Bone: Tall Tales

Bone Tall Tales Ever wonder what happened before the Bone cousins got lost in the uncharted forest of the Valley Or how Boneville came to be This is the hilarious companion to the epic BONE saga Long before the Bone

  • Title: Bone: Tall Tales
  • Author: Jeff Smith Thomas E. Sniegoski Steve Hamaker
  • ISBN: 9780545140966
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ever wonder what happened before the Bone cousins got lost in the uncharted forest of the Valley Or how Boneville came to be This is the hilarious companion to the epic BONE saga.Long before the Bone cousins were ever lost in the uncharted desert on the outskirts of the Valley, Big Johnson Bone, the discoverer of the Rolling Bone River, founded Boneville But little is kEver wonder what happened before the Bone cousins got lost in the uncharted forest of the Valley Or how Boneville came to be This is the hilarious companion to the epic BONE saga.Long before the Bone cousins were ever lost in the uncharted desert on the outskirts of the Valley, Big Johnson Bone, the discoverer of the Rolling Bone River, founded Boneville But little is known of the mighty explorer s adventures before he started his famous trading post So when Smiley Bone sits down with a group of young campers to retell the legendary stories of Boneville s origin and its tough, no nonsense founder, what they hear are tall tales in typical BONE fashion wild antics complete with rat creatures, dragons, and a snarky little monkey

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    1. Jeff Smith Thomas E. Sniegoski Steve Hamaker

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See other authors with similar names Born and raised in the American mid west, Jeff Smith learned about cartooning from comic strips, comic books, and watching animation on TV In 1991, he launched a company called Cartoon Books to publish his comic book BONE, a comedy adventure about three lost cousins from Boneville Against all odds, the small company flourished, building a reputation for quality stories and artwork Word of mouth, critical acclaim, and a string of major awards helped propel Cartoon Books and BONE to the forefront of the comic book industry.In 1992, Jeff s wife Vijaya Iyer joined the company as partner to handle publishing and distribution, licensing, and foreign language publications In the Spring of 2005, Harry Potter s U.S publisher entered the graphic novel market by launching a new imprint, Graphix with a full color version of BONE Out from Boneville, bringing the underground comic to a new audience and a new generation.In 2007, DC Comics released Smith s first non creator owned work, SHAZAM Monster Society of Evil, a four part mini series recreating a classic serial from comic s Golden Age Between projects, Smith spends much of his time on the international guest circuit promoting comics and the art of graphic novels.


    1. It was so good to be back, once , in the Bones world Really missed those fellas.Great collection of short stories Enjoyed them all, especially first one, cause it brought us back to the beginning Only wish it was longer.

    2. Reason for Reading This is a Cybils 10 nominee and required reading for me as a panelist.I have never read a Bone book in my life before this I actually have reading the series as one of my goals for next year Fortunately, Tall Tales is a collection of short stories that happen before the events of the Bone series making them entirely readable for someone who hasn t a clue about the series itself.The book, which calls itself a Companion to the series is set in the here and now as Smiley and Bart [...]

    3. Very solid As funny as you d expect of something from the Bone universe Tall Tales is a collection of, well, tall tales, most of which take place before the main adventure and do not feature any of the cast you know and love if you read the series minus the ones around the fire telling the tales The stories are well done and entertaining and even give some insight into the main storyline Sadly, though, this one didn t pack the same punch as the main series of books I recommend it to other Bone f [...]

    4. FINALLY done with Tall Tales It wasn t a bad read, per se, but it felt different from what I remembered of the original Bone, and not in a good way.Whereas the original Bone series seemed transcendent of the Adult Kid categories, this spin off definitely felt like it was geared towards kids Which, I suppose, makes sense, as most libraries classify it as a Youth Graphic Novel But in doing so, I felt as if it lost some of the charm and flow that the original had The morals come a little heavy ha [...]

    5. it was a good book it had two story s in it the main thing is smiley from the graphic novels has a camp in the woods and three little bones and smiley tells story s about a old famous bone.

    6. it is a really good book has a lot of story in it if you love books that have a lot of stories this is your book.It tells about all of the books and how they meet and that one book tells all about the other books and I think that was cool.

    7. Not anywhere close to the standard set by the main series run Lots of juvenile fart jokes and a sequence that is a direct rip off of Pinocchio Pass.

