A Little Wanting Song

A Little Wanting Song A summer of friendship romance and songs in major chords CHARLIE DUSKIN loves music and she knows she s good at it But she only sings when she s alone on the moonlit porch or in the back room at O

  • Title: A Little Wanting Song
  • Author: Cath Crowley
  • ISBN: 9780375860966
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A summer of friendship, romance, and songs in major chords CHARLIE DUSKIN loves music, and she knows she s good at it But she only sings when she s alone, on the moonlit porch or in the back room at Old Gus s Secondhand Record and CD Store Charlie s mom and grandmother have both died, and this summer she s visiting her grandpa in the country, surrounded by ghosts anA summer of friendship, romance, and songs in major chords CHARLIE DUSKIN loves music, and she knows she s good at it But she only sings when she s alone, on the moonlit porch or in the back room at Old Gus s Secondhand Record and CD Store Charlie s mom and grandmother have both died, and this summer she s visiting her grandpa in the country, surrounded by ghosts and grieving family, and serving burgers to the local kids at the milk bar She s got her iPod, her guitar, and all her recording equipment, but she wants A friend A dad who notices her The chance to show Dave Robbie that she s not entirely unspectacularSE BUTLER lives next door to Charlie s grandfather and spends her days watching cars pass on the freeway and hanging out with her troublemaker boyfriend She loves Luke but can t wait to leave their small country town And she s figured out a way she s won a scholarship to a science school in the city, and now she has to convince her parents to let her go This is where Charlie comes in Charlie, who lives in the city, and whom Rose has ignored for years Charlie, who just might be Rose s ticket out.Told in alternating voices and filled with music, friendship, and romance, Charlie and Rose s little wanting song is about the kind of longing that begins as a heavy ache but ultimately makes us feel hopeful and wonderfully alive.

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    A Little Wanting Song

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    1. Cath Crowley

      Author of Words in Deep Blue, A Little Wanting Song Chasing Charlie Duskin , Graffiti Moon and the Gracie series Take Three Girls, a collaboration with Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood, is out in September 2017.


    1. We were the only three people awake in a world half asleep and the air felt heavy with maybe The Aussies hit it out of the park again Seriously, I m beginning to wonder if there is something in the water down under that allows them to produce amazing YA lit or maybe all of it is put through a strainer and only the best of the best is published in the US either way, I haven t read a bad Aussie YA book yet And I can t wait to get my grubby hands on Graffiti Moon Charlotte Charlie Duskin has been g [...]

    2. I ve got stars in my blood, burning bright under my skin I really liked it, let me just say that first The whole story was bittersweet and moving and captured that sense of wanting that the book was essentially all about.We are told the tale of a summer in a small town from two points of views Charlie, an outcast who longs for friendship and to be included in the world that seems to be happening around her, so close and yet just out of reach and Rose, a girl who dreams of bigger things outside o [...]

    3. I m kind of tired of repeating myself and say that these Aussie YA authors write well but anyway, THIS Aussie writes well This is the second book by Cath Crowley I ve picked up, the first being Graffiti Moon, but A Little Wanting Song was actually published before with the original title Chasing Charlie Duskin.While I loved Graffiti Moon I can safely say I loved this one even Because this book is MORE More of everything There is drama, angst, reality, and especially in its ending which refle [...]

    4. 3.5 starsA Little Wanting Song is a tender, at times poignant story of friendship, first love and yearning for .Did I like it Yes Did I like it as much as I thought I would Not quite.I love to read novels about girl friendships It is too popular now to explore mean girls scenarios back stabbing, cheating and cattiness Although this story starts with one girl planning to take advantage of another, it soon becomes a tale of real friendship, a relationship that transforms and empowers it allows Cha [...]

    5. While I hate it when people make obnoxious claims like, This is the next Hunger Games , I must say that if you are one of us unfortunates looking desperately for something to fill the Melina Marchetta sized hole in your life, this book might help with that For me, it wasn t nearly as emotionally draining as Ms M s latest for example, my guts are not sitting on the floor next to me right now in a sticky puddle , but all the same honesty and bittersweet grief is there in this book.One of the reaso [...]

    6. See, the water molecules are attracted to each other so much that they hold on for as long as they can They grip to each other till they re too heavy and then they break It s why water falls in tears.Spending a quiet afternoon reading A Little Wanting Song is like watching the stars go harmonic It s really beautiful and I loved it This book is sad, hopeful, funny, heartbreaking, happy all mixed in one from beginning to end As you read this story, these myriad of emotions just keep crashing into [...]

