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  • Title: Rock Chick Rescue
  • Author: Kristen Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781849234757
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
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      228 Kristen Ashley

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    1. Kristen Ashley

      Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe Her posse is loopy to say the least but loopy is good when you want to write.Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi generational family They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake and the wardrobes that matched.Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.


    1. 4 STARSConfession time I tried the first book of this series a few years ago and I didn t care for it Yep, sad but true Years later and I m running out of KA books and I have found myself in the middle of a full blown series binge read It was like the Justice League of Super Heroes but instead it was the Justice League of Hot Guys The cast of characters have grown on me in this second book The heroine in this book, Jet McAllister is a wonderful daughter, employee and friend However, she SUCKED a [...]

    2. Re read Audio listen March 15th, 2015 I m totally loving my reread of the series, and I m glad I decided to give the audio versions a try The narrator, Susannah Jones, does a great job bringing the Rock Chicks, the Hot Bunch, and their stories to life This is why I love Eddie Whatever your next disaster, I m gonna be there Buying your groceries, fixin your car, dealin with your Dad, I don t give a fuck I want you to owe me It gives me the upper hand, and I m gonna need the upper hand to wear you [...]

    3. 4 Stars Jet McAlister is one of those girls that does everything for everyone She is strong She has no choice but to be strong What would happen if she wasn t Everything would crumble Her father is only in the picture when it s convenient for him, her mother is recovering from a stroke, and her sister is in LA living big all the while Jet is working two jobs coffee shop bookstore by day and waitressing at a strip club at night Jet notices Eddie Chavez right away He comes into Indy s coffee shop [...]

    4. Chiquita, women spend a lot of time sittin around bitchin that there are no good men out there I hate to tell you this, but there aren t a lot of good women either The difference is, when a man sees one, he knows it Then, he goes after her and wears her down until she s his Then, if he s any man at all, he won t let her go I actually forgot how awesome this book was 3Being the second in line, so many others came after it that were amazing and pushed Eddie down on the list of fav RC men, but real [...]

    5. 4 stars Babe, watching you these past months has been like watching a flower bloom Don t disappoint us That horribly awkward moment where you identified with a character just to find out everyone who read the book hates her aka you.I get ahead of myself Rock Chick Rescue is the story of Jet and Eddie We met them previously in the first book Rock Chick, where we learned Eddie was holding a torch for Indy and she chose Lee Jet was brief, but a quiet addition to the characters near the end of the [...]

    6. Now, Jet and Eddie s story was not my favourite in the Rock Chick series Saying that, I also said the same thing about Rock Chick Reckoning and completely changed my mind after listening to the audio I ve decided to give Rock Chick Rescue another go and see if Sussanah Jones can convert me on this one too I ve also changed my whole attitude towards it after reading this comment by Kristen Ashley questions 6So, it s back on my bike and I m sure there will be a few baking days too.To buy Rock Chic [...]

    7. 2 starsI will admit to mostly skimming this book I wanted a basic understanding of the overall plot and to meet the new characters introduced in this story I knew the heroine would drive me nuts, and from the little I read, I was correct Luckily, I enjoyed Jet s character throughout the rest of the series She was a pretty awesome character outside her own book If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Suppor [...]

    8. 3 I m a bit indifferent STARSGiving up on writing this review I had this sitting around for days and nothing comes to mind Maybe I ll write something in a few month, since I usually do re reads with KA books It wasn t a bad book and it wasn t a huge success either I liked the characters well enough but to be really honestI finished this 4 or 5 days ago and I can hardly remember how I felt about it So, I m just going to shut up now and read something else D

    9. 4 sweet stars Okay, now we have Eddie you remember him, right Lee s best friend, from the first book and Jet.Jet is juggling two jobs trying to take care of her sick mother and doesn t want anyone to know about her life.Eddie is very interested in her not that she notices, which is ironic considering that she is totally smitten by him , and being the sexy badass detective that he is, soon finds out about her hidden life When Jet s dad, basically an asshole that owes money to bad people, puts Jet [...]

