Kissing Sin

Kissing Sin Two worlds vampire and werewolf Danger has never been so seductive From Melbourne s gleaming skyscrapers to its throbbing nightclubs Riley Jenson s world is raging with danger and desire A drop dead

  • Title: Kissing Sin
  • Author: Keri Arthur
  • ISBN: 9780553588460
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two worlds vampire and werewolf Danger has never been so seductive From Melbourne s gleaming skyscrapers to its throbbing nightclubs, Riley Jenson s world is raging with danger and desire A drop dead gorgeous werewolf with a touch of vamp coursing in her blood Riley works for an organization created to police the supernatural races But when she wakes up naked and bruisTwo worlds vampire and werewolf Danger has never been so seductive From Melbourne s gleaming skyscrapers to its throbbing nightclubs, Riley Jenson s world is raging with danger and desire A drop dead gorgeous werewolf with a touch of vamp coursing in her blood Riley works for an organization created to police the supernatural races But when she wakes up naked and bruised in a barren alley, she knows only that she must run for her life.Within moments Riley collides with the sexiest man she s ever seen steely, seductive Kade, who is fighting a life and death battle of his own With old lovers and enemies gathering around her, Riley knows she is being pursued by a new kind of criminal Because in Riley s blood is a secret that could create the ultimate warrior if only she can survive her own dangerous desires

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      Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs


    1. Whatcha reading A trashy mystery romance about a vampire werewolf How trashy Well, I m on page 50, and she s already had sex with a horse Twice.

    2. Kissing Sin is a story about a sexually confident and provacative woman who is half werewolf half vampire Filled with some serious love and sexual triangles, Kissing Sin is the second book in the Riley Jenson Guardian series by Keri Arthur.A fairly comparable series to Laurell Hamilton s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Arthur has left me smiling and never wanting or unsatisfied.Anita Blake is a well we won t go there Basically she struggles with a paranormal curse that forces her to screw and eat the [...]

    3. 3.5 Out of 5With the first book I felt the same when it came to Riley and her sexual needs I couldn t not get past the whole wolf and the moon and the mating I agree with Quinn it is down right slutty, and I had issues with it and I still do.Don t get me wrong, this is a great book and a fantastic read and the author does a great job, but the need Riley gets And her fucking sorry bout the crude way I have put it but that s how it is every tom dick and Harry is just down right whoring Put aside m [...]

    4. It s back baby, and better then ever Riley wakes up naked in a strange city She s unaware how she got there, but soon finds out she s been missing for a while and is in a hidden laboratory experimental facility What s nice about this second installment is that the full moon has already passed and Arthur shows off her skills, blowing readers away with this crazy plot The gene cloning experiments are down right chilling in many parts of the book Makes me want to start protesting gene experimentati [...]

    5. I wasn t keen on this book for a number of reasons, but primarily because of all the sex I mean, there is a lot of sex I get that Urban Fantasy typically features sex scenes and that s fine, but I felt Kissing Sin veered too often and too enthusiastically into outright erotica If you don t mind a lot of sex at inappropriate times, in inappropriate places, and with implausibly well hung horses then this book is probably to your taste than mine.I find Keri Arthur s world fascinating in parts she [...]

    6. 2 new characters in this book Kade, the horse shifter who i really like by the way because he s simple no nonsense and fun and Kellen who i m sure will play a bigger part in the books to come.What i liked in this book was that Riley is growing into a stronger character And there s isnt that much of the hormones jumping ahead of the brain as there was in the first book Quinn is back, and most probably its going to be a while meaning atleast antoher book or two before they get sorted out.What i re [...]

    7. Again, not my fave series, but I enjoyed it and as I said in the review of 1, her writing gets better as each book goes along I love redheaded characters too, hehe.

    8. Synopsis Riley Jensen is not your average Werewolf she s also a dhampire A half werewolf, half vampire hybrid that works for The Directorate an organization created to police the supernatural races In this second installment of the Riley Jensen Guardian series, Riley is still working to take down a crime syndicate whose only intent is to create an Army of vicious hybrid clones Riley awakens naked and beaten in a deserted alley She has no memory as to how she got there, or why she s there Her onl [...]