    7. Her eyes always bothered me when we were kids They still do They make mine ache trying to see where they end A LITTLE WANTING SONG features grief, but it s not punch you in the gut kind of grief There are family relationships with an underline of neglect that are explored, but again, it s not heavy handed There s betrayal and wanting but it doesn t have your heart racing I guess what I m trying to say is that all these things are explored in the novel, but in a quiet, subtle way This is of a p [...]

    8. So I m treading a bit carefully with this review Woah wait calm down Before you all yell at me and report me to the YA Powers That Be I m treading carefully with this review but it s not because I didn t like it.I, of course, adored it.I adored it because I have eyes and I can read and if you look really carefully on the front page you will see that this book was written by Cath Crowley, author of Graffiti Moon and one of the few writers who can take teenage emotions and feelings, bottle them an [...]

    9. Favourite Quote And then we re at that moment where you both go and get what you want or you both go back The moment when you say, Stuff being scared what s on the other side is better That moment when you inch closer to each other little by little, till you skin starts and ends in the same place Till your faces get so close your lips start and end in the same place, too Till you taste milk shake and salt and sugar days and the world spins and the stars sound like harmonicas I loved this book Ca [...]

    10. Aussie Book challenge 2011 3I guess there are a lot of people who don t know the right thing to say You don t notice them so much because they pretend they do.Meet, Charlie and Rose Charlie loves her music but she craves just one thing A real friend Rose loves her boyfriend Luke, but she dreams of being free from her dead end town and wants to move to the city and go to school.When Charlie comes to the Country to visit with her grandpa, and flip a few burgers, Rose gets in her head that Charlie [...]

    11. This gorgeous little novel caught me totally unaware I shouldn t have been surprised it was written by Cath Crowely, after all, and my love of her lyrical style was firmly sealed with Graffiti Moon but this book basically crept up on me, tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, Excuse me, but I ll be hijacking your emotions now The themes Crowley deals with are not exactly groundbreaking friendship, self esteem, grief, first love, acceptance, change but they are intensely relatable and touching [...]

    12. Some books are just endowed with a heartbeat and this is definitely one of them Where every chapter is a pulsating song.fuck, I love this book.Beautiful words, peopled by beautiful characters, beautiful writing, beautiful book A novel where everyone involved can grow Admittedly, everyone in the book grew up with accelerating rate So what It s a fantasy It s still an amazing work Ala Warpaint gimme , gimme , gimme Crowley.

    13. A Little Wanting Song is quite literally about wanting, and so much Charlie is spending her Christmas holiday with her father at her grandfather s home in the country Charlie, like any teenage girl, wants so many things She wants her Dad to notice her but he s too crippled by grief She lost her mother in a tragic accident, but her father might as well have died then too Charlie wants to be noticed and fit in with friends She wants to have the courage to play her songs and show her talent to the [...]

    14. I generally don t read a lot of contemporary, for whatever reason I think I m always afraid that it s going to be very soapy and melodramatic and whiny something, I don t know, just a little too much and not really my thing But like every genre, there s the good and the bad, and I need to realize that I can t be afraid of sampling it from time to time in order to find the good Because when it s good, it s good This is good In A Little Wanting Song,Cath Crowley was able to really capture not just [...]

    15. I didn t quite enjoy this one as much as I had hoped the cover just screamed AMAZING at me While it wasn t my absolute favorite, i still liked it And, now that I m finished I am left longing for .Charlie was hands down my pick Compared to Rose, she just seemed so much nicer, like someone I would want to be friends with I loved her quirky songs and random thoughts I too love FOZZY I wanted a bit from her relationship with Dave, but it was great for something to be so innocent and not sex, sex, s [...]

    16. I haven t been this excited about an author since I first read Melina Marchetta earlier this year I m not comparing the two since comparing anyone to Marchetta is like comparing a book to Hunger Games unfair, but Cath Crowley is now firmly on my Will read anything this author publishes list I loved, loved Graffiti Moon and was prepared to be let down but still like this book I mean, who could follow Ed and Lucy, Leo and Jazz Answer Dave Robbie and his black singlet can I m schoolgirl giggling to [...]

    17. When I first got this book, I showed the blurb to my sister to see what she thought Charlie Duskin is about to have the best summer of her life She s about to meet a friend who ll change her forever She s about to fall in love, she read Shirley, how is this different to every other teen book you ve been reading Okay, so the themes are familiar But I like to call them universal And the reason why this book easily knocks over every other book in the genre is because of Cath Crowley.Cath Crowley s [...]

