ok with it about a year ago, but now, it is turning out to be a big flop I guess the author was too bold, and struck a little too soon Or, I outgrown this thing I mean the first book was allright, the second was better, the third had the same quality as the first, but this book, the fourth, well it s o.k But, for people who are about 12 or younger can read it, and possibly be crazy over it I m just saying.

    23. En sonunda i ler ciddile meye ba lad dedim Serinin en iyi kitab demeyece im nk hen z seriyi bitirmedim puaaBu aralar kafam ok g zel Kendimi k sa ve basit kitaplarla avutuyorum yi geliyor mu Kesinlikle Sizde yap n te saatler ge irmeyi ve her saniye kitap okudu um g nleri zledim San r m y lba ndan sonra sahalara geri d nece im puhaha.Ben ka ay m sizi ok rahats z ettim.

    24. Ken got an invitation to a sience and he tried to help one of the people there because he felt bad for them He figured since he could talk to dead people he could help But his classmates in his gifted class suspected something wrong So they follow him and they find out the leader of the sience was a scam artist and she was using him All in all everything turned out okay Thanks to Ken s classmates he is safe and nobody else found out about their gifts.

    25. Although, I am afraid of ghosts, afterlife, dead things, dead people, curses, wandering souls O.O.d so onter reading this book, having a gift to talk to dead people doesn t seem all that bad because one my most favorite dramas had a main character, who could also talk to ghosts but still, I love the Gifted series, especially the corresponding book covers, they look sick

    26. La primera pareja de la saga o al menos que podr a darse Ya de por s me agradaba Amanda pero comprender que podr a cumplirse su deseo de estar con Ken era motivador para seguir leyendo En cuanto a Ken, era agradable saber su punto de vista aunque tambi n hacia querer entrar al libro para que este tome las decisiones correctas.

    27. Although quick reads, these books seem to get be getting better I am interested in what happens in the next book What threatens one of us threatens all of usWe need to think of ourselves as a team And each of them dealt with their gifts in different ways.

    28. I am on page 51 right now and whats been going on so far is Amanda s going to be out of school for a few days People has been teasing her about her gift Ken got a mystery letter in his locker from somebody talking about did he wanna meet other people with his gift.

    29. Ken in yetene ini nas l kazand n reniyoruz.Bu sefer k t ki iler onu kullanmaya al yor.Bu insanlar kim diye reniyor Amanda bir eyler ama kendine sakl yor.Her kitapta bu k z olmak zorunda m yaa P

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