    10. 1 9 16 The KA binge continues with my fellow addicts inBBB cantstopwontstopMy other reviews for this series Rock Chick Rock Chick, 1

    11. Book Basics Genre Cont RomanceSeries 2nd in the seriesLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YesRating 5 Review Reviewing after what must be my 15th re read of this book Shall keep it short.LOVE LOVE LOVE Eddie Adored Jet, even if she drove me insane at times I enjoyed how Jet had spent most of her life, looking out for others, sacrificing for her family, yet in this book sh [...]

    12. 4 You re so full of sh t STARSThe adventure, hilarity and steamy sexy times continues for the Rock Chick gang with Jet McAllister and Eddie Chavez s story Jet was silly, cute and shy, although I could have done without her ekes and sheeshes , and especially calling her vagina a do da What are we, 10 Perhaps it was because this was an audiobook that her quirks seemed prominent and if I d read it, they might ve been less annoying I would ve down played them in my head But don t get me wrong, Susa [...]

    13. This book was one of the funnier KA books that I ve read I loved it right up until the end JET WTF You ruined it for me Enough said

    14. This book was a freakingLike a Roller coaster,It just started and finished like ZAP Leaving mePanting and exhausted Jesus I was seriously getting tired of getting shot at Jet,girlYou seriously annoyed the crap outta meAnd YOU, Mr Chavez, Woowsie No words I m soooo going to go mark the next one to TBR ASAP.

    15. I gotta say I did like this book, but I didn t love it nearly as much as the first one.Jet meets Eddie when she gets a job working at the coffee shop run by Indy the heroine from book 1 Jet is trying her best to get by working two jobs while taking care of her mother who has suffered from a stroke Eddie is a cop who works with Lee Nightingale the insanely HOT hero from book 1 They have nearly instant mutual attraction but while Eddie tries his best to act on it, Jet tries her best to deflect his [...]

    16. DNF but 2 stars for the first 20%, which was awesome.So, so disappointed After 48%, I just cannot give RC Rescue any of my time or patience Jet went from being a sweet, wallflower ish heroine to a complete and utter bitch Christ Eddie tore his hand through his hair and then fell to his back I even know you re worth it and I m wondering if you re worth it Eddie you poor bastard she s totally not worth it And FYI, I had to create a 3rd DNF shelf for this such was my reaction to it.

    17. I am loving this series.This story has everything you need for a roller coaster ride.A sassy leading lady Jet CHECKA badass scary HOT guy Eddie CHECKThe Hot Bunch CHECKCrazy coffee guy CHECKDolly Parton lookalike CHECKMysterious Mr Sloane CHECKAnd lots of action and some scary moments.Can t wait to read the rest.Review edited 20 09 16

    18. 3 stars Chick lit Contemporary Romance Romantic SuspenseGeez, and here I thought Indy from Rock Chick was aggravating But Jet definitely wins the prize for the most annoying, clueless, low self esteem, and TSTL heroine who s deserving of a major b tch slap smackdown I found her so exasperating that she lessened my overall enjoyment, and I don t know why a yummy as sin hero like Eddie put up with all her bullsh t, unless he s just glutton for punishment But it s still Kristen Ashley, so of course [...]

    19. DNF 20%Even though I like Eddie I m just not feeling Jet As a heroine she s very annoying and the storyline just isn t working for me right now So far this is my least favorite KA book But I m sure I ll pick it up again soon and maybe I ll enjoy it then.

    20. This series is just awesome First these chicks are crazy hilarious I want a job at Fortnum s so I can hang out with these guys everyday I think I m even okay that they are open 7 days a week It s like a party everyday and you never know where you are going to end up, plus it has perks of all those damn hot guys hanging around everyday I also, have always wanted to use a taser gun and hanging out here seems my best chance at that image error Source Uploaded by user via St phane on PinterestGah, i [...]