    8. Love it when little boy who take Smiley s hat and put it on He get some dreaming as vision Until to awoke and it happened in his dreams when Smiley tells them stories.

    9. Smiley has agreed to take the Bone Scouts and Bartleby camping but you can t have camping without stories by the fire With the Bone Scouts and Bartleby as his enchanted listeners, Smiley tells them the tales of the adventurer Big Johnson Bone and his venture into the Big Valley long before Smiley, Fone, and Phoney found it Big Johnson Bone s encountered changed the course of the Valley and altered the lives of Rat Creatures forever Bone Tall Tales is a compilation book which contains part of the [...]

    10. This fun collection of tales that feels like a Bone rendition of Davey Crockett, fills a in a few interesting points and details that add to the Bone world, but importantly, serve as an enjoyable means of returning to said world.These are mostly lighthearted tales, filled with over the top adventure and some life lessons I would say this is probably the only Bone book I would consider reading to my five year old, the other books are a bit too scary.If you haven t read Bone, you might still enjo [...]

    11. This was a very good addition to the Bone series by Jeff Smith I liked how it explains the story of the Jekk that was explained by Bartleby in book eight and how it was Big Johnson Bone It was pretty cool because this was before Kingdok and there was an actual queen It also showed how long the Rat Creatures ruled the valley before the series even took place I look forward to start reading the new bone series

    12. A re packaging of several short stories Jeff Smith wrote in the Bone universe, the framing narrative is Smiley Bone taking a few kids on a camping trip Several of the stories are written by Tom Sniegoski, but the trademark humor and slapstick antics combined with adventure and fantasy are authentic Bone Its a fun visit back to Boneville with Smiley and Bartleby the rat cub turned assistant Scoutmaster.

    13. I d recommend this book to anyone, any age Big Johnson Bone saves the day many times over and always has a tall tale to tell There is a cute dragon, a worrisome monkey, adorable forest animals and the evil rats, all trying to find their way in the valley Wait til you see mama rat s baby boy Yikes

    14. Bone by Jeff Smith This story is about A man tell as two story the frist one is about two boy tried to find the treasure and they meet some danger,but at the end of the story they only find some rag the second story is about a baby was born in a family but he has a some super power and he save many people s

    15. 3.5 5 Carino, ma con tre storie su quattro dedicate a Big johnson Bone tanto valeva farlo protagonista di tutto il volume e finita l.

    16. Bone Tall Tales I enjoyed this spin off comic a lot It s funny probably made me laugh than all the volumes of Bone combined , and it s nice to see Bartleby and Smiley again.

    17. This is a story that a big man and many kid go to camp And the big man say many story , and he say the the big hat can only can wear by leder But a kid were it and the kid see a story

    18. I m coming to this stellar collection rather late I read Bone when it was coming out in comic book form I started a little late, but I was picking it up regularly in the early 90s and became a huge fan of the title, even tracking down a copy of Disney Adventures when one of the rat tails stories made an appearance When my daughter was born about a decade later, figures of the Bone cousins looked down on her crib from the bookshelf above Ok, maybe not literally like I d have books right over her [...]

    19. This book is about Smiley bone telling stories to the bone scouts Then, it is just about big Johnson bone He gets thrown out into a valley and makes Boneville.

    20. So cute I loved the Bone lore, it was all so creative, it had the same good old vibe from the original series I hope there will be like it in the future On to Quest for the Spark

    21. As described, Bone Tall Tales is a sorta new collection of Bone material The new part comes in the first four chapters, where Smiley Bone and Bartleby are taking three young Bone Scouts out on a camping trip and they talk Smiley into telling them some stories, all of with end up being about Bog Johnson Bone, the founder of Boneville In the first of the two stories concerning Big Johnson Bones younger days, we find out about his birth and what Old Man Winter had to say about that The second story [...]

    22. Smiley Bone and Bartleby have led the bone scouts off into the woods for a night of camping Smiley of course has chosen the best place in the world to set up camp right near a huge pile of rocks and packed the greatest dinner ever, peanut butter pickle sandwiches Yum After the campsite is setup and a great big fire is lit, its time to tell some camp fire stories First off is a story of Phone and Fone Bone and their search for a hidden treasure via a treasure map when they re supposed to be helpi [...]

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