    9. Riley has all the luck when it comes to men She s got a hot and hung horseshifter named Kade after her Then there s the uber sexy Alpha wolf named Kellan who knows how to serve her coffee well That scene at the charity event was a sexy one And then there s her former vampire paramour, Quinn who loves to wear burgundy sweaters Did anyone notice that at all He s always wearing that color Anyways, I really enjoyed this book And despite the fact that Riley gets some some Actually, she gets A LOT , w [...]

    10. I am completely in love with this series Riley is a kickass heroine and the men in her life are just delicious In this book we get introduced to Kade the horseshifter totally yummy Another new character, Kellen the alpha wolft sure if I m totally on board with him yet but he does have potential But, Quinn is still my man The story line continues to keep me captivated and I can t wait to continue the journey with these great characters First read 6 24 6 25 12Second read 1 5 1 8 14In this installm [...]

    11. Superb Sequel to Full Moon Rising.Positives Quinn is back in trying to win Riley over YEA Who doesn t love a sexy vamp Throw in Kade a hott horse shifter with ties to gov and Riley goes crazy End of the line for Misha but you come to love him for who he is Relationships bloom, plenty of action with Riley taking the lead for most of it, and tying up some loose ends.Negatives I think it is sad that she chooses not to have kids, but I understand why You will want to have Tempting Evil on hand but t [...]

    12. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Riley Jenson s world has twirled out of order, when she wakes up disoriented and with no memory of the past month She finds herself assaulted sexually, and seeking escape from where she has been captured Along the way she stumbles across another shifter.a horse shifter and the heat escalates between them When Riley returns home, she finds herself drawn into a evil plot where the enemy keeps seeking her and attempting to kill her But [...]

    13. Non posso credere che ho tolto ore di sonno preziose per questo schifo._.Non appena saremo in salvo, ho intenzione di scoparti fino a farti perdere i sensi DUE righe campione per mostrare il degrado del libro e la volgarit dell autrice il concetto poteva essere espresso in altri duemila modi.Il libro praticamente tutto cos , inframezzato ogni tanto con un po di azione e dialoghi idioti.Eccoci dunque al secondo match che vede in campo la nostra licantropo vampira.La povera, dolce, amata, stupenda [...]

    14. Rating .5While I mostly enjoyed this book, I have to say the series still hasn t totally grabbed me and sucked me in yet Although I can t complain about the start of the book as it begins with Riley waking up naked in a strange place, needing to escape from her captures, and finds herself being contained along with other shifters, including a mighty fine new love interest, Kade Kade, the horse shifter, who is apparently hung like one There s plenty of action and I found the plot interesting sinc [...]

    15. 4.5starsI confess I was reluctant to start this read because I wasn t really a fan of the first installment But I was challenged to read it and was glad I did Although this entry also had quite a bit of sex that wasn t my real issue with book one However, there was less sex and it didn t seemed to be used as page filler or scene transition There was quite a lot for me this time out with action, romance, sex, mystery and drama in heaping shovelfuls Or maybe it was extremely lower expectations Eit [...]

    16. The ending is what got this rounded up to 4 stars Prior to the last 20 pages or so it was in the 3.5 rounded down range, instead of the rounded up range But I m a bit of a sucker for an emotional ending so 4 it is Love hate is too strong a word for how I feel about these books, it s closer to annoyed like I get annoyed by Riley and the wolf sex thing Honestly, I have no issue with sex in life or in books whatever consenting adults want to get up to is cool with me But really, if actual wolves bo [...]

    17. I have to say I Really Love Riley This book was awesome I loved the introduction of Kade and thought he was sweetest guy EVER and a part of me was hoping that they would get together lol I mean really, view spoiler What woman doesn t want a man that will run her bath, lovingly wash her hair for her, then put her to bed, leaving her alone not expecting anything in return hide spoiler Quinn is just really starting to piss me off to no end, but at the same time , him being a vampire I can KIND OF u [...]

