Now You See Me

Now You See Me Who is the spy in the gifted class Mean Amanda is out of character volunteering in the school office Principal Mr Jackson finds puts a knife in her locker and expels mind reader Jenna to an institutio

  • Title: Now You See Me
  • Author: Marilyn Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780330513449
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who is the spy in the gifted class Mean Amanda is out of character volunteering in the school office Principal Mr Jackson finds puts a knife in her locker and expels mind reader Jenna to an institution with a corrupt aide Now on her own investigating, Tracey turns invisible and lands in danger.

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    Now You See Me

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      I was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia I also spent a year 5th grade in Montgomery, Alabama, and a year in Ann Arbor, Michigan 8th grade As a child, I always wanted to be a writer, but I had lots of other ambitions too I wanted to be a teacher, a librarian, a movie star, the president of the United States, and a ballerina I didn t achieve all my goals I never became a movie star, the president of the U.S or a ballerina But I ve been a teacher and a librarian and most of all, a writer I ve been writing for as long as I can remember Growing up, I always kept a diary I wrote poems, stories, plays, songs and lots of letters Writing wasn t easy for me, but it felt natural and right.I ve always read a lot, too I was an English major at Emory University I love Shakespeare , and I also received a master s degree in library science at Emory I earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and I taught children s and teen literature at St John s University in New York for over 20 years Now, I m a full time writer, living in Paris, France the most beautiful city in the world.


    1. This was a YA paranormal story about a girl who could turn herself invisible Tracy was an okay character and it was clear that she tried to help people using her gift, even when they couldn t see her to appreciate it.The storyline in this was about Jenna being taken off to an institution because the principle didn t like the fact that she might be able to read his mind, and Tracy trying to work out what was going on and how to rescue Jenna We also had the threat of a spy, who everyone assumed wa [...]

    2. Book 5 follows Tracey Devon, though really like Amanda she has featured in than one of the books as a strong character due to her ability Tracey Devon has the ability to fade into the background and disappear, it tends to happen when she has an overcome wave of emotions like the feeling of left behindness Though, with the help of the Gifted Class , she is learning to control her acts of disappearances When strange things start happening and soon the whole class find their gifts exposed and at r [...]

    3. This is the fifth book in the Gifted series and I have to say it was one of the most exciting ones so far In Now You See Me we follow around Tracey, who has the gift of invisibility, as she tries to find out who is the spy inside her gifted class Because she is invisible it s easy for her to get inside people s houses so we learned a lot about the rest of the crew that we didn t so far.Besides her story we once again go inside Jenna s mind She can hear everyone s thoughts and because of that she [...]

    4. A young girl that has been ignored by her family finds that she has an unusual gift for becoming invisible By attending classes with other friends with the same, but different, gifts she finds herself able to fit in with a family of her own.There are people out there that would love to get ahold of these teens and turn them into their puppets so that they could have them use their strange powerful gifts for all the wrong reasons and to also use for them to gain anything they want In this book sh [...]

    5. One of the main things that I love about this series is that you don t have to read it in complete order e.g if you have somehow ended up getting the books not in order it s alright as you can easily read each book and catch up on the series and what s happening with our favourite gifted children Book 5 follows Tracey Devon, though really like Amanda she has featured in than one of the books as a strong character due to her ability Tracey Devon has the ability to fade into the background and di [...]

    6. In the fifth book of the series we have met all the main characters, Jane Amanda, Tracy Many things have happened to them Tracy got kicked out of her own body, Amanda was fighting for her right has queen bee of the school and Jane got her father back But now of all places the gifted class is where there is spy And this book is about them finding who this spy is and the surprise was the shock of who the spy was it was very unexpected I recommend this book because it has drama and suspense and the [...]

    7. So, I mainly like this book series because they are short and sweet, I can finish reading these in one day The only problem, the books are very predictable, except this one wasn t.I was surprised about 1 Jenna revealing her gift to the doctor, I really thought Tracey was going to be the one to get her out It was also surprising that he believed her 2 Tracey suddenly appearing in front of the bad guys 3 Ken being upset about his relationship with Amanda, it didn t even seem like they ever had a r [...]

