Endless Summer

Endless Summer Two irresistible boys One unforgettable summer Lori can t wait for her summer at the lake She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends including the two hotties next door With the Vader brother

  • Title: Endless Summer
  • Author: Jennifer Echols
  • ISBN: 9781442406599
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two irresistible boys One unforgettable summer Lori can t wait for her summer at the lake She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends including the two hotties next door With the Vader brothers, she s always been just one of the guys Now that she s turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother ButTwo irresistible boys One unforgettable summer Lori can t wait for her summer at the lake She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends including the two hotties next door With the Vader brothers, she s always been just one of the guys Now that she s turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother But that s not going to happen not if the younger brother, Adam, can help it.Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam Adam has plans of his own for Lori As the air heats up, so does this love triangle Will Lori s romantic summer melt into one hot mess

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    Endless Summer

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      Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama a setting that has inspired many of her books She has written nine romantic novels for young adults, including the comedy MAJOR CRUSH, which won the National Readers Choice Award, and the drama GOING TOO FAR, which was a finalist in the RITA, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Book Buyer s Best, and was nominated by the American Library Association as a Best Book for Young Adults Simon Schuster will debut her adult romance novels in 2013, with many teen novels scheduled for the next few years She lives in Birmingham with her husband and her son.


    1. SPOILERS Oh God, this book was bad I could tolerate the first book especially because it was told in Lori s point of view and I understand a little bit of the thinking behind her scheme to get the guy she wanted But in the second book, oh gosh it was crazy First Adam and Lori went from dating with the support of her parents to Adam getting threatened with military school and the two being forbidden to see each other Which Teen Parenting 101 was their parents first mistake Although I do understan [...]

    2. When browsing my local bookstore the other day I came across Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols, I literally had to do a double take as my bookstore never stocks books by Jennifer Echols, I picked the book up and went straight to the tills, no way was I passing this missed opportunity, who knew when they d have some books by Echols in I was excited to have found this book well actually its two books in one The boys next door Endless Summer as I d wanted to read it for some time But also because [...]

    3. I liked the whole idea of the book but it is not something that I haven t already read I liked Adam and his relationship he had with Lori but their relationship did not seem like a close friend rather than a flirting close friend thingy Regardless, when they plot to date I was excited to see how it would turn out The most problem that I had was that Lori kept kissing both brothers I get that she wanted to make one jealous but man, if I was a guy and my girlfriend kept kissing my brother I d prob [...]

    4. I love Jennifer Echols, who knows just how to write YA romantic comedy It s the kind of book where you just settle in and go along for the ride which is a rollercoaster kind of ride fun and funny and a little bit wild.I loved Adam he was really well done and very crush worthy and a little vulnerable I love how in touch with his emotions he is haha Lori is also very cool definitely blonde, but in the best of ways.Like most rom com s you kinda know who the guy is supposed to be and what the happy [...]

    5. I bought this book on a whim before going on vacation since it looked like a nice read for sitting by a lake The Boys Next Door first half was pretty good I would probably give it 3 and a half stars It sometimes fell into cliches such as the overused childhood neighbor one true love and I felt like some of the plot was just random and not developed enough However it was entertaining and pretty cute.Endless Summer was really a sort of unnecessary addition It kinda ruined the whole thing for me to [...]

    6. I personally am frustrated with the entire book I started reading it at a friend s suggestion that this book would change my perspective of teenage love I read the first book The Boys Next Door quickly and thought it was entertaining I ll admit it I liked the prospect of having a guy sincerely head over heels with a tomboy turned hot That being said, the writing style wasn t impressive and Lori, the main character, was frankly annoying The one reason that I would recommend the book was the descr [...]

    7. Endless Summer was one of the best books i ve read in a long time I don t really like to read and for me to actually finish a book that s over 300 pages long is saying something There must be something interesting or intriguing about it I highly recommend this book to people that like drama, love stories, or summer flings Endless Summer can relate to any ages but mostly ages around 16 The novel is about summer love and a teen love triangle Lori is ready to turn 16 and is ready for a relationship [...]

    8. I m already a huge fan of Jennifer Echols works, so I already knew that I would love this book Endless Summer is the sequel to The Boys Next Door, but if you haven t read the first one yet, your in luck, since this books binds both, so you can fall in love all at once.And fall in love I did.Jennifer has a flawless flow to her writing, making an easy connection to her characters.I love the boys, Sean and Adam, both very yummy worthy while Lori is rather an amusing and enthusiastic character.A swe [...]