    18. Kissing Sin continues the story started in Full Moon Rising as Dhampire Riley gets closer to the true identity behind all the gene research, cloning and cross breeding experiments The price Misha asks for his information is high but Riley will do anything to stop them coming after her for her unique DNA.I was worried at first that it was going to be one of those series where she has a different man each time, and Quinn wouldn t be making another appearance But thankfully it s not like that at al [...]

    19. After having read Full Moon Rising, the promiscuity known, Riley is a fun kick butt gal that goes where she wants, does who she wants, enjoys the lustier side of life and is learning about her powers as a supernatural being Her brother Rhoan is equally kool, and their bickering is quite amusing.Since monogamous relationships don t work with werewolves, the story often revolves around the arguments between Riley and some that are wanting sexual faithfulness when it wouldn t even work for her Lik [...]

    20. I ll start off by saying if you are not a fan of your characters having sex with random people, then this is not the series for you I enjoy the plot of this series with the cross breeding labs, clones, and government agencies My only problem is that it is a bit confusing The one chance we get to shed some light on things is from a person that isn t allowed to speak about anything So all we get is cryptic nonsense There is a bit of resolution, but overall the plot hasn t progressed much from the [...]

    21. Re read by audiobook I also have the paperback Okay now I flip flopped about Quinn I don t know how he can take it Riley doesn t just have sex willy nilly, she s having sex with a guy Quinn thinks of as a rival before he and Riley even had sex I don t know how he can take it Riley keeps saying that she wants to find her soul mate, but if you have sex with him and he s not it, move along little doggy Don t make Quinn suffer Anyway, that s my 3 cents Original review 01 27 10Love these books so fa [...]

    22. Fantastic story, great charachters but throughout the book I wasn t really sure I would continue the series because Riley was raped again while in a coma and she had to have sex with 2 people to get information All this forced sex kinda ruined the story for me but I ll read on for now because I want to know the rest of the story.

    23. Kade Hung like a horse HAHA I don t know about you, but waking up naked in an alley is generally not a good thing And why isn t Rhoan doing for Riley Things go to hell in a hand basket very quickly I good second book and makes me want the third one bad.

    24. OmgRiley Jenson is the biggest ho I like her though The action danger element in this one is high as is the copious amounts of non descriptive sex Riley has Quinn is a whiny bitch I think and Kellan is someone she should go for definitely I love Rhoan and Lisander, they re fabulous

    25. riley main characterkade horse shifter,male, military,quinn rileys old lover,vamprhoan rileys brotherjack rileys bossKellen a alpha wolf,a wolf riley meant along time ago in the first book and she meets him again in this book at the clubliander one of rhoan s matepg.368misha one of rileys mates,dies in this bookriley woke up 8 days after the full moon, to see herself naked and a dead manme say that might acturally be fun to try, but its not fun when you wake u and you dont have any memory of why [...]

    26. After reading the first book in this serie I wasn t particularly wowed I was kind of bored reading the first one, but I thought I would give the series another try After all the first books in a series usually aren t as good as the rest.I m going to start off by saying that there were some aspects of the book that I did like One of them being the way the story started off I liked how we were thrust into the confusion and chaos of the situation that Riley was in And I loved the breakout with the [...]

    27. Questa volta sono stata costretta a non dare il voto massimo, e sinceramente me ne dispiace un p Il primo romanzo mi era piaciuto davvero tanto e anche questo seguito molto piacevole per , purtroppo, c una sensazione di inconsistenza della trama che lascia leggermente l amaro in bocca Sembra quasi che non succeda niente per tutto il romanzo, anche se in realt qualcosa accade Tanto per cominciare la trama del primo romanzo strettamente legata a questa, per cui sarebbe meglio leggerli vicini, piut [...]

    28. I m slowly doing a re read of this series as I didn t get to the end of it before buying them all again for my Kindle and am still loving it I know a lot of other readers have an issue with Riley and her sexual needs, but as she says, it s just sex Sex that she needs to survive and to prevent her from going mad with the bloodlust during the moon dance each month, but it s not love and she understands that She is also very open about her sexual encounters and knows that she is still looking for h [...]

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