    21. Aaaand, we re back to why I love KA so much Though Ms Ashley strayed a bit from her usual heroine with Jet, there was still so much to love about her Since she was fourteen, she s taken care of everyone but herself She s basically supported her mom and sister emotionally and monetarily since her dad took off Now, her sister lives in California and her Mom had a stroke Jet moves in with her mom to once again take care of her, and is working herself to exhaustion day and night just to try to get b [...]

    22. Written July 8, 20143.8 Stars Eak goodBook 2 I got this one and the rest of them as an new audiobook for a nice price view spoiler 2 or just 6 a kindlebook hide spoiler I ve heard plenty good things about the chick books so it felt like a great decision to take the time and listening them this summerI liked the first one 1 Rock Chick 3.5 stars about Indy Lee It was a joy to listening to that one, so this second part could just be better if I understand all my friends right 14 audio hours later i [...]

    23. Even after a re listen Jet irritated the heck out of me with her ridiculous insecurities and TSTL moves These 4 stars are all for Eddie who would have gotten 5 stars if he had dropped Jet like a hot potato and headed off at a rapid pace in the opposite direction.

    24. I want to make glass thingies of the word eek if we can call it a word And then smash them all into little eeky pieces with a baseball bat I want dead little eeks littering the ground There were around a hundred too many of eeks in this boring book about an annoying twat who thought that her hair her room her looks her life her fucking everything is boring And you know what She was damn right This bohhuuu pity my boringness kept going on till the last page and was practically the what the whole [...]

    25. Spoiler Free Review 4 STARS out of Genre Contemporary Romance SuspenseSeries Book 2 in Rock Chick Series The alarm went off and I stared at it.5 20 amI hated my life.I hit snooze.My alarm went again.5 27amI really hated my life.I hit snooze again.My alarm went again.5 37amseriously, my life sucked JetIt wouldn t be so rough if Jet McAlister did not shoulder the burden of everyone on top of her own Yet she does day in and day out working two jobs to pay her bills and her mom s therapy, both occup [...]

    26. 3.55 A buddy read with the rest of the KA addicts in BBB Another book to add to my descent into Kristen Ashley book addiction This time it is Jet M, an average girl, with average looks, living her average life until Eddie Chavez enters the caf where she works in the daytime her night job is in a titi club He is way above average looking, has liquid chocolate eyes, has the physique of a superhero, and is a vice cop Did I mention he is Houut It so happens that Jet has a bit of a phobia when if com [...]

    27. OMG I loved Eddie in Rock Chick and was so happy his story was up next Jet is working two jobs, taking care of everyone but herself when her dad rolls back into town and everything goes to shit Eddie took notice of the shy beauty a while ago, but with trouble knocking on her door, he s not taking a backseat to protecting her even if she doesn t willingly accept his help.I loved the dynamic between these two Even though Jet drove me crazy with her hot cold routine, I loved Eddie pushing every ste [...]

    28. 2.5 OMG I Can t Believe I Rated a KA book so low Stars.Read with my fellow KA Woo Girls at Buddies Books and BaublesIt was bound to happen.eventually takes a deep breath I didn t like Eddie and Jet Whew there I said it and I m still standing Okay so they are my least favorite couple out of all the KA land couples It s really okay because they have some very stiff competition but something was missing in this story for me Some of the stuff that never bugs me in a KA story totally bothered me here [...]

    29. The best parts of this book, for me, were when the characters from the first book were there I absolutely love this gang of people and their crazy antics Also, I think I want a stun gun.Our couple in this book are Eddie, Lee s best friend and character from the last book who is also a cop, and Jet, a new girl working at the coffee counter in Indy s book store.Eddie is a former playa, reformed bad boy, and complete alpha male As a matter of fact, he is waaaaay too much alpha male for me I like co [...]

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