    18. Meh A Little Wanting Song is told from alternating points of view There is sixteen year old Charlie, a socially awkward, sensitive, musically talented girl with few friends And there is also Rose, a sixteen year old, socially awkward, mean girl who is also quite interested in science and has few friends Do they sound a little similar here They do in the book, too Their voices aren t that different from each other This book relies heavily on dialogue between not just Charlie and Rose, but also th [...]

    19. This was just as good as Graffiti Moon not better, though I liked Charlie than Rose, but Rose s romance was a lot better than Charlie s Only wish there d been a little bit to the ending because it felt rather abrupt Then again, this book could have been extended by ten chapters and I would have still wanted of Crowly s beautiful writing.

    20. I knew I had to read this after loving Graffiti Moon so much and I didn t think it was possible but I loved A Little Wanting Song even So funny and sad and gorgeously written Loved the friendship, the music, the romance THIS IS WHAT PERFECT HARMONY SOUNDS LIKE.

    21. Who could ve guessed that such an unassuming book could be so lyrical, so haunting, so memorable But so it is A LITTLE WANTING SONG blew me away More than simply pretty words or a classic coming of age summer story, Cath Crowley s impressive novel is beautiful inside and out in its own quirky way, just like its characters.Cath Crowley clearly has the heart of a poet Words feel like her beloved there is a simultaneous ease and depth with which she writes, stringing phrases together that, at first [...]

    22. I could tell by the description of A LITTLE WANTING SONG that I would enjoy it, but I had no idea how much I would come to love it Often, when I finish a good novel, I ll feel satisfied, but ALWS was different Cath Crowly left me longing longing for of this brilliant, soulful novel and the characters I had come to loveWS is told in alternating point of view by Charlie and Rose, two girls who are, at first glance, complete opposites, but, in truth, have in common than either ever imagined At fi [...]

    23. I ll keep this short at first I thought it would be predictable two girls who both want Whether it s where the other was or what the other was like, they both wanted something And for a little while it was predictable, then I got to know them a little Rose Butler isn t simply the tough smart pissy girl who couldn t wait to leave Charlie Duskin isn t just the awkward girl who could sing They were than those things I couldn t really relate to either of the girls, Rose was too intense, Charlie a [...]

    24. Ahhh, I adore Cath Crowley s writing and she definitely managed to lure me in again after the great read that was Graffiti Moon A lovely coming of age story told in alternating points of view, music, summer I love me my summer books , boys, friendship The star of this novel for once wasn t the devoloping relationship between Charlie and Dave, but much the friendship between Charlie and Rose, two girls who couldn t be any different The book has this wonderful melancholic feel to it that comes w [...]

    25. I love this book so much I love it, I love it, I love it It didn t take me long to read this at all, and believe me, it has nothing to do with the number of pages Where do I start This was one of the most original books I ve ever read.We have the main character who has always been misunderstood, but Charlie doesn t have that clich feeling attached to her The reason people tend to overlook her is actually quite reasonable she s never able to speak out what she s actually feeling She must be an am [...]

    26. What can I say except WOW I was completely absorbed from the first page well actually the quotes on the back got me first and read it in one sitting Cath Crowleys words flow so well, they are like a warm blanket wrapped around you in the middle of winter They are comfort This is a funny, beautifully written novel that will leave you desperate for anything else this fantastic author has written There was this beat under my skin, a little disco weaving through me That s how it is when I m alone an [...]

    27. I am still undecided between 4 and 5 stars It was really, really great especially the second half , but it doesn t beat Graffiti Moon.

    28. Rating 3.5 Stars For some reason, I was utterly surprised by this A Little Wanting Song is the type of story that creeps upon you, slowly invading your every thought, memory, and emotion and proving to be both an evocative and powerful read Although I ll admit that Cath Crowley s Graffiti Moon was definitely a much better book both in terms of the writing style, depth, and story A Little Wanting Song was beautiful and will be sure to resonate deeply with every girl All Charlie Duskin has wanted [...]

    29. Dark Side Group Read Dee s birthday bookWhen I read Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley earlier this year I loved her descriptive writing style and the way she was able to bring the paintings in the story to life In A Little Wanting Song she does the same again but this time with music, I love the poetic feel to her writing and the way she pulls you into the story and makes you feel emotionally connected to the characters.A Little Wanting Song is told from two different perspectives First you have Cha [...]

    30. 3 3.5 starsIt s just like the title suggests this is a book about wanting, and the prose is a song of its own Charlie wants to be than the girl who can t stand up for herself, who won t sing in a crowd, who hasn t confronted her dad about his silent treatment Rose wants for herself than the small country town she s grown up in, than the life her mother and father have, than a boyfriend who may trap her when all she wants is escape A summer of friendship, first love, and letting go will bri [...]

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