    9. At this point in my life, I ve given up on young adult.Lori is the girl next door to a family of three boys, Cameron, Sean, and Adam She s been in love with Sean since she can remember and will do anything to get with him Like, seriously, anything She pretends to go out with ADAM, the youngest brother, in attempts to make Sean jealous.Unfortunately, Adam has been in love with Lori since he was four or something Also Adam had a girlfriend that he kept just to get Lori jealous Also Adam has ADHD A [...]

    10. BEST BOOK EVER I LOVE IT I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN I LOVE IT JUST THE TYPE OF BOOK I LIKE TO READ you can like feel the way adam and lori love each other i want a boyfriend like adam

    11. 3.5 stars for the two books together I liked Lori and Adam, and I thought they were cute together when they were not mad at each other because of some sort of overblown misunderstanding Sometimes, though, it felt like all of the characters were caricatures, and a little flat Especially the secondary characters Adam s and Lori s brothers, the parents But Adam and Lori were better, as much as they might have annoyed me anyway They both had negative qualities that were hard to swallow sometimes And [...]

    12. Alors que l t approche, Lori d cide d en faire un t inoubliable elle adore le wakeboard, passer du temps avec les gar ons d c t Mais cette ann e, elle a d cid d arr ter d tre vue comme l un des gar ons maintenant qu elle approche de ses seize ans, elle veut s affirmer comme fille, surtout aux yeux de Sean, sur qui elle craque depuis toujours Mais si le fr re de Sean, Adam, a son mot dire, cela ne risque pas d arriver Lori essaie de rendre Sean jaloux en sortant avec Adam, qui lui a ses propres p [...]

    13. This book drove me crazy I mean I hated and loved it because I love Adam and Lori and I think it developed them and their relationship and in a way the first book didn t, but I also hated it because Lori and her damn plans are so DUMB and so are some of Adam s I also thought Adam was uncharacteristically silent for the middle part of the book, which struck me as bizarre, but not completely bizarre like it could never happen.But I guess I get Lori too Her breakdown in the end with Sean made sens [...]

    14. Spoilery ish if you haven t read The Boys Next Door SO cute Endless Summer is actually a combination of 2 books It begins with The Boys Next Door For those who have read it, you know how the story goes It s summer and Lori decides to drop her tomboy ways and seduce Sean, the middle Vader boy She goes out of her way to get Sean to notice her, but doesn t quite catch him She decides the best solution is to make Sean jealous Lori and Adam the youngest Vader come up with a plan and pretend to date T [...]

    15. 3.5 starsThis edition of Endless Summer includes both The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer As I mentioned in my previous review, I really enjoyed The Boys Next Door, the he sequel, Endless Summer picks up right where The Boys Next Door leaves off, which I really liked.In my attempt to keep this spoiler free, I will say I enjoyed reading about Sean and Lori, though at times I became very irritated at Lori due to her lack of thoughtful planning This stems from Lori s father, who becomes complete [...]

    16. I really like Jennifer Echols, Going Too Far is a great read, and her romantic comedies are hilarious and adorable This one is no exception, but I really wish the characters did not have to behave in such crazy ways in order to create the conflict in the story make your dad angry by dating guys who he disapproves of than your boyfriend, while your boyfriend has to sit around watching forbid your kids from talking to one another based on a mistake, even though these kids are neighbors and work t [...]

    17. Oh how I love Adam Every time Adam was on the page my heart beat faster I love Jennifer Echols I loved this book.

    18. The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer are going to get the same review, simply because I read both in one book which was called Endless Summer It wasn t until I was halfway through when I realized there were two parts to the book, The Boys Next Door as part one AND Endless Summer for part two So in my mind, it s all kind of the same deal.So I really loved The Boys Next Door I thought Lori was an exceptionally funny, bright, young girl She sounded like a really cool girl that I would have been fr [...]

    19. Adam Vader or what This is a two in one book containing The Boys Next Door, and its sequel, Endless Summer THE BOYS NEXT DOOR I absolutely LOVED this book I read it in one day I could NOT put it down We hear the story from Lori s mind, and it just flows so smoothly It was really fun being inside her mind I could very easily imagine everything that was happening.There are two aspects of this book that just absolutely excelled the setting and the characters Lori lives on a lake next door to the Va [...]