    8. Now You See Me is book five in the Gifted series and it is also a stand alone title This is the first book from the series that I read, but I was able to follow everything fine There are a few mentions of events from previous books, but enough information is given that I could get the gist of what occurred This series is based on a class of gifted students These students are not necessarily intellectually gifted, but rather have something about them that makes each one unique and different in aw [...]

    9. This was my least favourite book in the series so far, I didn t much like this character who seemed to be a bit stuck up And the storyline was a little lost compared to the good storylines there has been in the previous books in the series The main character in this book was Tracey this was the character is one that can turn invisible when she feels she is being neglected Although she doesn t actually feature much in this book, the characters all seem to still be reeling from the events of the t [...]

    10. Now You See Me Gifted 5 by Marylin Kaye focusses on Tracey Devon, who turns invisible to find why body snatcher Amanda is working in the principal s office, principal Mr Jackson found knife in mind reader Jenna s locker and expelled her to truant Harmony House, and who is spying for the conspiracy, by following angry strong wimp Martin and zombie quiet Carter I m glad I persisted, because the kids are sensible and positively action oriented I d have snuck food p149 instead of starving, but othe [...]

    11. An easy read with a satisfying and action packed plot I liked the characters and enjoyed the combination of supernatural powers and the ordinary coming of age challenges All in all, a good tween teen book I haven t read any of the other Gifted books, and I enjoyed this enough to do so This one stood alone well there were references to things that clearly happened in previous books, but not knowing all the background didn t prevent me from following the story Note I received a free copy of this b [...]

    12. REQUIRED AUTHOR FOR PRESENTATIONTraci learns that she can become invisible After her parents had quintuplets she finds herself becoming invisible to then and this triggers her gift The gifted class has found out that their is a spy among them and Traci follows possible suspects while invisible to see if there is anything suspicious in their behavior There is a shocking discovery at the end of the book.I thought it was an enjoyable read and didn t find it hard to pick up the book and get lost in [...]

    13. i love the gifted series but this way not my favorite one i still like it i could not put it down i read until about 1 and fell asleep then i woke up at around 9 and i read until 12 i cant wait for the next book that will come out next year i didnt like it as much because i didnt see a big enought problem also because i forgot a little bit of the the other book this one is like a review of all the other books with all the problems just being review now i think i will have to go back and read al [...]

    14. This series keeps on getting better Now You See Me was full of action and emotion You re all improving But you can t just get a little better You have to find the extent of your gifts your true potential You can t waste your true gifts on trivialities Or run away from your gift Or fear it

    15. I don t like this it didn t captivate me like the other books I ve read I picked this up a while back when I loved ANTM, and the cover reminded me of Allison Harvard, so I felt like I have to read this Turns out, after a long time I haven t read this, I didn t quite feel the vibe of the story I understand how it goes, but still it wasn t happening for me.

    16. i like that the gifted classmates understand how important it is to work together and not aginst each otherd carter going to the hospital for messed up teens was a good ideaybe they can get him to talk and he could be normal.well not normal because he might have some type of gift like the other students.

    17. I just love this fun Tween Teen series It is fast and fun to read In this book Tracey uses her gift of invisibility to try to discover the traitor in their midst and clear Jenna of the charges that have put her in a juvenile detention center This series is good for boys and girls and might tempt some reluctant readers.

    18. great serie original and a page turner a good serie each bookof this serie is focused on a different kid of the special class a class with kids gifted with super powers its been a while since a new one though

    19. A rl kl ki i Tracey idi ama bu seride tek ki i zerinde fazla durulmuyor zaten Aralar ndaki haini bulmaya al yorlar Tracey g r nmezlik zelli ini kullanarak arkada lar n n zel alanlar nda ara t rma falan yap yor Ger ekten de bir eyler reniyorlar ama sonu elde var s f r

    20. I love this series it keeps getting better and better, I cannot wait to start reading the next book tomorrow

    21. I m really excited about where this series is going I can t wait to find out what the project is all about.

    22. This Book was amazing and I loved every single bit of it I hope that everyone else who reads this enjoys it just as much as I did.

    23. Good read I like the way every book in the series focuses on a different character, it s nice to get the story from different points of view.

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