    20. DOUBLE REVIEW OF BOTH BOOKSThe Boys Next Door by Jennifer EcholsSimon Pulse, 2007YA Contemporary Romance5 5 starsSummary Lori has always been one of the boys but this summer, she s determined to win Sean, the hottie next door In order to do so she hatches a complicated plot involving pretending to flirt with his brother Adam But what will happen if Sean remains immune and Adam seems to have of a hold on her heart Initial Thoughts This book is pure sa woon see Sarah Dessen s The Truth About Fore [...]

    21. Now that she s sixteen Lori wants to finally be noticed by her neighbour Sean She wants everyone to realise that she is evolving into a women, and hey, she s going to do everything it takes to make sure they notice Plenty of batting lashes and bikinis are involved but for poor Lori Sean doesn t really seem to notice in the slightest, or does he She has practically grown up with both brothers and is sick of how they treat her like their little sister, and Lori has than just the one plan to shake [...]

    22. What can I say I clearly loved this book 3 3 3 I literally could not put this story down This book contains two stories the first The Boys Next Door and it s long awaited sequel Endless Summer.The storyline behind The Boys Next Door is the following Lori can t wait for her summer at the lake She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends including the two hotties next door With the Vader brothers, she s always been one of the guys Now that she is turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one [...]

    23. I was confused at first whether to give this book 3 stars or 4 stars I realized eventually that this book is very well written even if I really disliked the characters Endless Summer contains two books The first is The Boys Next Door and the next is, of course, Endless Summer.Lori is a girl who has grown up next to the Vader boys her entire life, so she s one of the guys This is about all that I liked about her I kind of perceived her as a slut In the first book, she talked about Sean way too mu [...]

    24. Boys Next Door Lori loves Sean Sean loves himself and Rachel Adam loves Lori but is dating Rachel Until Sean and Adam, brothers, have a party and Sean and Rachel make out Lori is devastated and concots a plan for Adam to get Rachel back and for her to get Sean she and Adam will pretend to date But, as one plan leads into another we learn 1 Adam is doing this for real and 2 Lori s plans always backfire After a few schemes and misunderstandings, Lori finally gets a clue and Adam gets Lori Endless [...]

    25. I read Forget You by Jennifer Echols not long ago and absolutely loved it, so when I got a copy of Endless Summer at my house, I basically started reading it right away which is very rare for any book nowadays.The first half of Endless Summer is Jenn s old book The Boys Next Door I really flew through it If you couldn t tell from the cover, it s a romance based plot, which I love in YA The second half of Endless Summer is Jenn s sequel to The Boys Next Door, Endless Summer We continue with the r [...]

    26. But as I watched him, I saw he wasn t running away from anything He was running toward me LoriADAM OR WHAT Can I just say that this was freakin awesome What a fantastic summer read I discovered that this was two books in one THE BOYS NEXT DOOR and ENDLESS SUMMER I enjoyed the first book the most THE BOYS NEXT DOOR was nothing short of delicious I loved all the boys that lived next doorbut most especially ADAM Right from the beginning I was crazy for him And chapter 14HOLY HOTNESS Echols always d [...]

    27. So this is the second time I read this book, but I think it was even better than the first time I love Jennifer Echols sosososo much, so it s kind of impossible for me to hate her books I first fell in love with The Boys Next Door the first book in this series a long time ago and I ve read it at least five times since then When I heard that a sequel was being written, I freaked out because I love Adam and Lori so much So, of course, when I read Endless Summer, I fell in love all over again The b [...]

    28. I was so glad when I heard there was a sequel to The Boys Next Door I wasn t disappointed either Endless Summer picks up hours later from TBND I was cautious at first about this easy change, feeling like it was just a continuation from TBND I grew frustrated at times with this novel, but that was probably do to how many times I had read TBND Lori and Adam had become easy for me to understand and when I read Endless Summer I was startled by how a little drama seemed to unfold into an explosion of [...]

    29. This is the sequel to The Boys Next Door I enjoyed the story Some parts I liked better than others I love Lori s personality even though it didn t shine as much as in the first book I enjoyed the fact that Lori s dad cared what she did with Adam I didn t care for how they handled it I also don t care for the relationship between Adam and his parents They never seem to what to understand him and even though situation may have been resolved in the story the main underlying problems with Lori and A [...]

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